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All Dutch (Nederlands) sentences with audio from Tatoeba

33.96MB. 1961 audio & 0 images. Updated 2019-12-30.
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This deck contains all of the Dutch sentences from Tatoeba that have an audio recording, along with translations into several languages (see below). They are arranged according to difficulty using MorphMan. Clicking on a word will launch a browser showing its entry on Wiktionary. If you are interested in the technical side of generating the deck or wish to obtain similar decks for other languages, read this page. If you find this deck helpful please consider leaving a positive feedback here on AnkiWeb (using the ‘Rate This’ button, which will appear if you are logged in). This will help others find the deck, as it will appear higher in the search results. Thanks! 🙂

Sample (from 1961 notes)

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sentence_id 422874
nld Oefening baart kunst.
tags proverb
epo Per mezuro kaj peso akiriĝas sukceso.
eng Practice makes perfect.
ukr Практика - шлях до досконалості.
deu Übung macht den Meister.
MorphMan_Index 30998
MorphMan_Unmatures kunst, baart, oefening
MorphMan_UnmatureMorphCount 3
MorphMan_Unknowns kunst, baart, oefening
MorphMan_UnknownMorphCount 3
MorphMan_UnknownFreq 1
Tags mm_notReady
sentence_id 378268
nld Met zulk weer gaat niemand naar buiten.
epo Ĉe tia vetero neniu iras eksteren.
eng Nobody goes outside in this kind of weather.
deu Bei so einem Wetter geht niemand nach draußen.
spa Con tal tiempo nadie sale.
MorphMan_Index 70976
MorphMan_Unmatures gaat, weer, buiten, met, niemand, zulk, naar
MorphMan_UnmatureMorphCount 7
MorphMan_Unknowns gaat, weer, buiten, met, niemand, zulk, naar
MorphMan_UnknownMorphCount 7
MorphMan_UnknownFreq 23
Tags mm_notReady
sentence_id 377909
nld Laat me nog eens een voorbeeld zien.
epo Montru al mi plian ekzemplon.Montru al mi alian ekzemplon.
eng Show me another example.
ukr Дай мені інший приклад.Покажи мені інший приклад.
MorphMan_Index 70941
MorphMan_Unmatures een, me, laat, voorbeeld, zien, eens, nog
MorphMan_UnmatureMorphCount 7
MorphMan_Unknowns een, me, laat, voorbeeld, zien, eens, nog
MorphMan_UnknownMorphCount 7
MorphMan_UnknownFreq 58
Tags mm_notReady

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on 1615205787
There are a LOT of cards with multiple meanings, such as "nog" meaning "any" and "as well". The problem is that this deck has those as separate cards with no indication of which meaning you should be practicing. They had to create a new type of card in order to fix the error than standard Anki cards have when you try to create cards like this.

Also, some Dutch words are English words, such as "of" in Dutch meaning "or" in English, but you can't tell which card side you're on because there is no indication. Overall, I stopped using this deck because it is so poorly made. It would take me longer to fix it than it would for me to build my own deck.
on 1612371361
Audio is helpful
on 1599910670
Sentences, audio, English translation and ordered deck.
on 1590644153
Comment from author
on 1589780742
Great because has audio files!
Comment from author