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All Marathi (मराठी) sentences with audio from Tatoeba

3.23MB. 376 audio & 0 images. Updated 2019-12-30.
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This deck contains all of the Marathi sentences from Tatoeba that have an audio recording, along with translations into several languages (see below). They are arranged according to difficulty using MorphMan. Clicking on a word will launch a browser showing its entry on Wiktionary. Some languages have better coverage on Wiktionary, including entries for inflected forms. If you are interested in the technical side of generating the deck or wish to obtain similar decks for other languages, read this page. If you find this deck helpful please consider leaving a positive feedback here on AnkiWeb (using the ‘Rate This’ button, which will appear if you are logged in). This will help others find the deck, as it will appear higher in the search results. Thanks! 🙂

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sentence_id 2271236
mar ते जिंकले.
eng They won.
hin वह जीत गये।
MorphMan_Index 30951
MorphMan_Unmatures त, ज, कल
MorphMan_UnmatureMorphCount 3
MorphMan_Unknowns त, ज, कल
MorphMan_UnknownMorphCount 3
MorphMan_UnknownFreq 48
Tags mm_notReady
sentence_id 2095393
mar बोलू नकोस!
eng Don't talk!
MorphMan_Index 40964
MorphMan_Unmatures स, ब, ल, नक
MorphMan_UnmatureMorphCount 4
MorphMan_Unknowns स, ब, ल, नक
MorphMan_UnknownMorphCount 4
MorphMan_UnknownFreq 35
Tags mm_notReady
sentence_id 3885790
mar आम्हाला आत येऊ दे.
eng Let us in.
MorphMan_Index 70963
MorphMan_Unmatures आम, य, ल, द, ह, ऊ, आत
MorphMan_UnmatureMorphCount 7
MorphMan_Unknowns आम, य, ल, द, ह, ऊ, आत
MorphMan_UnknownMorphCount 7
MorphMan_UnknownFreq 36
Tags mm_notReady

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on 1659075046
This deck has been very helpful to move me beyond one-word comprehension. Using very simple 2-word to 4-word sentences, complete with audio, this deck helps teach the structure of Marathi. Thank you to those who uploaded it!
Comment from author before post was edited
I’m so happy to hear this is helpful for you 🙂

BTW, there are now many more Marathi sentences with audio on Tatoeba now (https://tatoeba.org/mr/audio/index/mar). You can follow the instructions in the description in order to make an updated deck; it does require some technical experience, though. I don’t have the time to redo the decks at the moment, but in the future I will update them all, and add new ones (for example, Toki Pona had no audio back in 2019 when I created the decks).
on 1603302427
very good deck :)
on 1597895364
thankyou , very good deck