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Mathematics for Computer Science: MIT OCW 6.042

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This flash card deck is based on the textbook for MIT's intro course for discrete math: Mathematics for Computer Science, CS 6.042. The cards include the proofs, example problems and vocabulary words from the textbook.

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Term Euler Tour
Definition An \textit {Euler tour} is a defined to be a walk that traverses every edge in a graph exactly once and which starts and finishes at the same vertex.
Tags chapter_5 euler_tour graph_theory paths walks
Question What is the recurrence equation for the number of ways there are to climb $n$ stairs if you can either step up one stair or hop of two?
Answer There is only 1 way to way to climb 0 stairs: do nothing. There is only 1 way to climb 1 stair: step up. In general, an ascent of $n$ stairs consists of either a step followed by an ascent of the remaining $n - 1$ stairs or a hop followed by an ascent of $n - 2$ stairs. So the total number of ways to climb $n$ stairs is equal to the number of ways to climb $n - 1$ plus the number of ways to climb $n - 2$. These observations define a recurrence:\begin{align*}f(0) &= 1 \qquad & \\f(1) &= 1 \qquad & \\f(n) &= f(n - 1) + f(n - 2) \qquad & \text{(for }n \geq 2)\end{align*}$f(n)$ denotes the number of ways to climb $n$ stairs. 
Tags chapter_12 fibonacci_series recurrences recursion series sums
Term Neighbors
Definition In any graph, the set $N(S)$ of \textit{neighbors} of some set $S$ of vertices is the set of all vertices adjacent to some vertex in $S$. That is: \[ N(S) ::= \{ r\, |\, \{s, r\} {\text { is a edge for some }} s \in S \} \]
Tags chapter_5 graph_theory

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