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🗍 English Grammar In Use Activities

221.94MB. 3606 audio & 290 images. Updated 2022-11-29.
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This deck contains exercises from English Grammar in Use (4th Edition) CD-ROM. Raymond Murphy’s English Grammar in Use is the world’s best-selling grammar book for intermediate learners of English, published by Cambridge University Press. The CD-ROM contains over 300 extra practice exercises to accompany the Fourth Edition of the book by Brigit Viney and Miles Craven. MY ANKI DECKS MY OTHER ANKI DECKS For more information, please see the Essential Idioms in English page. Nickolay Nonard <kelciour@gmail.com>

Sample (from 3606 notes)

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Id 0086
Category Present and past
Unit Unit 4: Present continuous and present simple 2 (I am doing and I do)
Rubric Complete the sentences. Use the present continuous or the present simple form of the verb in brackets. Sometimes you need the negative.
Question Why {{c1::are Mark and Jessica being}} (Mark and Jessica / be) so horrible to each other? They don't usually argue.
Id 0283
Category Present perfect and past
Unit Unit 12: For and since  When … ? and How long … ?
Rubric Choose the correct answer. If no word is needed, choose –.
Question {{c1::How long is it since}} we last had a party?
Choices When;How long;How long is it since
Id 1564
Category -ing and the infinitive
Unit Unit 63: Expressions + -ing
Rubric Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of a verb in the list.
Question It's no good {{c1::hiding}} Paul's present behind those books. I can still see it.
Choices argue;find;go shopping;go swimming;go sightseeing;hide;look;repair;sing;train;travel;write

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cool. thanks
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Thanks for this huge effort, mate!
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Awesome! Beloved Murphy with lovely, convenient interface. The sounds of chosen verbs are especially useful for me. Much obliged!
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Excellent 👍
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it's cool
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Very compreensive cards
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good job!
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looks like good , thank you
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Excellent 👍🏻
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That is incredible! Thank you so much, it's perfect for learning!
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nice for learning
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It's good.
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very handful
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Thanks for author!
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Just what I was looking for
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Good stuff
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very useful .
i was really looking for flashcards like these...
Thanks soooo much
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Great job for learning grammar!
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Great work, useful for stop forgetting the knowledge from book
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من قبلا خواندم
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Thanks for your help .
on 1627906557
Very convenient to use and improve your active vocabulary. I actually made some other decks using the Note Type that comes with this deck, for spell checking.
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por que hay muchas tarjetas que facilitan el idioma
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great work
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good job
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Tu aporte es muy valioso para mi, gracias
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Me sale esto , puede ayudarme ?

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Comment from author
I'm not sure how to reproduce this issue, but to fix it either try,

1. Edit > Cards and replace the Front Template and Back Template with the code from this gist - https://gist.github.com/kelciour/8ba0db97c0e46d6ce35606fb708ecdc3
2. Download it again from AnkiWeb as it now contains the same updated card template.
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Very useful to me, thank you!
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Good job !!
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on 1617638829
Me da el siguiente error:
La parte frontal tiene un problema:
Encontrado '⁨{{cloze: Question}}⁩', pero no hay ningún campo llamado '⁨ Question⁩'
Mi versión de Anki es :
Versión ⁨2.1.42 (8eebfe18)⁩
Python 3.8.6 Qt 5.14.2 PyQt 5.14.2
He ido a la pagina web:
Pero me sigue sin funcionar
Ahora me da el error:
La parte frontal tiene un problema:
Encontrado '⁨{{cloze :: Question}}⁩', pero no hay ningún campo llamado '⁨ Question⁩'
Si le quito elespacio antes de Questión me sale todo el código de programación
Desisntale Anki, volvi a instalarlo y cambie de perfil. Me funciona
Muchas gracias
Un buenisimo aporte
Comment from author before post was edited
To fix it, open the card template window and edit Front Template and/or Back Template by removing an empty space after ":", i.e. replace ⁨{{cloze: Question}} with ⁨{{cloze:Question}}


Alternatively, remove the deck, download it again from AnkiWeb, and import it.
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Good job!
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So cool
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Very good, thank you
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Très clair et progressif
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thank you!!!
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Very good!
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Sharing is caring. Very useful. Thank you!!
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it was really complete!
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Audio with sentence based
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Amazing :) Thanks :)
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It's very good!
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It's good
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Thanks !
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Nice work
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thank you very much
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Good work! Thank you!
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I love
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Like it
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Amazing. Excellent job. Thank you so much
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I wanted to increase my vocabulary :)
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appreciate, very good resource
thanks for sharing
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Thank you for spending your huge effort to share it with us
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Awesome. Thank you so much
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It's a definitely brilliant material of a hardworking result!
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Fucking awesome.
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God bless the people who help others.
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Good work.
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This deck very useful, Thank author so much!
But I have a question is What is the difference between this deck and English Grammar In Use Exercises deck?
How can I choose the deck appropriate for me?
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very good
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It's incredible!

Look at my deck https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/284823080, it may be interesting for you;)
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Thanks! It's wery good!
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was huge and great job!
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Excellent work
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Thank you, sir! You did a huge perfect job!
on 1586024471
Hi my friend,

brilhante work. I have been using your deck after I've finished the book. My English is improving a lot but I think Anki got more strict and affected your work. I think anyone can't use your deck any more. I am receiving error from Anki from my iphone.

If you can fix I'll be happy. :)

By the way, I hope you are well. God blessing you.

Many thanks for all. :)

Note Issue: https://anki.tenderapp.com/kb/problems/card-template-has-a-problem
Comment from author
It's probably the same error. Please see my reply from 16.02.2020 on how to fix it.
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This is a test
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thanks for sharing
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Really good
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I did not expect that one can do such a great deck!
on 1581819825
Excellent job. Great in Anki PC but not work for Anki Mobile. Can you help me?
Comment from author
Thank you for letting me know about it! Apparently, it's already been reported on the support site but I wasn't aware of it. It's about the following message:

Front template has a problem:
Found '{{c1:: ...}', but there is no field called '...'

If you didn't change the card template, please import an Anki deck from https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1050105309
You should receive the following message:

Notes found in file: 3606
Notes skipped, as they're already in your collection: 3606

The card template should be updated and the error should be fixed.

If you're still getting this error, please open the card template and replace the front template and the back template with the code from this gist - https://gist.github.com/kelciour/516624b5ce0398224910dcc443644575

For AnkiMobile, please see the instructions from Damien Elmes - https://anki.tenderapp.com/discussions/ankimobile/11683-2058-update-front-template-has-a-problem

Let me know if there are any problems. Thank you!
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thank you very much for your hard work
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Thanks. Amazing.
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It's very useful
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Gracias por el aporte. Excelente
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good addition to the book
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Comment from author
> Blxkkjnn

Thank you for the downvote! But I don't understand what it's supposed to mean. Could you please update your feedback and let me know what's wrong? Thanks!

Is it something about the Batch Download Pictures From Google Images add-on - https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/561924305?
It's been downvoted recently too.

Or maybe it's something to do with the Watch Foreign Language Movies with Anki add-on - https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/939347702
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Exactly what i was looking for. Thank you.
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It's useful
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fantastic deck
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Great job! I don't know how is possible to do such a hard work!
Thank you very much
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This deck is basic and useful, and it has reasonable construction.
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good stuff
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Great deck, I can't imagine how much work it would take to make it.
Since I don't like cloze deletion cards, I've just removed on line in the cards template and it's good to go!
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good book
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Great work! Thank you!
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Great variety of exercises. In addition, each exercise has audios to understand the pronunciation.
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very good
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Very good is working fine and for the comment below, please check your connection.
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It is not downloading.
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Thank you!
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It's good. I have used it
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I've just started using this deck and at the present I like it.
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This is help me learn English o/
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This is the most adequate deck i have had the interest to pursue and to finish. It offers not only audiotory aids but also visual ones. I love this. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I love every single card. they challenge me, point out where i went wrong and show me how to fix it. AWWWEEESOME!
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Very Good!
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