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Arabic Frequency List (Top 5,000 words in order)

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- Top 5,000 words. - Ordered from most to least frequent. - Arabic to English and English to Arabic. Enjoy.

Sample (from 5293 notes)

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Front جِذريّ
Back radical, fundamental, basic
Front ل
Back for, to
Front مُضاف حَيَويّ
Back antibiotic

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on 1586775455
Good vocab
on 1585308853
on 1577954482
Great set of wurds.
on 1555712102
This teaches the standard Arabic. Overall it's good, with some typos. Great job!
on 1541740365
Trying to download and it's taking me every place but what I need. Put my email in hit Arabic hit download nothing
on 1529176119
Basic and simple
on 1525910400
I haven't used this deck. I am just wondering what dialect of Arabic this teaches. Thanks!
on 1517097600
thank u very much
on 1483488000
I added audio to this deck

This deck is good but it lacks audio.

I decided to add audio to it:
on 1482796800
Very helpful

Thank you, I had found something like this on Memrise and I'm glad I didn't have to type it all up myself on Anki.
on 1481587200
u r amazing

thank u very much
on 1459900800

In order, front and reverse.

Saved me so much time. Thank you so much!