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Free Weekend - or Any Other Day

<10kB. Updated 2020-04-10.
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Bug Report: https://github.com/cjdduarte/Free_Weekend/issues Warning: this addon may conflict with other addons that use Anki's scheduler (load balancer, Load Balanced Scheduler, and so on). If you want to use this addon integrated with Load balance, use this alternate version. Information 1: The addon does not change past schedules, only new schedules. Information 2: The addon does not change cards in learning. #### New Change: - Bug fix: Correct incompatibility with version 2.1.24. Functionality enabled again About: Select Sunday if you do not want to study on this day or any other day of the week and this addon will select another day in the rescheduling. You will leave this day free for other tasks or rest. An Anki Fuzz based range will be used to avoid impacting Anki's algorithm as described in the manual: "After you select an ease button, Anki also applies a small amount of random “fuzz” to prevent cards that were introduced at the same time and given the same ratings from sticking together and always coming up for review on the same day. This fuzz does not appear on the interval buttons, so if you’re noticing a slight discrepancy between what you select and the intervals your cards actually get, this is probably the cause" Fuzz example: - Review less than 3 days: will not choose another day. - Review in 3 days: Choose between days 2 and 4. - Review in 7 days: Choose between days 5 and 9. - Review in 90 days: Choose between days 86 and 94. - Cards you forgot, and return within 2 days it does not choose another day. Exceptions: If the fuzz range is too small or does not exist (review less than 3 days) to satisfy the parameter condition, the day of the week may be selected for review of the card. #### Configuration: - Change the values ​​in config module code for your need. - The default installation value is to skip Sunday and the log message is disabled. - You can enter more than one day of the week, separated by commas, but remember that this can overwhelm the other days. It is now possible to enter specific days (holidays, and so on). Anki 2.1 Anki 2.0 Open the free_weekend.py file in the add-ons folder and change the parameters It is now possible specific groups of decks are not affected by this addon. Enabling log, the addon will show on the screen which days are being ignored when replying to the card. Or it will display a message that the fuzz range has not met the required minimum condition. Values: 0=OFF, 1=Only exceptions, 2=Basic, 3=More details #### Information Copyright(C)| Carlos Duarte Based on | xquercus code, in add-on "Load Balanced Scheduler" - Thank you License | GNU AGPL, version 3 or later; http://www.gnu.org/licenses/agpl.html Source in | https://github.com/cjdduarte/Free_Weekend #### Change Log: v1.12 - 2020-04-10 - Bug fix: Correct incompatibility with version 2.1.24. Functionality enabled again v1.11 - 2020-04-08 - Bug fix: functionality temporarily disabled due to incompatibility with version 2.1.24b4 (Tanks @AnKingMed) v1.10 - 2020-01-22 - Bug fix: single digit months/days in the specific dates section v1.9 - 2019-03-14 + Updated configuration text v1.8 - 2019-03-08 + Improved Anki 2.0 Parameterization v1.7a - 2019-02-21 + Added information about alternate version v1.7 - 2019-01-28 + Added log to show only exceptions v1.6 - 2018-12-26 + add parameters so that specific groups of decks are not affected by this addon v1.5 - 2018-12-14 + More log options/Added parameter for specific days (Anki 2.0)/Unified code Anki 2.1 and Anki 2.0 v1.4 - 2018-12-08 + Added parameter for specific days (Anki 2.1) v1.3 - 2018-12-05 + Added parameterization in the Addon configuration (Anki 2.1) v1.2 - 2018-12-04 + Added new log message when fuzz does not satisfy required condition v1.1 - 2018-12-04 + Added log to show ignored days v1.0 - 2018-12-03 + Initial Release #### To Do: - add limit for deleted days.


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

This add-on previously supported Anki 2.0. You can download the last version supporting 2.0 here. As Anki 2.0 has been discontinued, no support is available for this version.

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on 1591524810
Great add-on. I'd love it to have option to include cards in learning phase, especially after configurable interval as i have really long learning steps :(
on 1589650363
dose it conflict with the add on "Put all due learning cards first"??
Comment from author
Reading the description of the addon, no.
It changes the algorithm in a part where it doesn't work.
on 1589137028
Could you provide an example for the log_tooltip config? I can't understand what it is supposed to do.
Comment from author
It just shows a message in Anki's footer.
on 1588510084
would love this if I could figure it out. I do have a load balencer installed and tried to use the GitHub version. I put it in a folder with the other anki add one but nothing happened? might not have been the right folder. Is there any way you could upload instructions with pictures?
Comment from author
The add-on works silently, but if you want to know if it is working, enable logging to value 3 on the add-on configuration page.
See at the end of the addon explanation that there are 3 possible values: 0=OFF, 1=Only exceptions, 2=Basic, 3=More details"

Or call me on github.
on 1588078111
Great add-on, something that I've been looking for for a long time! Just a little question: You mentioned that the add-on will not work on AnkiDroid (because mobile devices don't have add-on support). However, as I'm using Anki both on desktop and on my mobile, what does this mean for scheduling conflicts? Will syncs reverse the add-on's rescheduling?
Comment from author
There will be no conflict.
When responding on ankidroid, he will be able to schedule for the days of the weekend.
The addon works when replying to the card. It does not change cards already scheduled.
on 1587335284
very nice! but where does the plugin get the date information from? i'm from EU and sunday is here monday. haha
Comment from author
It takes the time of the user's machine. I believe there will be no problem.
on 1586789613
on 1586438859
Work weel.
on 1585749974
I'd love to use this but does this interfere with hoochiemama,papa or baby? That's the only thing holding me back.
Comment from author
Does not interfere
on 1582489602
I really want to use the Free Weekend w/ Load Balancer integrated, but can't get the add-on to load into my Anki 2.1... Anybody have any ideas? When I click install from file, it only searches for .ankiaddon files and the download from github only has .py files. Help.
Comment from author
You must copy all the files from github into a folder and put it inside the addons folder.
on 1579733207
1/20 - Realized why this is not working: it does not work with learning cards (aka cards with steps), but that is the description. I spend more time than most people working on cards with steps because I have an extra layer of steps (my steps: 15 1440 5760), so those are the ones that need to be pushed away from my day off. This would be really helpful if it could be adjusted as such.

1/22 - To be fair, this add-on has more customizability than load-balancer alone and works well. I'll give it the thumbs up for that, but please put together an add-on that includes step cards.

1/22 -
Comment from author before post was edited
It is explained in the description of the add-on that it does not adjust the cards in learning to respect the configured steps, only in revision mode.
Negative evaluation is not fair when the complement does what it intends to do and is explained.
But thanks for the comment. I will evaluate an option and not respect the steps.
Please open an issue on github.
on 1579724638
I want to start using the alternate version https://github.com/cjdduarte/Free_Weekend_Load_Balancer, but am confused, I made folder for it in my anki add ons folder and added the files, and it appears in the add on menu, so no issue there.

I have Load Balanced Scheduler installed ( https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/208879074 ), do I need to disable it?

Does this work with the V2 Scheduler?

Comment from author
Yes, this version of github implements the "Load Balanced Schedule" in the code. You must disable it to avoid conflict.
It works in "v2 Scheduler".
on 1579668195
Not sure if I'm the only one, but I finally finished figuring this out after getting frustrated that it was not working for me. The load balancer free weekend version of this DOES NOT need the original load balancer to work! You only need the modified free_weekend. They do not have to interact with each other as I had previously thought. Thank you so much for this add-on!

Edit: Also, don't forget your zeroes when adding single digit months/days in the specific dates section! e.g. "2020/01/31"

Hope these tips help!
Comment from author
(Also, don't forget your zeroes when adding single digit months/days in the specific dates section! e.g. "2020/01/31")

EDIT: I fixed this bug. Now you can use just one digit in the month or day. Thanks.
on 1570796020
Thank you, trying it out right now. Does it also apply on Ankidroid?
Comment from author
Unfortunately not. No addon works on Ankidroid.
on 1570239817
Does not work. In the past week there have been no fewer than 41 cards added to the day I needed off, based on the review heatmap projections for that day, where these 41 cards have been added to that specific day after adding this add-on. This is really disappointing.
Comment from author
do you use load balance addon or similar? Could you provide the configuration of the steps you are using for new cards?
Remembering that only works on PC version. if you use it on your phone, it won't work.

Also remembering that new cards that have several steps do not work as explained by the addon.

Please open a ticket at: https://github.com/cjdduarte/Free_Weekend/issues so you can evaluate.
on 1567183975
Loved this Add on! Thank you!
on 1562085719
Love this!!! So helpful & easy to configure.
Comment from author
on 1558702771
on 1556376471
Great idea! However, it does not seem to work. Cards with >3d intervals still get assigned to my days off and it does not show a log info. Did I do anything wrong with the configuration?

"days_week": [],
"log_tooltip": 3,
"specific_days": [
Comment from author
Hi, the add-on does not reprogram cards already scheduled, it works the moment you respond to the cards.
Example: If you installed the addon today and there are already 20 cards scheduled for next Sunday, these cards will continue on this day. But the new cards that you start to study from today will not be scheduled for this day.
on 1555746669
Been wanting to have a day off for a while and now I can :)

You can still get cards on your elected day off if it's new or you fail a card, but it sounds like the add-on can't override the internal Anki workings here.
Shame it can't just bump the card a day forward in this instance, but it's not the end of the world.
on 1553044953
carlos deus
on 1552306914
I would love to use this add-on, but can't get it to work. What does it mean, that the add-on only applies to new schedules and that cards in learning aren't affected? Would i have to restart all of my cards? What do i need to do, to keep all the learning progress I've made and still use the add-on?

@author Thanks for the quick response!
Comment from author before post was edited
It works silently. if you want to see it working, enable the logs. it does not change what is already scheduled before the addon installation. But when you respond to this card in the future, it will allocate correctly. Learning cards do not use the fuzz so I can not reallocate them. This is internal to Anki.

You do not need to restart the cards. Just continue studying normally. He will be scheduling the cards that you normally study, just do not change what has already been previously scheduled before installing the addon.
on 1551570769
I don't know how setting the add-on. I would like you to make a video explaining the setting. Anki Version 2.0.52

I am grateful for your reply.
Comment from author
You should edit the file free_weekend.py in the add-ons folder and change the parameters as instructed above.
I've improved the above description and in the source code itself to make it easier to change.

Hope this helps.
on 1550451810
Much needed. Thanks!
on 1548753833
I liked
on 1545930818
Nice !!!!
on 1545921256
Nice! Really good add-on, frequently updated with good features!
on 1545119022
Clever. (Now that he has made a repository, lets all go to his github page and pick his brain. Payback time. No "Free Weekend" for you!)
on 1544956086
on 1544592243
Nice, friend!
on 1544032868
on 1543948833
Solid addon, hopefully works well with 2.0