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Life Drain

0.01MB. Updated 2022-06-20.


This add-on adds a life bar to your reviews. Your life reduces within time, and you must answer the questions in order to recover it. OBJECTIVE The objective is to give a visual feedback of how fast the questions are being answered. If the life is low, it means that you are distracted or taking too much time to answer. DOCUMENTATION If you are new to the add-on, I highly recommend you to give a look to its wiki. (Reading time ~2 min) Click here and read it! CHANGELOG 2022/06/20 - Version 2.5.0 2022/06/20 - Version 2.5.1 2022/06/20 - Version 2.5.2 See the full changelog. FEEDBACK & CONTRIBUTION If you find any bugs, feel free to open an issue. I'll try to answer / fix those as soon as I can! If you have experience with coding, feel free to open a Pull Request! Any feedback and help is very welcome! DONATIONS A lot of time is being used to maintain this add-on. I'm doing this on my spare time (I have a full-time job!). If you like this add-on, donation of any value will be greatly appreciated! To donate, use the "Sponsor" button on the top of Life Drain's repository. You can also create a Dropbox Account using my link, and after installing it we both receive 500MB of storage!


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1656177021
UPDATE: Causing major headache as it fails to update. Anki keeps showing the Update window even after I click to update it. I think there's a problem with this addon that makes Anki think it hasn't updated.

Well thought of. Definitely boosts focus by gamifying the reviewing.
on 1652384614
Make it possible to enable/disable it on selected decks please !
on 1649770595
on 1640197598
Very good to keep the attetion up!!! But... Sometimes the lifedrain doest count properly when we finish a card. The time isnt refunded properly a lot of times, not sure if it only happens to me tho. But excelent addon
on 1638101444
If someone wants to know how to configure it to use it as a pomodoro, I show them in Spanish at the following link → https://www.instagram.com/p/CWtwYSXv-x6/
on 1637605706
This isn't just fun, it also helps learning!!! Very useful!!!
on 1636832978
Both useful and ludic, absolutely mandatory :D
Thank you for this awesome add-on !
on 1636112940
I have problem with the shortcut you have used clt+l
L (l) is shortcut for answering "good" on cards.
When I install this addon the good button will not work anymore, neither I can change it to another shortcut because it will automatically change back to clt+l
This is so annoying. I am downvoting this addon till you fix it, just change the shortcut man!!!!
Comment from author
The shortcut is not hard-coded, you can change it using the Global Settings. Read the documentation here: https://github.com/Yutsuten/anki-lifedrain/wiki/Global-Settings
on 1634906075
Great to stay focused without too much pressure to press the answer button without having thought about the question long enough.
on 1633534470
Great work! I would appreciate an on/off button on the add-on so that I don't have to restart Anki every time I enable/ disable it.
on 1630963800
Makes Anki feel like a video game.
on 1624885049
on 1620700428
this is amazing for motivation - thank you!!
on 1620250549
thank you :3
on 1617491590
Very nice add on. I use it conjuction with the pomodore tomato clock port add on. Keeps the studying fun. :)

Edit: I try to keep the health bar from reaching zero in the given timeframe set by the pomodoro clock. My health is set to 240 and each card adds 8 seconds. After the card is shown the timer stops. You are motivated during the pomodoro session by the health bar itself, you get more done and its also much more enjoyable and less frustrating, because it also helps you keep momentum. I tried a lot of add ons for motivation but this is the one I like most and the one I use.
on 1617096350
Try it, it works. The default 120 life is perfectly fine. Longer does not equal better. Your job is to keep to on the right half of the screen. Change the "recover rate" to how fast you want your cards done. It's the bomb.

THIS IS WAY TOO GOOD. I was taking forever, now I take less time. I reduced it to 4 seconds and I was flying. I finished more cards than I thought faster. I'm gonna see how it does with 3 second per card. This is way too good. The power of SRS with the speed of a racecar. DAMN. I had to review it. this is seriously too good. I don't even get bored.

So, I already had pass fail anki. no decision crisis. I removed time until next review. I removed how many cards left. Even though addon "Progress Bar" shows it at the top, it's not distracting. You don't even notice this. You're just on fire. This is awesome. I love this. Long review sessions are a thing of the past. With this it's a super power. You can mass SRS now comfortably. Good shit.
Comment from author
Thank you very much! Your review is greatly appreciated!!
on 1613672600
I find this add-on a bit pointless and distracting. Tried it for a couple months but it was bothering me so I deleted it.
on 1612957532
Thanks a lot! This helped me complete my daily cards faster.
on 1611680005
I was really slow at the revisions, and now that helped me to agilize. Thanks a lot!
on 1610552798
Great addon. However, will you please add a feature so that we can increase/customize the amount of time each card adds to the drain? I run out of time way too fast.
on 1610083996
The stress fuels me. 10/10
on 1607955868
Thanks for the great add-on! Would you please add the ability to reset all settings to defaults if possible?
on 1606407877
A very useful add on.
on 1601945636
I use this as a Pomodoro timer. Is there a way to add an audio file for when it runs out?


on 1600713942
Great addon. Can serve as a Pomodoro.

Only request is if a shortcut key can be added to recover while reviewing (like some others have mentioned). Thank you!
on 1599893960
Pretty incentive tool!
on 1599486861
The add-on section isn't allowing me to click config button...So I couldn't figure out how to use it. Is the problem my Anki version or is it about this add on?
Comment from author
Sorry for the trouble, I think my Wiki misguided you. The config button is only available for the latest Life Drain, which may not be your case if you are using Anki 2.1.21 or older. I updated the Wiki so other users won't have the same problem.

If your Anki version is less than 2.1.21, check your Anki's builtin Preferences and Deck Options dialog, on the last tab.
If your Anki is newer, updated the add-on and still can't click the config button, I humbly ask you to open an issue on GitHub with a screenshot. Just click the button 'Contact Author', then 'New Issue'.
on 1597322824
Works like a charm and has the intended effect. I like the fact that there is no penalty when it depletes but I somehow constantly want to keep it filled; as a result, makes me a lot quicker with giving a negative feedback.
on 1594065311
Extremely useful. I like the life drain. It improves my memorization a lot by timing me.
on 1592495081
on 1591243365
I want to use this addon primarily as a Pomodoro timer. Would it be possible for you to somehow have the life drain be synced to multiple decks? For example, If I have 3 different subdecks under the main deck and I set my max life to 50 minutes (3000 seconds), as soon as I start studying deck 1 the life starts draining. Now let's say at 2500 seconds I finished deck 1 and now want to move onto deck 2 with the timer still continuing where I left off from deck 1. So I click deck 2 to start studying and the life drains from 2500 seconds. Then at 2000 seconds, I want to move to deck 3 with the same principle.

Is this possible to tinker within the settings? If not, would you mind adding this option in a future release?

I appreciate your time for making such an awesome addon! I hope you are doing well!

on 1590867928
at first i thought it's a pointless add-on tbh, then i tried it, did 500 reviews in 50 mins.
great job.
had to edit the code to set the foreground color that i wanted. wish it was editable in add-on settings
also it doesn't save deck config, which i think you addressed on add-on's github page.
on 1589019573
I needed this in my life, thank you!
on 1586357845
Never thought I needed it!
It cut my review times by so much! Thanks for this.

Edit: is it possible to NOT lose life when suspending or burying cards? currently the add-on treats suspending/burying same as hitting "again" i.e. lose life
on 1585808556
GOAT - thank you kindly for this.

Makes for a great combo when you pair this with the progress bar add-on. Can essentially race to finish your progress bar before your life runs out.

One Q: Any way we can make it so that when your life reaches 0 you automatically go back to the main deck page (essentially kicking you off i.e. game over)?
on 1582801716
Excellent add on! definitely boosts my focus.
Suggestion: please consider adding a "health potion" option that increases the bar by e.g., 20 points (gamification)
or like, you get a health potion after 100 review
on 1581867825
interesting idea
on 1581769060
extremely helpful
on 1579521268
It helped me to stay focused, and a little challenge to keep me awake during my reviews.
on 1576384430
awesome add-on, so under rated can be used as a Pomodoro timer as well.
try to name it as pomodoro timer if you want it will work better than life drain i guess.
on 1575642406
Great addition, you are just a god to me!!!

It would be great to add another improvement in this regard, namely:
The same decreasing life bar, which will have a certain maximum value in seconds, in order to give an answer for one card and will show the negative progress of how many more seconds are left to have time to answer this card.

The location of this additional line bar: directly above the "Life Drain", and the reverse report in seconds: at the beginning, on the left side.

Here is a picture of what I mean:
on 1570842643
Graphical issues on linux
Comment from author
The add-on has been updated several times since your comment. Could you check if you still have graphical issues? If you have, I would ask you to open an issue on GitHub with a screenshot and details of your system. Click the button 'Contact Author', then 'New Issue'. By the way, I use Linux too.
on 1569212742
i love you bro
on 1567364160
Great idea and I like it better than a traditional timer b/c I can see how I'm doing over several cards.
on 1562008598
This add-on has almost cut my review time by half (I am really slow, so it's huge)
on 1561669076
Wow, it really helps to stay focussed!
on 1560933279
on 1560022266
on 1559217584
Good addon for maintaining focus
on 1559029365
on 1558308723
The bar attracts attention and keeps you aroused at the baseline so that you have a sense of urgency to answer the card. A logical development of this idea would be USB-powered electrode device to zap the user if the card is not answered after a certain time. This extension brings us closer to the XXI century biologic worker-bee-esque zombie student capable of retaining at the rates unfathomable to the prior generation of biologic machines. This is a good thing.
on 1558244553
i like it
on 1557324393
This really works! Before, I often used to do ~2-3 cards per minute, because after some time I would start to lose concentration. But with this, I consistently manage to get a ~5 cards/min session average.
on 1554323634
Actually very useful, helps to get reviews done a lot faster with less time wasted from mind zoning out
on 1552071705
Very useful add-on, and very high-effort in the part of the author.

I was going to say the only problem is that the life keeps draining on the "Show Answer" screen, that is inconvenient when you need to look up a word on the dictionary. But there is an option to disable life-drain on the "Show Answer" screen. Pretty neat.
on 1551798353
Is there a way to run two copies of this app simultaneously? I tried renaming each "lifedrain" instance in the code and moving the bar to the top position, but to no avail. Thanks.
on 1547365324
Great now i get 10k anki pps per millisecond
on 1546059541
on 1545169669
Great addon! Would be useful to have a reset button
on 1544128262
Works great! Thank you.
on 1544091838
Dear author, great add-on! Do you mind allowing us to set max-life in a 4-digit number? I want to use my total life as a Pomodoro timer, set to 1500s (25min) max life with 0s recover for each answer. Can you do that? Thanks!

Edit*: Thanks for the update, I love it! Just a small suggestion for the next update: being able to not use the life drain add-on without having to disable the add-on and restart Anki. I don't like to rush myself during reviews sometimes, so I'm constantly having to disable the add-on and restart Anki to create a session without Life Drain. It would be cool to have an easier way to review without using it and without having to toggle enable/disable the add-on every time. Also, I'd like to donate some money for this awesome work of yours (is there a link?). Thank you so much! :)
on 1543720203
I love you. This is saving my life. Only thing I would add is a revive button once you die.
on 1543674651
Thanks for fixing the sync error, now everything works great.
If anyone has issues with the addon, reach out to the creator. He posted a github link to make it easier: https://github.com/Yutsuten/anki-life-drain/issues
Very responsive, thanks again
on 1543163282
Anki 2.1.5 Python 3.6.1 Qt 5.9.2 PyQt 5.9
Platform: Windows 7
Flags: frz=True ao=True sv=1

Caught exception:
File "aqt\preferences.py", line 48, in reject
File "<decorator-gen-6>", line 2, in accept
File "anki\hooks.py", line 66, in decorator_wrapper
File "anki\hooks.py", line 60, in repl
File "C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\715575551\lifedrain.py", line 291, in globalSaveConf
config, lifeDrain.deckBarManager.getBar().getCurrentValue()
<class 'AttributeError'>: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'getBar
on 1540615827
really interesting add-on. if you could and time period, for example, tomato app, would be perfect.....
on 1539516014
Super! :)
on 1534895745
Ceci m'incite à accélérer la cadence, merci!
on 1530184423

P.S. Does not work correctly with filtered decks. The time flow could not be modified.
on 1528800066