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Hiragana with stroke diagrams and audio

1.05MB. 104 audio & 46 images. Updated 2013-01-01.


A bit more advanced version of "Hiragana With Audio" including audio and stroke diagrams huugycom@gmail.com

Sample (from 104 notes)

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roumaji ke
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roumaji me
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roumaji e

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on 1645370610
Here are some of the missing media. Same style as the rest of the deck. Includes b*, g*, p*, z*, dz* and ji, but not *ya, *yo *yu or j* (except ji). But at the point they arrive, you should already understand the stroke order (if you don't know what I'm talking about, you'll see). I added blank files for these, so that you won't have the "missing media" icon.
The images are a little bit crisper than the rest of the deck. Sorry about that.

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on 1631988854
nice one
on 1604930148
explained well
on 1585284842
I put the images from basic kana in the corresponding complex ones like some kind of guidance (It usually only lacks the double line or the circle).
For those wanting to do the same, just open a card with broken image link with B > strokeDiagram field > Ctrl X and then paste the following depending on the character and press ESC:

GA: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ka.png">
GI: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ki.png">
GE: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ke.png">
GO: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ko.png">
GU: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ku.png">

ZA: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_sa.png">
JI: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_shi.png">
ZU: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_su.png">
ZE: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_se.png">
ZO: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_so.png">

DA: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ta.png">
DJI: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_chi.png">
DZU: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_tsu.png">
DE: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_te.png">
DO: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_to.png">

BA: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ha.png">
BI: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_hi.png">
BU: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_hu.png">
BE: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_he.png">
BO: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ho.png">

PA: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ha.png">
PI: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_hi.png">
PU: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_hu.png">
PE: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_he.png">
PO: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ho.png">

KYA: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ki.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ya.png">
KYU: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ki.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_yu.png">
KYO: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ki.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_yo.png">

GYA: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ki.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ya.png">
GYU: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ki.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_yu.png">
GYO: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ki.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_yo.png">

SHA: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_shi.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ya.png">
SHU: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_shi.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_yu.png">
SHO: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_shi.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_yo.png">

JA: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_shi.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ya.png">
JU: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_shi.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_yu.png">
JO: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_shi.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_yo.png">

CHA: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_chi.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ya.png">
CHU: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_chi.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_yu.png">
CHO: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_chi.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_yo.png">

DJA: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_chi.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ya.png">
DJU: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_chi.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_yu.png">
DJO: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_chi.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_yo.png">

NYA: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ni.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ya.png">
NYU: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ni.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_yu.png">
NYO: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ni.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_yo.png">

HYA: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_hi.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ya.png">
HYU: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_hi.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_yu.png">
HYO: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_hi.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_yo.png">

BYA: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_hi.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ya.png">
BYU: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_hi.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_yu.png">
BYO: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_hi.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_yo.png">

PYA: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_hi.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ya.png">
PYU: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_hi.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_yu.png">
PYO: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_hi.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_yo.png">

MYA: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_mi.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ya.png">
MYU: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_mi.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_yu.png">
MYO: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_mi.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_yo.png">

RYA: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ri.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ya.png">
RYU: <img src="hwaasd_hiragana_ri.png"><img src="hwaasd_hiragana_
on 1584739500
I got just got to the third one in the list and had to stop. The way the hiragana is drawn in the stroke order pictures are different from the common way to write them. う is confused with ら if you try to write it the way the stroke order diagram tells you to when trying to translate it with google.

Based on this I will assume there will be more issues like this with other hiragana's using the same stroke order diagram.
on 1584279081
Very complete deck!
on 1583053220
on 1582558056
Great deck !
on 1573832289
It's completely set of hiragana characters, only two characters are missing.
on 1567272401
Missing stroke oreders are misleading, otherwise it's a great deck!
on 1565388892
The 46 main hiragana characters do have stroke order. I removed rest ones (dakuten, compound and so) from the deck, they are redundant anyway.
on 1564835688
a good deck good for practising your stroke order
on 1552715464
11/10 would study again!
on 1541705100
Missing stroke diagrams for non-basic kanas
on 1535652741
0 cards out of 104
on 1534460652
on 1531267530
Missing stroke diagrams.
on 1530910605
Great sound sample and stroke order diagrams.

If you're practicing writing them out, I suggest swapping hiragana and roumaji so that the roumaji (English pronunciation) is at the front of the cards.
on 1528243200
There are decks that don't include the だくてん and はんだくてん so I was really pleased that this one did have them.
on 1523318400
Missing stroke diagrams
on 1517788800
Aprendi em 3 dias
on 1517270400
Excellent with audio & stroke which contain p/b pronounce
on 1517184000
Audio and stroke order. Perfect!
on 1516147200
Good audio, nice stroke diagrams.
on 1515110400
Comprehensive, well thought out
on 1486512000
dont rely on the audio for proper japanese speech

as the hiragana is fine i noticed the person pronouncing the words has an accent, you should be listening to a native speaker to get the proper wording down.
on 1467244800

on 1459209600
Font is hard to read

Sadly the font on the front side of the cards (where you are supposed to guess the character) is very different from the font where the stroke patterns are axplained (and is also very different from most common fonts). Apart form this flaw, the card deck is perfect to learn Hiragana.
on 1452038400
Exactly what I was looking for

Exactly what I was looking for. The audio and stroke diagrams are very helpful.
on 1435622400
Missing some strokes

Some of the Dakuon (maybe all of them) have the strokes diagram not working, is there a way to get them to work?

Other than that, it's a really really great deck.
on 1408233600
Perfect! Just download this one!

This deck is perfect.

Large hiragana characters,
stroke order.

I can't ask more.
I've tested this and it's working 100%.

Arigatou to uploader! ^ ^
on 1406505600
no strokes picture

i cant find the png graphics for this desk