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Jp Grammar - Tae Kim's Guide to JP w/ Diagrams, Kanji Info

14.96MB. 0 audio & 1569 images. Updated 2016-04-06.
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Japanese Tae Kim's Grammar with diagrams, furigana popping up as hint, and KanJax-based popup kanji info (with stroke diagram and Koohii stories). To have the animated stroke diagrams on the popup you need additional GIF media that for instance are included in the set https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/702183246. This is just a modification of https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/242060646 where I have added some javascript magic to improve card apprearence and popup kanji info and furigana. Credit goes to the people before me, all media are free to use to the best of my knowledge.

Sample (from 785 notes)

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
Note ID 1224470272049
Cloze ご飯[...]方がおいしい。
Expression ご飯の方がおいしい。
Kana ごはんのほうがおいしい。
English Rice is tastier. (lit: The way of rice is tasty.)
Notes 182 Special Expressions - Using 方 and よる for comparisons and other functions. - Using 「方」 for comparisons
Reading ご 飯[はん]の 方[ほう]がおいしい。
Tags Special-Expressions Tae-Kim-Grammar-Guide
Note ID 1224470099981
Cloze ケーキ、食[...]たくないの?
Expression ケーキ、食べたくないの?
Kana ケーキ、たべたくないの?
English You don't want to eat cake?
Notes 177 Essential Grammar - Desire and Suggestions - Verbs you want to do with 「たい」
Reading ケーキ、 食[た]べたくないの?
Tags Essential-Grammar Tae-Kim-Grammar-Guide
Note ID 1240497830274
Cloze このままでは、個人情報が漏洩[...する]かねないので、速やかに対応をお願い致します。
Expression このままでは、個人情報が漏洩しかねないので、速やかに対応をお願い致します。
Kana このままでは、こじんじょうほうがろうえいしかねないので、すみやかにたいおうをおねがいいたします。
English At this rate, there is a possibility that personal information might leak so I request that this be dealt with promptly.
Notes 055 Advanced Topics - Formal expressions of non-feasibility - Expressing what cannot be done with 「~かねる」
Reading このままでは、 個人[こじん] 情報[じょうほう]が 漏洩[ろうせつ]しかねないので、 速[すみ]やかに 対応[たいおう]をお 願[ねが]い 致[いた]します。
Tags Advanced-Topics Tae-Kim-Grammar-Guide

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on 1634068664
on 1631901923
HOW TO ORDER THE CARDS ACCORDING TO THE "NOTES" NUMBER: (in capital because I was so annoyed!)
0. Back up everything, because you never know.
1. Select the deck you wish to have in the right order, eg. Essential Grammar.
2. Make sure you are sorting by the field "Notes", and that you clicked on that column so that there is a ^ symbol over Sort Field. You will notice that the cards are indeed sorted in the right order, but the new cards are in a random order. Weird.
https&://ibb.co/7Sk9Ncs (remove the & to see the picture)
3. CTRL+A, or edit-->select all
4. Right click --> reposition --> okay
End result: https:&//ibb.co/g4CvDtv

on 1622983389
Amazing deck with useful diagrams. If you don't understand something, you can just look it up on Tae Kim, since the respective chapter is on the cards.
on 1615908622
It's great. The content is very good and it has other good things like colours for the diferent parts of the sentence and diagrams. Also, you can hover over kanji to see the furigana and if you click it you get a popup with the dictionary info of the kanji and some nemonics.
In general it is one of the best decks I've used, the only downside is that the order is not correct when you download it, but that can easily be fixed, just follow the instructions that someone has already posted in the reviews
on 1613565252
This looks good.
on 1609442905
I love the sentence diagrams. The Kanji popups are also an excellent quality-of-life to have in all Anki decks. The Javascript/CSS for how I style the deck is borrowed from here (https://github.com/dustinvtran/anki).
on 1581462305
I wish the author would have just used the examples from the book instead of making his own, they just don't sound as good as the original, but the deck is still nice.

as for people having issues with ordering... just learn a bit about anki, it takes less than 5 seconds to have the deck follow the book.
on 1577375964
A wonderful deck!
It would be even better if it had links to the proper sections in Tae Kim’s grammar (http://www.guidetojapanese.org/learn/grammar).
on 1571534518
Looks really promising after reordering the cards, thank you!
on 1570477431
It works fine on Anki for Mac, but it shows a blank screen when using the AnkiWeb website or the AnkiMobile app.
on 1567767214
This is incredible!!!
on 1565331652
on 1559451671
Great decks of tae kim's guide!

For those of you worried about card ordering, here's your solution: open this deck on Anki for desktop. Go to "Browse". Then go to "1 - Basic Grammar".

Sort by the "Sort Field" by clicking on that column header in the table. The card numbers should be sequentially increasing from 001 there.

Then, select all the cards in this part of the deck. On Mac, click on the top of the screen "Cards > Reposition". Default settings are fine, hit OK. That section will now be in order.

Next, note what the number under "Due" is for the final card. I get 148.

We will now go to the next deck ("2 - Essential Grammar"), make sure they're sorted in the table, select them all, and hit "Cards > Reposition" again. This time, make sure the "Start position" is set to 1 more than the Due number you saw before - in my case, 149. Hit OK, and now all those cards will come after the first section, in the correct order.

Rinse and repeat from there onwards until you've sorted the whole deck. Yey!
on 1558150223
As someone else said, its not ordered.
on 1553201423
Beautiful diagrams :)
on 1552536183
Would be good but chapters are set in random order what makes it pretty much useless.
on 1552277774
Great deck!
on 1547552211
Appreciate the hard work, this is excellently put together!
on 1544536589
on 1521676800
Well done! Thinks.

I have study this apkg javascript function and it gives prompts furikana and Kanji dictionary of _kanjax_with_koohii.js


具体功能实现是通过 _kanjax_with_koohii.js 脚本实现的,基本原理是脚本内置 hoohii 字典数据,加载页面时替换页面数据,添加了HTML标签,实现了点击汉字就出现解释内容弹框。



Anki 可以通过以下这样的模板对文字加注音:


字段 Reading 内容要包注音假名并且用包含在方括号内:

全然[ぜんぜん] 面白[おもしろ]くなかった。


<span class="kanjax" data-kanji="全">全</span>
<span class="kanjax" data-kanji="然">然</span>
<span class="kanjax" data-kanji="面">面</span>
<span class="kanjax" data-kanji="白">白</span>

★其它请参考完整文档 版权归作者所有,任何形式转载请联系作者。

AnkiDroid自定好看的卡片 AnkiDroid自定好看的卡片 Anki是辅助记忆训练软件堪称神器,他底层技术是web。所以会网页 https://www.douban.com/doubanapp/dispatch?uri=/note/662140802/
on 1519516800
Thank youuuuu!
on 1487203200
You can add or remove furigana in the front card as well

I think this deck is almost perfect (I wished it had a granularity by sections not just chapters but that is a matter of taste).

If you want to show the furigana for the kanji in the front card, open in Anki the deck and in any card click on "edit", then see the "template" and in the box with the HTML code for the front card, modify the first line which says:

<span class="jp big hiddenfuri">{{furigana:Reading}}</span>

and instead write that:

<span class="jp big">{{furigana:Reading}}</span>

Now you can enjoy this deck with furigana for the kanji in the front and as well as in the back side.
on 1470441600
Popup kanji info and furigana issues

The deck is pretty solid except that the popup kanji and furigana javascripts seem to only work in the Card Preview mode. When actually reviewing, it doesn't work.