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Deadline2 An update of the Anki Deadline addon with GUI configuration. This addon is used to automate the process of adjusting the new cards per day setting for an options group. The setting is calculated by finding (number of new cards left/number of days until deadline). Both the options group and new cards per day setting is automatically managed by the addon. After the initial installation, you may need to restart anki To use: 1. Go to the main deck browser screen 2. Click the Tools Menu -> Deadline -> Configure Deadlines 3. Click the Add button on the right 4. Select a deck, then select a deadline when you want to have all new cards for the deck seen by. Note: Only decks that have cards in them will be shown. 5. Click OK Note:Repeat 3-5 for each deck you would like to add a deadline to 6. Click Process Deadlines For every deck you have assigned a deadline to, a popup will appear, detailing how many cards you will see per day. Notes: To edit a deadline, simply add another date for a deck with an existing deadline. You can also delete the existing deadline, then add a new one. To process deadlines, you can also: Click the Tools Menu -> Deadline -> Process Deadlines When you update the addon, you may sometimes have to manually re-add your deadlines. This is under scrutiny and is planned to be fixed in the near future. Work was originally started by https://gist.github.com/eshapard/12c14947d31dfcb8f0915761fb649c32 I had originally started off by just making this into an Anki 2.1 compatible addon (move deadline.py into init.py and you're off to the races) Next, folks asked if I could make it a little bit easier to use by creating a configuration menu. Inspiration was taken from https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1102281552 and https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1374772155 , along with bits of their code. Github link: https://github.com/BSCrumpton/Deadline2 For any issues, please submit an issue at the above github repo. Changelog: May 2, 2021: Options Group settings now carry over upon deadline creation, form code is now split out to maintain easier. September 11, 2020: fix for Anki 2.1.28+ July 21, 2020: Updated for Anki 2.1.28 May 4, 2020: Updated for Anki 2.1.25 March 26, 2020: Can now choose between a single popup and many popups when you process your deadlines. March 18, 2020: Added Configure Deadlines button to the Tools Menu, added Process Deadlines button to the Deadline Configuration screen March 17, 2020: Official launch, released to ankiweb and reddit. March 16, 2020: Soft launch, released to the cohort of my girlfriend.


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Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1660857885
Deadline is not an option under tools.
on 1653903900
Can only select my old decks, I have 2 folders, one with old decks and one with new decks
on 1646452150
Very helpful for uploading dates of exams and adjusting studied cards per day as needed!! Just what I was looking for, thank you so much :)
on 1643230153
Unfortunately, doesn't work on 2.1.40. Decks dont show up in the drop down list to be chosen.
on 1638272836
Really good! I was just wondering if there is an option to select several decks at once for the same deadline? I usually have lots of subsets in my deck and in this version i have to configure a deadline for all of them manually.
on 1628947384
I deleted the add-on but it's still affecting my decks, heellllpppee
on 1626880310
Thanks for updating the Eshapard code.
on 1621372319
"Is it possible to have the option to have all subdecks affected?"
Is a copy from a previous ost from somebody but as I can see this problem doesn't have fix yet.
And there is no all the deck in the menu to select. There are always some missing.
on 1618186140
Works great! I had 8 different decks of ~50 cards for one exam which I would randomly cherry pick to study for, and this add-on allowed me to set up my test's due date with all of those different decks and gave me a load out of how many new cards I would need to see in each deck per day.
on 1611949812
Anki 2.1.38, Windows 10 x64
Works great just like intended!
I usually set the deadline of course a couple of days or a week before the exam, so I have enough time to learn the cards.
on 1611677534
Anki 2.1.22, Windows 10 x64
Plugin is installed correctly, seems to be working at first glance. When I set the deadline and attach it to the deck its showing me "525 days left" and number of cards but number of cards per day is 0. Also, the number of reviewed card is 0 (even if today I reviewed 23 cards from this deck).
Comment from author
my initial guess would have been that your # of days left is greater than number of new cards you have in the deck. In this case, it will round down and tell you 0 cards per day.
on 1605916543
OMG. How did I not know about this? Soooo nice.
on 1600294330
Is it possible to have the option to have all subdecks affected?

And is it possible to change the default steps the addon sets for the options?
on 1599966666
Testing it out ATM!
on 1599800295
Does it still work? Whenever I put the deadline and process it tells me the amount of days I have left but all the other fields are 0. When I check the decks setting nothing changed.
Comment from author
This should definitely work. Similar to other users- if you don't have any NEW cards, then this add-on will do nothing for you.
on 1595987819
on 1590720568
on 1590358156
Resets options group
Comment from author
This has now been fixed! the options group settings carry over. Currently if you delete the deadline, you'll have to manually set the options group back, if it wasn't the default group.
on 1590050603
on 1589155110
Good add-on, but.... it doesn't copy over the deck's option's settings? Why would this be a desirable effect? The only thing that needs to be edited is the number of daily new cards. It is not hard to copy over all of a deck's settings and edit just that one thing. I hope the developer addresses this in the future. I have to go in to every newly created options group and edit the entire thing back to what is was before processing the deadline.
Comment from author
I'm taking a look into this now. Thank you for the suggestion! In the future, I'd recommend you submit an issue on github as well https://github.com/BSCrumpton/Deadline2/issues next time- I don't often check this site.
on 1587711704
This is a must have add-on!!. I canĀ“t wait to see it works in 2.1.24 :)
on 1584721139
god bless you!!!
thanks a-lot..
on 1584532478
Awesome, thank you!
on 1584524745
Great job
on 1584496241
This add-on is the future -- you can easily set and edit deadlines and you don't need to know how to code in python or HTML or anything crazy like that. Click, click, done. Simple, elegant, life-saving. Thanks a million!!
on 1584494704
Thanks! I was using the off version I found on github.
on 1584494399
Incredible! Awesome for students who have a test deadline approaching and need to space out their decks. Extremely user friendly too!
on 1584491607
Works great! This is a total game-changer. Spacing out studying for tests is going to be SOOO much easier now. Thanks for sharing!