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Italian Core 100 - Basic words (EN IT with audio)

4.75MB. 109 audio & 116 images. Updated 2015-07-15.
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This deck contains 101 common words and phrases. The cards go two ways: - IT to EN - EN to IT Audio and images are also included. NOTE: I like to set the order to random. ('Show new cards in random order' in the deck options.) I think it's better that way but maybe it's just personal preference :) View Italian Core 100 Word List online Deck material is courtesty of italianpod101.com and prepared by 101languages.net Please rate if you like it!

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on 1625169268
Good deck with audio, could be improved with sentence examples. Nonetheless, great deck.
on 1618608064
on 1615127595
No reason
on 1613559162
Simple yet helpful. This is a good deck :)
on 1597415831
on 1593372257
Nicely laid out, easy for review.
on 1590588608
on 1589355005
Just beginning to learn italian. This will help. Thanks.
on 1588472990
I really like this, a lot of effort went into it! Pictures, audio, and cards that read English to Italian and vice versa!
on 1587736894
on 1586523277
the most helpful deck for beginner
on 1586251188
It's a very useful deck for the beginners like me I wish they
Will make another part as soon as a memorise this part
on 1580263683
Thanks you
on 1578301930
on 1575800934
Pictures, clear speech.
on 1575540249
on 1568288239
very good,even i am mot english guys
on 1559583708
very good, thank you! Grazie!
on 1530211578
very clear and useful
on 1528416000
Simple and effective approach but clearly a lot of time and care was spent making this deck. I hope to see more words added or advanced decks being created. Thanks to the developer. Great work