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Hiragana with stroke diagrams and audio

1.05MB. 104 audio & 46 images. Updated 2013-01-01.


A bit more advanced version of "Hiragana With Audio" including audio and stroke diagrams huugycom@gmail.com

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on 2018-02-05
Aprendi em 3 dias
on 2018-01-30
Excellent with audio & stroke which contain p/b pronounce
on 2018-01-29
Audio and stroke order. Perfect!
on 2018-01-17
Good audio, nice stroke diagrams.
on 2018-01-05
Comprehensive, well thought out
on 2017-02-08
dont rely on the audio for proper japanese speech

as the hiragana is fine i noticed the person pronouncing the words has an accent, you should be listening to a native speaker to get the proper wording down.
on 2016-06-30

on 2016-05-06
Tried and tested

Brilliant deck. After you finish it, there's no way you could forget anything, because each hiragana is brought to you in several many ways. There are different Japanese fonts used, which is great, because that's the way you see them in Japan.For example ri can be written as one stroke or as two strokes, which look totally different and if you don't know them both you may get confused. This deck teaches you both versions, so you'll recognize them automatically.
on 2016-03-29
Font is hard to read

Sadly the font on the front side of the cards (where you are supposed to guess the character) is very different from the font where the stroke patterns are axplained (and is also very different from most common fonts). Apart form this flaw, the card deck is perfect to learn Hiragana.
on 2016-01-06
Exactly what I was looking for

Exactly what I was looking for. The audio and stroke diagrams are very helpful.
on 2015-06-30
Missing some strokes

Some of the Dakuon (maybe all of them) have the strokes diagram not working, is there a way to get them to work?

Other than that, it's a really really great deck.
on 2014-08-17
Perfect! Just download this one!

This deck is perfect.

Large hiragana characters,
stroke order.

I can't ask more.
I've tested this and it's working 100%.

Arigatou to uploader! ^ ^
on 2014-07-28
no strokes picture

i cant find the png graphics for this desk