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More Overview Stats 2.1

<10kB. Updated 2021-02-06.


This addon adds more information to the deck overview statistics. The first column shows how many cards belong to each respective category. (i.e. 711 unseen and 223 suspended cards in the image above) The second column shows what percentage of your cards fall into each respective category. (i.e. 46% unseen and 14% suspended cards in the image above) The third column shows the same information as the second, but does not count suspended cards towards the total number of cards (notice how the third column says 'ignored' in the 'Suspended' row), thus resulting in different percentages. What's new: Version 2.1.2a - 2021-02-05 Customization Options: You can edit the config at: Tools - Add-ons - More Overview Stats 2.1 - Config First click Tools and then Addons: Then select 'More Overview Stats 21' in your addon list and click on 'Config' on the right: Note: If this option is greyed out, the config.json in the addon folder is likely missing. In that case just create an empty text file in the addon's folder among the __init__.py, meta.json and More_Overview_Stats_2_1.py files and rename it to config.json, make sure that the extension is .json and not .txt or .json.txt etc, otherwise Anki will not recognize the file. Restart your Anki afterwards This will open the config screen: There are currently three shorthand forms for the date format with: "us" displaying the same as "%m/%d/%Y", meaning: month/day/Year, ex: 04/26/2020 "asia" displaying the same as "%Y/%m/%d", meaning: Year/month/day, ex: 2020/04/26 "eu" displaying the same as "%d.%m.%Y", meaning: day.month.Year, ex: 26.04.2020 You can alternatively directly enter the date format like: "%m/%d/%Y" for the US. The most important directives are: %d being: Day of the month as a zero-padded decimal number, i.e. 01, 02, …, 31 %m being: Month as a zero-padded decimal number, i.e. 01, 02, …, 12 %b being: Month as locale’s abbreviated name, i.e. Jan, Feb, …, Dec (en_US); Jan, Feb, …, Dez (de_DE) %B being: Month as locale’s full name, i.e. January, February, …, December (en_US); Januar, Februar, …, Dezember (de_DE) %y being: Year without century as a zero-padded decimal number, i.e. 00, 01, …, 99 %Y being: Year with century as a decimal number, i.e. 1970, 1988, 2001, 2013 "Date Format": "%b %d, %y" would thus result in: Jan 08, 21 as shown in the topmost image. You can find further information and valid directives in the python documentation To change the colors of numbers in the stats screen, you will have to find the hex code of your chosen color and replace the one in the config as above. You can get the hex codes from sites like: HTML color codes Example: Default: "Stat Colors": { "Days until done": "#ddd", "Done on Date": "#ddd", ... } Change to: "Stat Colors": { "Days until done": "#ffffff", "Done on Date": "#ddd", ... } This will make the text after 'Done in:' white. After that just close the config with 'Ok' and your changes should be visible the next time you open a deck screen. Note: If you already have a deck screen open while changing these values, you will not see any change until you go back to the Anki main screen and click on a deck again. You can disable showing the stats on finished decks by changing: "Show table for finished decks": true, to: "Show table for finished decks": false, If you want the add-on to display the number of notes in a deck, instead of the number of cards, you can add the line: "note_correction_factors": {} to the config.json. You then put the beginning of the deck name (including all parent decks) and the number of different notes. In the example below we have a deck named 'Word Pool' within the deck 'Turkish'. If this deck were to contain 3 different note types i.e. 'Recognition', 'Production', 'Listening', but we are only interested in how many unique words of this deck we know, we can change the factor to 3 down below. A deck with 500 words and 3 note types would have 1500 cards, changing the factor below to 3 makes the addon display counts in relation to the 500 words. "Note Correction Factors": { "Spanish": 1, "Turkish::Word Pool": 3 } This addon is based on the 'More Overview Stats 2' add-on by Martin Zuther (http://www.mzuther.de/) which is based on 'More Overview Stats' by Calumks (calumks@gmail.com)


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

This add-on previously supported Anki 2.0. You can download the last version supporting 2.0 here. As Anki 2.0 has been discontinued, no support is available for this version.

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on 1617286639
Should be implemented in Anki
Must have add-on
on 1616345632
on 1615661510
Show table for finished decks is no longer working for me when I upgraded to 2.1.39 or 2.1.40. I have it set to true and only downgrading back to 2.1.35 fixes it. Really need to update to a newer version so I hope there is a fix!
on 1614427099
Nice. Just one thing: It counts buried cards together with the suspended ones (so I can't use it to know if something has been suspended).

Would it be difficult to have a separate stat for real suspended cards?

EDIT: It's not difficult I've done it ahahaha

You can count buried cards like this:

-- buried
sum(case when queue in (-2, -3)
then 1 else 0 end),

Then substract buried from suspended (so you also change total_without_suspended to: total -suspended -buried)

...and then you just update the tables to show it.
on 1613143687
on 1612588553
Seem to steal the focus from "Study Now" button at deck overviews, i.e. the interfaces which this addon modifies. Could you please look into it? Latest addon and Anki ⁨2.1.38.

EDIT: It's fixed now with the newest addon. Thank you so much!
Comment from author before post was edited
Can you please check if this is still the case with the newest version? If it is, please post in the support thread:
on 1612581084
Great addon, it's motivating to see how far I am in a deck and how long it'll take to complete.
on 1612565220
I like the addon but the option to "Show table for finished decks" is not working even when the value is set to true. This feature is invaluable to me to see the progress of my decks. A fix would be appreciated. Thanks.

EDIT: This has been fixed! Great addon and good support.
Comment from author before post was edited
I've updated the addon, please check if this resolves your issue.
on 1612168146
How do you understand "Done in"?
Comment from author
The addon uses the value you have set for "New cards/day" in the deck options and calculates how many days it will take to finish the deck at that pace. This assumes that you don't change that value and learn all of those new cards every day.
400 new cards left, deck options set to 10 new cards/day => 40 days left
387 new cards left, deck options set to 10 new cards/day => 39 days left (38 days of studying 10 cards/day and 1 day of studying the remaining 7)
on 1610202960
love it
on 1608962446
Thank you for this helpful addon!
on 1608485151
very helpful stats
on 1607457528
Hello, I'm on anki 2.1.26. When I click into a deck i want to study, I don't see any of the stats options appearing?
on 1607271792
Colui you explain the meaning of the gray stats, 2nd and 3rd column?

Edit: updated add on description! Thanks
Comment from author before post was edited
I have added explanations to the addon description above. They are just the percentages of cards in each category relative to the total amount of cards in the deck and the 3rd one doesn't count suspended cards into the total amount, thus changing the percentages of everything else as well.
on 1607269308
can we put some effort into making the colors customizable? I love the concept of this add on, but for folks using nightmode, it's impossible to see the blue text

edit: new customization is awesome. thank you!
Comment from author before post was edited
Please check out the newest version. You can now change the colors by following the explanation in the description above.
on 1607107603
The default blue in night mode is very far to bright now. Luckily I can change it, but it was easier to read before.
on 1607106253
Really nice addon. All of the stats are very handy in assessing how much I have to learn and so forth.
Also, the author fixed the description of grey stats and added a requested feature which allows to customize colors!
Comment from author before post was edited
Thanks! I have added explanations in the description above and you can now customize the colors through Anki's addon config. Please check the description for how to do that. The grey stats are just the percentages of cards in each category relative to the total amount of cards in the deck and the 3rd column doesn't count suspended cards into the total amount, thus changing the percentages of everything else as well.
on 1605343193
Love it!
Sadly the color-change is not working for the newest Anki-Update.
I tried to change the color in the code, but it's still the same^^°
Comment from author
Thank you very much! Please try the new method explained above in the addon description, it should now be much easier to change colors.
on 1605183811
I like it but I have the same problem with the colours, they are hard to read with dark backgrounds.

I have edited the colors and now is much better.
Comment from author
Thank you! It should now be a lot easier to change the colors.
on 1602833891
Way more informative as the default stats.
on 1601164079
Great add on!

Note, I get a warning in the console:
"accessing _ without importing from anki.lang will break in the future"

Probably a simple fix to add "from anki.lang import _" to future proof it a bit.
Comment from author
Thanks for letting me know, I have added the import.
on 1597801367
Nice! Thank you!
on 1597176147
Love it!!!!! Do you think you could add the ability to change the code so we can change the colors of the words/numbers and make them bold. With changeable backgrounds, some of the numbers can be hard to see. Thanks so much
Comment from author
Thank you very much! You can now change the colors as explained in the description above.
on 1593824261
on 1589067103
The stats help me learn more about the composition of my deck.
on 1585974541
Great add-on.
on 1585067009
Very helpful add on.
on 1583437747
Amazing! Thank you!
on 1581698071
Great improvement! BUT PLEASE HELP: idk if anyone else is having this minor issue, but the date for "Done on:" is wrong. Wondering if it's me or the add on haha.
on 1579995205
Works perfectly and presents all the information I need.
on 1576025257
Is there a way to make the done in mm.dd.yyyy calculation based on the number of cards added per day over the last month?
on 1574612365
on 1571863136
Very good
on 1567308602
I really like this add-on. Only problem is the color of the numbers are extremely hard to read in night mode.
Comment from author
Thanks! You can now change the colors by following the explanation in the addon description above.
on 1564070069
on 1562296308
Love! Wish I can figure out how to change date tho
Comment from author
Thanks! Please check the explanation in the updated description.
on 1552829140
thank you
on 1552775548
How I can make this work after install it?
on 1551411630
Love this additional detail - can you tell me how to change the date format from D.M.Y to M.D.Y (sorry, from the US).

I tried opening the config and changing it there, but nothing seems to happen. Thanks!
Comment from author
Thanks! Please check the explanation in the updated description above.
All you have to do is change this line in the config from:
"Date Format": "eu"
"Date Format": "us"
I have explained this in more detail in the addon description above.
on 1548517758
This is a very good addon, but it looks so terrible with nightmode, it's hard to read the numbers. Also, I think it'll help a lot if there's stats for due cards too. I check them quite often using the custom study (I can't believe Anki doesn't provide an easy way to check this, even thought it's an important stats).
on 1546803448
Great Add-On.

Is there a way to put in Time Per Card stat back onto the "Today" splash screen? Thanks!
on 1546801813
Better formatting than previous "Overview Stats"
on 1544266489
Anki without this is nonsense. I love it! Great job!
on 1543785079
I posted on the add-on forum, but have not received feedback. The add-on worked great for a week but now makes my anki crash every other time I click on a deck. Removing the add-on removed the problem.
Comment from author
Sorry for not replying earlier, but I don't usually read the forum. Thanks for pointing out the error and posting the error message. The newest version should fix the problem you were having, so please give it a try. Hope you continue enjoying the add-on.
on 1542236844
on 1540885159
on 1539498232
Fits in so nicely, I forgot it was an addon.
on 1538434128
Great feature the prevision of when the deck will be done!
on 1537882079
The prediction of when you will finish the deck is a fantastic feature.
on 1537817144
Quite convinient. Now i have a much better overview of the cards number informations of each deck.
So I don´t need to extra click statetics to get these.