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Official KanjiDamage deck

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This is the ultimate deck to learn Kanji with the KanjiDamage method. This deck contains all the data you can find on the website: mnemonics, jukugo, look alikes, images and so on. And with an added bonus: stroke order diagrams. This deck follows the original order from KanjiDamage. This means that the order you learn the kanji in is not based on their frequency. This is part of the philosophy of KanjiDamage (see http://www.kanjidamage.com/introduction "ARRANGING THE KANJI IN A RAD WAY"). The downside is that you learn some rather uncommon kanji early on, while some very common kanji are introduced very late. If you'd like to learn based on kanji frequency instead, check out my other deck: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1917095458 The deck is customizable. You can easily remove things you don't care about (like stroke order), or change what's shown on the cards (see "how to" section below). By default, there are two types of cards: - Reading cards show the kanji, and a jukugo (in kanji). I personally consider I got it right if I can remember the meaning, and either a kun reading or the reading of the jukugo. - Writing cards show the meaning, and additional help: the onyomi, a kunyomi and a jukugo (in kana). I use the extra info to help me know which kanji we're talking about. How to Remove writing cards: in the Desktop app, click on the deck, then on the Browse button. In the search field, type "deck:current card:write" and press enter. Select all cards and click "Suspend". Remove stroke order diagrams: from the Tools menu, choose "Manage Note Types...". Select KanjiDamage in the list, and click the "Fields.." button. Select "Stroke order" from the list, and click the "Delete" button. Optional: to delete the stroke order images from your computer, select "Check Media..." from the Tools menu. It should list a bunch of files with names like "e382aa.png". Click the "Delete Unused" button. Revision history - August 9 2015: update deck with latest data from the website. Rename deck to "official". - Jan 22 2015: fix small issues in the data, added reading cards - Nov 22 2014: initial upload All the data comes directly from kanjidamage.com. Stroke order data comes from the KanjiVG project http://kanjivg.tagaini.net/ (CC Attribution-Share Alike) with help from Kanji Colorize https://github.com/cayennes/kanji-colorize (Affero GPL). The deck also comes with the Noto Sans Japanese font (Apache License 2.0), to make sure the characters show correctly on Android.

Sample (from 1757 notes)

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
Number 1043
Meaning society
Stroke order
Components L (loser) + 一 (one/line radical) + (pit)
Onyomi SE,YO
Mnemonic To start a new society, populate a deserted island with kids you make when you have SEX with the rapper YO-YO.In this dog-eat-dog society, losers get shoved into a pit.
Usefulness ★★★★★
First kunyomi
First kunyomi meaning
First kunyomi usefulness
First jukugo 世界[せかい]
First jukugo meaning the world
First jukugo usefulness ★★★★★
Full header 世 society L (loser) + 一 (one/line radical) + (pit) ★★★★★ 5 strokes BETA
Full onyomi SE,YO To start a new society, populate a deserted island with kids you make when you have SEX with the rapper YO-YO.
Full mnemonic In this dog-eat-dog society, losers get shoved into a pit.
Full kunyomi
Full jukugo 世界(せかい) the world ★★★★★ 世 (society) + 界 (the world) = 世界 (the world) the world, as in "biggest in the world!" "fastest in the world!" 世の中(よのなか) the world ★★★★☆ 世 (society) + 中 (middle) = 世の中 (the world) the social, everyday world - more poetic than 世界。 Used in dramatic declarations like, "I'm sick of this fuckin' world!" "I don't care about this life!" "Poor Kurt Cobain, he was just too sensitive for this cruel world!" Also, usually implies JUST Japanese society. 世論(よろん) public opinion ★★☆☆☆ 世 (society) + 論 (make a case for) = 世論 (public opinion) お 世辞(せじ) flattery ★☆☆☆☆ 世 (society) + 辞 (quit) = 世辞 (flattery) お 世話(せわ) する take care of ★☆☆☆☆ 世 (society) + 話 (conversation) = 世話 (take care of) to take care of someone sick or old or retarded. What your mom did.
Full lookalikes
Full used In
Frequency ranking 162
Number 1625
Meaning mohawk
Stroke order
Components (top radical)
First kunyomi
First kunyomi meaning
First kunyomi usefulness
First jukugo
First jukugo meaning
First jukugo usefulness
Full header mohawk (top radical)
Full onyomi
Full mnemonic
Full kunyomi
Full jukugo
Full lookalikes
Full used In 営 労 栄 学 覚 党 尚
Frequency ranking 200
Number 156
Meaning emblem / chapter
Stroke order
Components 立 (stand up) + 早 (early)
Onyomi SHOU
Mnemonic Stand up fast and SHOW me your badge.
Usefulness ★★☆☆☆
First kunyomi
First kunyomi meaning
First kunyomi usefulness
First jukugo 文章[ぶんしょう]
First jukugo meaning sentence
First jukugo usefulness ★★☆☆☆
Full header 章 emblem / chapter 立 (stand up) + 早 (early) ★★☆☆☆ 11 strokes BETAJERKPN
Description JERK (it literally means 'badge or emblem' but usually is used in the context of 'sentence' or 'chapter.')
Full onyomi SHOU
Full mnemonic Stand up fast and SHOW me your badge.
Full kunyomi
Full jukugo 文章(ぶんしょう) sentence ★★☆☆☆ 文 (culture/ sentence) + 章 (emblem / chapter) = 文章 (sentence) 第7章(だいななしょう) chapter 7 ★★☆☆☆ 第 (rank or number in series) + 章 (emblem / chapter) = 第7章 (chapter 7) 腕章(わんしょう) armband ★☆☆☆☆ 腕 (arm / skill) + 章 (emblem / chapter) = 腕章 (armband) armband. Anytime you see an unemployed grand-dad with an armband, you can be sure he will poke his nose in someone's business and try to wreck their fun:"No smoking!" "No bicycle parking!" "No hammocks!"
Full lookalikes Meaning Hint Radical 童 kid VILLAGE 里 章 emblem / chapter EARLY 早 The kid is from the VILLAGE, so he got his badge EARLY. (it's the village where they make the badges, I guess. Who knows at this point)
Full used In
Frequency ranking 945

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on 1683574144
The mnemonic method works really well, if you dont like it, create another for that particular kanji. The order of learning is really cool, from basic, then building complexs. Is true that the language and used topics are +18, but everyone is free to use other deck. As for me, I dont give a *****, Im learning a lot. Thank you author.
on 1676757470
Can't believe this is recommended across the internet. I think everyone who is not disgusted by the mnemonics has to be damaged somehow.
on 1675365944
Some mnemonics were really good. I had to fix those that were not racist, sexist, offensive enough, or those where the humor was too weird.
on 1669046438
great method
on 1667268697
A bunch of mnemonics are really offensive... AS THEY SHOULD

JK, maybe the selection of jukugo is not always perfect imo or some other silly things but is overall my favorite pure-kanji-complementary deck out there, learned a lot from it
on 1663074176
good resource for kanji, but the author tries too hard to be edgy and 'politically incorrect'. also, usually doesn't have mnemonics to kun/onyomi of many kanji... which for me was the entire point of trying it out. i will stick to wanikani.
on 1662997226
on 1661765238
Some really awful humour here. I hate every single mnemonic and it's been a massive help. Thank you.
on 1660752757
awesome, useful, amusing and better than wanikani imo. Also respect for the work.
on 1659370519
written by an 8th grade kid. inappropriately offensive
on 1652515361
very helpful
on 1645314017
I started doing only a small amount of cards and then managed to recognise a kanji in a Japanese name shortly after, amazing!
on 1639992785
After gathering information about various ways to learn kanji the KanjiDamage method seemed to make the most sense, especially because it had a sense of humor about itself. I'm about 60% of the way through the deck(with both writing and reading cards), at 25 new cards per day it has taken me 3 months. Looks like I will be able to finish it without too much difficulty, which I am pretty happy about.
on 1637669641
I tried it and finished it, it works !!!
on 1632543437
Good approach. Make your own mnemonics, that's the only way.
on 1629566116
People who say "Eh, the humor is really offensive" are stupid normies.
on 1628170807
Great deck
on 1627761371
As of July 2021 a lot of this deck is just plain broken. Many cards are missing the mnemonic section. The information exists if you dig into the card data, but a lot of it just doesn't display at all.

For example, the 子 (child) card says it has an onyomi of "SHI" but the mnemonic section "That poor child ーSHE has lived a total of one year!" doesn't actually show up anywhere on the card.
on 1625559619
Great deck tbh and thanks so so much for making this deck. This will help any new learners. Note that the mnemonics use a bit harsh language but its great nonetheless
on 1621855003
Great deck!

I noticed kanji 670 (閥, "clique") isn't in the deck - I added it myself.
on 1620139587
on 1619396358
I want to like this deck, because I think the ordering and the way it builds the components is thoughtful. The author has also obviously put in a ton of time creating the deck, and his effort should be acknowledge. However, it's littered with formatting issues like mixed Japanese/roman text (especially punctuation) and untagged references in the mnemonics (e.g., the "trip" (旅) kanji references a "hitchhiker" component in its mnemonic, but it's not tagged as such: http://www.kanjidamage.com/kanji/758-trip-%E6%97%85). These formatting issues happen much more often than I'd like, and it ends up slowing me down fixing them versus spending time actually learning the kanji.

You might want to consider using WankKani's deck instead, even though I find its mnemonics to be more bland (and therefore, less useful), and its lack of stroke order images a missed opportunity.
on 1616203790
Good way to learn progressively
on 1615898815
a bunch of the mnemonics are really offensive
easy to remember
on 1614329535
Stoke order diagrams and division into read/write cards are both great additions. Good deck.
on 1613443270
Like others have said, this is great for many reasons, like
1. It's free, unlike WaniKani. It's also self-paced, unlike WaniKani
2. It provides more information than both WaniKani and RTK
on 1612788584
Loved it.
on 1607046846
Really easy to learn!
on 1604037866
Good quality lots of information
on 1603557868
Please don't HAKU the white people,
Really bad taste in some of the mnemonics.
on 1596737363
Great deck
on 1595396690
The deck that I use to learn new kanji.
on 1594980949
Thank you for taking the time to make this.
on 1594927677
Thanks for the deck
on 1594348039
Love this deck, very entertaining and informative. The stroke order system with the colors is the best I've seen so far. One thing though, on my phone with Ankidroid when the kanji shows first, the onyomi and vocab examples also often appear underneath. Since I like to guess the onyomi, I have to hide that part of the screen with my finger raised. Also, the website is still HTTP only? A bit annoying but whatev. this deck is dope.
on 1593910066
yeehaw cowpokes
on 1593326236
Thanks. That is a lot of effort.
on 1591948242
Лучшая колода для изучения кандзи, лучше просто не существует :)
on 1589742614
Can anyone explain to me how you can edit the mnemonics? If I change them in the respective field, the cards just don't change...
on 1587941628
Great for learning the reading AND vocab!
on 1586002972
not like my review
on 1584679119
Yo mama
on 1584139373
the order the kanji appear in is great: its like i+1 with radicals, feels very natural. i ended up rewriting every single mnemonic, though (i suggest everyone writes their own for kanji studies anyways, its much easier to remember that way)
on 1582181551
on 1581981483
on 1579766078
I've found this much more approachable than RTK in helping me remember individual components of the kanji.
on 1577787443
Great deck for learning the 1500 most useful kanji.
on 1575187250
Exellent material!
on 1574008153
It's very useful.
on 1572216861
It's the by far best and most fun deck to teach myself kanjis. It's extremely detailed and I bet the creator put in tons of hours of work to deliver such a well-rounded and in-depth kanji experience. He connects all different kanjis and one learns how kanji are built upon one another.

For the longest time on my Japanese language journey I gave up on learning kanjis because there seemed to be no rational way to learn those except with mind killing bulk repetitions. This deck opened a new door and possibility for me to chase my long carried dream of being able to read Japanese. I already noticed improvements in readability after half a year of using the deck every few days. :)

Absolutely recommended!!
on 1568460391
Amazing! I love it
on 1567957157
Thanks, but mutants section missing (like in : waterleft in 水 water, fireleft, firebottom in 火 fire, etc...)
on 1565657057
Supa Dupa
on 1563730199
The best method by far!
on 1563520060
Very good
on 1563453306
a bunch of the mnemonics are really offensive
on 1555083541
Great deck with useful mnemonics, but in 2019+ the mnemonics are starting to show their age; I'd encourage anyone using this to liberally change the jokes to something more relevant if you don't understand what they're referencing :P
on 1554227912
To correct the problem of mnemonics not appearing in the back of the cards :
* go to tools->Manage Note Types
* Click on the "kanjiDamage" note type
* Click on "Cards..."
* On the top select "Read Kanji -> Full header (...)"
* Write the following code on the "Back Template" Field:

{{#Full mnemonic}}
{{Full mnemonic}}
{{/Full mnemonic}}
on 1550776737
Great deck for intermediate-level Japanese speakers who haven't put their time in for learning Kanji. Organizing by kanji radical makes it easier to visually recognize and parse Kanji when seen in real-world situations and allows for easier mnemonic device strategies (even if you don't use the ones provided on the cards).

It is definitely not a deck for everyone, and has some fairly dated references to things like the Bush administration along with some low-effort jokes such as innuendo about moms that at times feel overly forced. If time is a factor in learning "essential" Japanese kanji for reading, or studying for a test, this deck might have limited usefulness as it is ordered in a practical way instead of the curriculum style that most lists go by (N5, N4... or 1st grade, 2nd grade... etc).

Provided that a student has a good vocabulary built up before starting this deck, it can be useful to learn a new kanji and then see that it is used in words that are already known down in the jukugo. This deck at the very least provides an excellent service in that it is an exception to the way others are structured.
on 1550437419
Great work
on 1548622141
Thanks for a great deck.

The Read notes don't show the full mnemonics and I had to add the following code to the back template:

{{#Full mnemonic}}
{{Full mnemonic}}
{{/Full mnemonic}}

This seems to be missing Kanji #670 Clique
on 1545579034
Anyone who download this kanji deck obviously noticed that this deck was meticulously created. It surely consumed alot of the time of the creator so at the end I cannot understand how someone can undervote such a massive deck. Is it obnoxious? Yes, it is. Can you change it? Yes, you can! If you did not like one or two or all mnemonics, use the deck to create them by yourself.
on 1542637462
I gave a try to all the method to learn kanjis but this is by far the the best ressource to learn kanjis.
I can't recommend it enough !

I've "created" a Kanji Damage extension for Google Chrome for those who are heavy user of KanjiDamage.
The extension allows you to "Search KANJIDAMAGE fo X" in a new tab when you select and do a right click on a kanji in a piece of text.

For more info and to download the extension i have a created a post on KanjiDamage Forum :
on 1541211253
Hell yeah
on 1540847522
This is really helpful and complete. Thanks for the hard work.
on 1538916499
Well researched, very effective way of learning kanji.
on 1538635986
on 1538531129
Very useful deck. I think you just need to tweak some of the stories to suit yourself. My advice to anyone is make a story that you can really VISUALIZE. You need some kind of strong trigger to the story too. If your story and trigger are weak, you'll end up forgetting them, and mixing them up with other kanji. Good luck!
on 1537254404
The best and quickest resource currently available to study Kanji. Reasons:

1. Better than the traditional method of writing and learning kanjis because it uses mnemonics. Anyone who's tried both would know how mnemonics makes learning Kanji a whole lot faster.

2. Better than RTK. The RTK book uses old and boring keywords for the kanji meanings. The keywords here has an added element of humor making it easier to remember. Also, RTK book requires you to create your own mnemonics after a certain point. Although, if you do have the time, I concur that creating your own mnemonics makes the Kanji stay in your memory the strongest. However, with over 2000 Jouyou Kanji, creating your own mnemonics can be a real pain if you're feeling lazy or running short on time. Instead, you can modify the mnemonics here to suit your style of memory retention. This is a good compromise between creating your own mnemonics and using pre-made ones.

3. KanjiKoohi definitely has a good community curated collection of mnemonics for RTK. And these aren't really boring or old. However, KanjiDamage gives you mnemonics to remember Onyomi as well. This is just awesome. This is one of the understated advantages of KanjiDamage and makes it trump any other resource available.

4. WaniKani is quite good as well. But you cannot pace yourself according to your needs there. I've heard it could take up to 2 years to complete it. I don't want to wait so long. KanjiDamage in Anki lets me pace myself according to my available time for learning.

So in essence, this is the BEST resource for studying kanji.

Some people can find the mnemonics here somewhat offensive. That's there. But this deck gets the job done in making you remember the meaning, onyomi and kunyomi of Kanji better and faster than any other resource available. So if you can bear the little offensiveness, you're all set to crack the Kanji juggernaut. Pros outweigh the cons by a huge margin.

Also, the reordered KanjiDamage deck makes you see results even faster since you learn the more frequently used Kanji first.

PS: I have done over 300 Kanji using the deck and planning to finish it fully. :)
on 1535059541
Good deck, I like the learning order and I like the explanations of nuance. Thumbs down because many onyomi which are used very, very frequently are labeled “you don’t need this” (you do need to know that 寝 is read 寝, actually), and it makes me suspicious of whether the “useless” joyo kanji he omitted actually are useless.
on 1534573170
I used this deck to learn kanjis, and it worked! It's the only one that I could complete from start to finish, the other kanji decks to remember them were too boring for me, because a lot of kanjis in other decks are just not used or doesn't not explain his real use. In this deck I could learn the uses of these kanjis, which ones are actually used, good mnemonics (you can produce yourself the ones you want too of course), and it's funny to use too. I Really appreciate this deck a lot <3.
on 1533978361
you cannot follow the instructions to delete the "write" cards (english first) in the android app. You must first follow the instructions on the desktop, then EXPORT your modified deck on the desktop , then IMPORT it in the android app.

Created account just to say THANK YOU to the author of the deck for the work you put in, this is absolutely perfect. And thanks to creators of Anki, Ankidroid, and the guy who devised the Kanji Damage method. Learning japanese would be impossible without you guys. I love you!
on 1533604147
Me parece bueno, no lo he utilizado pero me hago una idea por su contenido mostrado.
on 1532628621
Best deck
on 1531986459
KanjiDamage's method of teaching kanji makes sense, but this deck is by and large useless, thanks to one EXTREMELY large flaw - the cards are shown backwards, so instead of showing the kanji on the "question" side and all the factual information on the other, it's, well, backwards. Deleting the Write cards doesn't help much, because now all the cards are outta order!

Thanks for the attempt, but it's just no good.

Alright, so literally 5 minutes after posting this I resolved my issue. After deleting the Write cards as per the instructions, I had to re-order the cards.
Hit Tools > Fields, select Number and click "Sort by this field in the browser", close the Tools window, click "Browse", select "Whole" in the left menu, select all (Ctrl-A or Edit > Select All), then Edit > Reposition, hit OK and you should be good to go! Instead of starting from Woman, it starts from One, as it rightfully should.

I'm still at a loss as to why the author decided showing English first was a good idea, but at least now you can fix what they fucked up!

Ok and a lot of information's just straight up missing, mainly mnemonics but also some jukugo for select words. Wack.
on 1517097600
Gret wey to lern japonese for the begenner!
on 1516665600
Awesome resource.
Mnemonics are done in a perfect way that you'll never forget them.

Would have prefered to see the kanji first before the English meaning though. It's possible to edit it that way yourself, but I think it's valid criticism.
on 1515196800
Tags are super helpful and getting quized on kanji to english and kanji it its KUN and ON reading makes it much easier to memorise them.
on 1510272000
on 1508198400
on 1506384000
on 1505692800
on 1504310400
on 1501372800
on 1494460800
on 1494288000
on 1492992000
on 1491264000
on 1490400000
on 1487894400
on 1486944000
on 1485302400
on 1484784000
on 1481932800
on 1480464000
on 1478131200
on 1474416000
on 1471564800
on 1470873600
on 1470096000
on 1463961600
Good deck, except for one big downside: the onyomi readings are in romaji.
on 1461283200
on 1459814400
great list, but..

It shows the English meaning first which seems backwards unless your Japanese.
It should show the kanji and have you try to remember the English meaning and Japanese onyomi / kunyomi meanings.
I should be quizzed on the kanji not the English. is what I'm getting at.
now i have to edit the card format to even use it.
Its like seeing the answer to a math question and being expected guess the question itself. answer is is 6 is the answer 4+2 or 3+3 or 5+1? 3x2? 12/2?
just doesn't seem right...
on 1459123200
on 1457913600
on 1457740800
on 1454371200
on 1454025600
on 1453075200
Fails to maintain its own hierarchy...

The instructions above inform you to delete the "write" section if you do not need it.

But when I did that, it mixed the order of the cards, so the deck is no longer in the right order. I assume it detected some overlap with cards with the same title I had done in the past, even tho I had not done this deck in particular.

I had to start a clean profile to get the order to work, and even then it started on "woman" for some reason. Whatever. I will edit this review after about 20 hours of use.
on 1451520000
on 1449273600
on 1448755200
on 1448496000
on 1444867200
Simply Amazing

I'm actually making progress using this deck. Makes being able to read and write kanji more palpable each day. Thank you for this.
on 1443657600
on 1443571200
on 1442793600
on 1439251200
Most Helpful Kanji Resource I've Ever Used!

The i+1 format of Kanji Damage has changed my entire view of kanji and learning kanji. Now, even when I come across unknown kanji in my immersion, I'm able to look at them as several separate units combined rather than a bunch of lines, which is how my Japanese class tried to teach them as...

Honestly, I've loved this deck from the start. The diagrams for writing are a major plus. Read/Write cards are slowing my progress a bit, as I'm working through both cards, but they help cement the kanji in my memory better than just Read cards would and I'm grateful for that.

I'm doing a quick "Kanji + Keyword" study, but the additional information is really useful and I'll read it on the first view of the card. Sometimes it's this information that will help make the card "click" if I have trouble remembering, though I don't mark myself wrong for not knowing it.

The pre-made mnemonics were most helpful when I first started up, as they removed the resistance towards the 'hard work' of making my own like with Heisig (RTK). When I don't like a mnemonic, I simply make my own. But for when I'm too tired or lazy to make my own, I can still keep my progress steady. (And honestly, some of the mnemonics are pretty amusing.)

I wouldn't let the "poor humour" of some of the cards prevent you from using KD. Simply hide the field and make your own mnemonics, because the gradual buildup of components will make kanji a breeze.

If you want to learn all the kanji like is recommended with RTK or AJATT, I'd definitely recommend trying out this deck. Learning kanji is FINALLY FUN.

To the creators of KD and this deck: THANK YOU!!
on 1438646400
on 1437868800
Best Kanji Deck

If you're a power-user like me, you'll come to appreciate the beauty of dividing information into fields.
And regarding his mnemonics and explanations, if you don't like them, you could use your own or you could transfer RTK's mnemonics through a deck merge based on the Kanji, it's quite easy.
on 1434585600
~Ultimately~ unhelpful KD deck

KanjiDamage is a nice resource, but the "descriptions" and "explanations" for remembering characters are obnoxious to say the least and aren't helpful at all.
on 1432425600
on 1431388800
on 1428105600
on 1427414400
on 1426636800

This deck has good features however I found the humour distasteful which put me off the deck entirely.
on 1426550400
on 1426377600
on 1419638400
on 1418342400
on 1417737600
Best kanjidamage deck around

This deck is great, it has everything you need to start working your way through Kanjidamage.

The stroke order is a very nice add to the Kanjidamage method, if you want to learn how to properly write it too.