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Polar Connect - PDF and Incremental Reading with Anki Sync

0.01MB. Updated 2019-01-27.


The Polar Connect add-on for Anki enables a communication channel between Polar and Anki enabling you to easily sync Flashcards created in Polar to Anki and update them when they're updated within Polar. Polar is a powerful document manager for Mac, Windows, and Linux for managing web content, books, and notes and supports tagging, annotation, highlighting and keeps track of your reading progress. Polar allows you to annotate PDFs and web pages and attach flashcards directly to highlights as well as add comments. This allows you to keep flashcards tightly connected to the documentation. This plugin utilizes Anki Connect on a non-standard port (to avoid colliding with the standard Anki Connect). We're also working on some additional changes to Anki including extended card types which are more suited to use within Polar (extended metadata). FEATURES DOCUMENTATION Please see the official Polar documentation for more on Anki and Polar integration.


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

This add-on previously supported Anki 2.0. You can download the last version supporting 2.0 here. As Anki 2.0 has been discontinued, no support is available for this version.

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on 1584999826
Has become an indispensable tool for me in succeeding in my classes.
on 1582205643
on 1581419899
Very nice! Would be even neater if it was possible to use images from the PDFs in Polar together with image occlusion.
on 1580304240
Has become a core part of my study process for Anki
on 1580025777
This is a critical piece of my workflow. Take this away and I would no longer use Anki or be as productive.
on 1579531685
Easy to use integrate with my current Anki decks
on 1579484697
Useful... just started using it and love it already
on 1579483505
I use Anki to study for my finals and the simple integration between Polar's annotations, highlights and Anki's memory system is amazing
on 1579453271
My roommate told me about this extension. We both use Anki for school and it's nice to use to read my textbooks and have it sync. I wish it had support for more card types though.
on 1579300200
Polar is awesome. I've been using it for medical school and all the web pages and PDFs I read.
on 1579159397
Awesome works really well, but does need some improvements. Luckily their team is on it!
on 1576188565
If you've got lots of texts to learn, Polar is by far your best friend
on 1573374223
This add-on was was really helpful for helping me add flashcards related to my readings. With the add-on, I can focus on creating the flashcards within Polar, and leave all the syncing till the end as one step.
on 1572854384
Great app
on 1572640107
Polar is the way for me to store my study documents and make flashcards which I can review in Anki. Works flawlessly so far. Also, they have a great chrome extension.
on 1572457199
Polar and the connection to Anki are just great. I´m really thankful that the developer still keeps it for free/really inexpensive for some special features
on 1572455670
Really handy for integrating Polar and Anki!
on 1571966754
on 1570901479
It's very useful to associate flashcards with passages
on 1567297891
A great plugin that made me realize that Polar is so lucky, this is a great project.
on 1565537204
2.0 I cant see the function ,when I already installed it .
on 1563297079
It made my life simpler, the pdf version of my books is safe now, and I don't need to have the app all the time I can log into my account by using the browser and all the changes (annotations highlights etc) update automatically.
The support is great and very helpful as well. And if you have more questions login the chat and someone will help you out with any questions in a few seconds!
I will continue exploring this app to see it's potential, so far so good!
on 1563042611
Everything nowadays are online PDF's. It makes us a lot more productive
on 1559436842
The perfect tool for someone who uses Anki and reads a shit-ton of PDFs and wants a tool that allows for seamless integration of the two.
on 1559251257
Great tool with Anki integration.
on 1559162656
Easy way to create Anki cards
on 1559151285
Keeps track of card source in PDFs. Great for reading papers and text books!
on 1559051942
on 1558998453
If you want to increase your productivity download this add-on and download Polar.

For those who use Anki every day as intended, may have found MAKING new cards for your studies to be quite daunting. Not so with Polar.

Polar has the simplest integration. I highly recommend converting most if not all of your study materials to PDF, and use Polar to make your Anki cards.

This integration has changed my study life. Thank you.
on 1558968746
Great addon, really improves the workflow of adding cards to anki straight from PDFs. Makes it much nicer to work through a text and organize your flashcards based around source material.
on 1558880139
It's great... really easy to use. I'm looking forward to ePub support. The only downside is that you have to install this add-on thing first before Polar can use Anki but other than that it works great every time.
on 1558393828
Works pretty well! Great to have it integrated.
on 1555229073
Polar Connect is a very well made software thanks!
on 1554475505
Getting better!
on 1552722151
I use Epubor ultimate to convert ebooks to PDFs then read on Polar, annotate, create flashcards and sync with anki. Brilliant! Thank you
on 1552329484
This project is potentially a life saver for some college students!
on 1552232699
on 1550464039
An addon for a inspiring app.
on 1550392937
The best plugin to use it for incremental reading technique!
on 1550343933
A very promising project! Looking forward to new features :-)
on 1548960494
I can't @ reply to individual reviews so to the user commenting that it's anki connect with one change.

YES. That's the point!

I also literally disclose this above if you want to read "This plugin utilizes Anki Connect on a non-standard port"

it's also disclosed here:


I'm trying to bundle everything together that people need for Anki sync in Polar and the protocol is just one part.

We're also going to include additional changes to custom note types and possibly some changes to anki connect.

I want people to just be able to download ONE plugin not 2-3 ... It needs to be simple.

I would appreciate it if you change your vote as I work hard (for free) to contribute back to Anki and the community.
on 1548947367
This is just a fork of the AnkiConnect with only 2 lines different

NET_PORT = 8766 # burton/polar (increment port to 8766 to avoid clash with anki connect)

ac = PolarConnect()

Don't wast your time to try this one, as it's just another AnkiConnect.
on 1548886101
Awesome and easy to use add-on to use with the Polar app. 5/5 stars
on 1548875998
It is very nice addon
on 1548728641
This is a must have for aspiring pre-meds, medical students, and researchers. Polar allows you to efficiently extract important material from dense research material / textbooks while simultaneously creating high-quality flashcards to keep it in LTM. Its great to have these two features connected via this add-on. This will definitely make my life a lot easier... HUGE time-saver. PDF annotator also has really simple and easy to use interface. Get it to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.
on 1548727130
Streamlines studying workflow.
on 1548600056
Polar is great. I use it to read PDFs on cryptocurrencies, annotate them, and then create flashcards
on 1548572191
Helpful tool for studying, and it is pretty easy to use. Will also be useful for keeping track of sources & data for research papers.
on 1548502550
polar is nice
on 1548491779
Works just as it should.
Polar is already helpful, and if the custom card types are implemented using this add-on, I'll probably use it a lot more.