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General knowledge Q&A WJRM

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6000+ general knowledge-themed cards, in cloze format and otherwise

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Text {{c3::Hairspray::which musical?}} is set {{c2::in Baltimore, Maryland::where?}} in {{c1::1962::year}}
Tags general_knowledge
Text {{c1::William McKinley::who?}} was President of the U.S. {{c2::from 1897-1901::between which years?}}
Tags general_knowledge
Text {{c3::Arthur Christmas::what?}} is a 2011 film about the travails of {{c1::Santa Claus' clumsy son Arthur, his 136 year-old grandfather Grand-Santa and an obsequious young elf called Bryony::which three characters?}} as they try to {{c2::deliver a present to a young girl before Christmas morning dawns::do what?}}
Tags general_knowledge

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on 1623218505
Good, but some mistakes.

Gold does not accumulate in the toenails.
"Scotopic people see in the dark" is misleading. All people possess Scotopic vision.
on 1607284013
A great deck just to learn for the fun of it. Especially for those who love trivia.