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Official KanjiDamage deck

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This is the ultimate deck to learn Kanji with the KanjiDamage method. This deck contains all the data you can find on the website: mnemonics, jukugo, look alikes, images and so on. And with an added bonus: stroke order diagrams. This deck follows the original order from KanjiDamage. This means that the order you learn the kanji in is not based on their frequency. This is part of the philosophy of KanjiDamage (see "ARRANGING THE KANJI IN A RAD WAY"). The downside is that you learn some rather uncommon kanji early on, while some very common kanji are introduced very late. If you'd like to learn based on kanji frequency instead, check out my other deck: The deck is customizable. You can easily remove things you don't care about (like stroke order), or change what's shown on the cards (see "how to" section below). By default, there are two types of cards: - Reading cards show the kanji, and a jukugo (in kanji). I personally consider I got it right if I can remember the meaning, and either a kun reading or the reading of the jukugo. - Writing cards show the meaning, and additional help: the onyomi, a kunyomi and a jukugo (in kana). I use the extra info to help me know which kanji we're talking about. How to Remove writing cards: from the Tools menu, choose "Manage Note Types...". Select KanjiDamage in the list, and click the "Cards.." button. There should be two tabs at the top: "Read" and "Write". Click on the x next to "Write". Remove stroke order diagrams: from the Tools menu, choose "Manage Note Types...". Select KanjiDamage in the list, and click the "Fields.." button. Select "Stroke order" from the list, and click the "Delete" button. Optional: to delete the stroke order images from your computer, select "Check Media..." from the Tools menu. It should list a bunch of files with names like "e382aa.png". Click the "Delete Unused" button. Revision history - August 9 2015: update deck with latest data from the website. Rename deck to "official". - Jan 22 2015: fix small issues in the data, added reading cards - Nov 22 2014: initial upload All the data comes directly from Stroke order data comes from the KanjiVG project (CC Attribution-Share Alike) with help from Kanji Colorize (Affero GPL). The deck also comes with the Noto Sans Japanese font (Apache License 2.0), to make sure the characters show correctly on Android.

Sample (from 1757 notes)

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Number 596
Meaning shining
Stroke order
Components (pi) + (t.c.f.b.b.y.e.s.i.y.l.)
Onyomi KOU
Mnemonic COCAINE is shiny white powder.4 and 20 baby birds inside of a shining pie.
Usefulness ★★★★☆
First kunyomi ( が ) ひか*る
First kunyomi meaning to shine
First kunyomi usefulness ★★★★☆
First jukugo 観光客[かんこうきゃく]
First jukugo meaning tourist
First jukugo usefulness ★★★☆☆
Full header 光 shining (pi) + (t.c.f.b.b.y.e.s.i.y.l.) ★★★★☆ 6 strokes ILL PAIRPN
Full onyomi KOU COCAINE is shiny white powder.
Full mnemonic 4 and 20 baby birds inside of a shining pie.
Full kunyomi ( が ) ひか*る to shine ★★★★☆ ひか*り (noun) a shining light ★★★★☆
Full jukugo 観光客(かんこうきゃく) tourist ★★★☆☆ 観 (point of view) + 光 (shining) + 客 (customer) = 観光客 (tourist) 光景(こうけい) a spectacle ★☆☆☆☆ 光 (shining) + 景 (scene) = 光景 (a spectacle) 光栄(こうえい) it's an honor! ★☆☆☆☆ F 光 (shining) + 栄 (glory) = 光栄 (it's an honor!) honor : usually used by lower person to higher person. "It's an honor to meet you, sir!" "I'm honored to have a chance to work with you, ma'am."
Full lookalikes
Full used In
Frequency ranking 328
Number 775
Meaning trip
Stroke order
Components 方 (direction / method / person) + (rifle) + (hitchhiker)
Onyomi RYO
Mnemonic We're all sleeping in the same van this trip, so you gotta Regulate Your Odor.When we go on a trip in that direction, we bring a rifle to shoot hitchhikers.
Usefulness ★★★★☆
First kunyomi たび
First kunyomi meaning a trip
First kunyomi usefulness ★★☆☆☆
First jukugo へ or  に旅行[りょこう]する
First jukugo meaning vacation
First jukugo usefulness ★★★★★
Full header 旅 trip 方 (direction / method / person) + (rifle) + (hitchhiker) ★★★★☆ 10 strokes
Full onyomi RYO We're all sleeping in the same van this trip, so you gotta Regulate Your Odor.
Full mnemonic When we go on a trip in that direction, we bring a rifle to shoot hitchhikers.
Full kunyomi たび a trip ★★☆☆☆
Full jukugo へ or  に 旅行(りょこう) する vacation ★★★★★ 旅 (trip) + 行 (go) = 旅行 (vacation) a vacation, or just travel in general. 旅館(りょかん) inn ★★☆☆☆ 旅 (trip) + 館 (big hall) = 旅館 (inn) a traditional Japanese inn that costs like 300 bones a night.
Full lookalikes
Full used In
Frequency ranking 691
Number 1326
Meaning drum
Stroke order
Components 士 (samurai radical) + 豆 (bean) + 支 (support)
Onyomi KO
Mnemonic I play drums on the KODOMO'S (子供)headThe samurai played drums on a big bean, to support his band.
Usefulness ★★☆☆☆
First kunyomi
First kunyomi meaning
First kunyomi usefulness
First jukugo 太鼓[たいこ]
First jukugo meaning Japanese drums
First jukugo usefulness ★☆☆☆☆
Full header 鼓 drum 士 (samurai radical) + 豆 (bean) + 支 (support) ★★☆☆☆ 13 strokes BETA
Full onyomi KO I play drums on the KODOMO'S (子供)head
Full mnemonic The samurai played drums on a big bean, to support his band.
Full kunyomi
Full jukugo 太鼓(たいこ) Japanese drums ★☆☆☆☆ 太 (fat) + 鼓 (drum) = 太鼓 (Japanese drums) traditional Japanese drums - the kind that can be up to 15 feet wide. (BOOBOO: Rock and roll drums are just called ドラム.) 鼓動(こどう) heartbeat ☆☆☆☆☆ 鼓 (drum) + 動 (movement) = 鼓動 (heartbeat ) heartbeat (although most people just say ドキドキ, the sound of a beating heart)
Full lookalikes
Full used In
Frequency ranking 1551

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Great deck
Posted on 2016-11-24

I really enjoy this deck. The author who wrote them sounds like he is 15 years old but the mnemonics are still very rememberable.
I have used mnemonics from other sources and a lot of them are too "accurate." They are based on their origins but Kanji has changed so much, a lot of those meanings need to be thrown out. does this. Radical meanings that make sense are kept and the obsolete has been thrown out and replaced with original, funny stories.

If I had to add some criticism, I think the author should go back and refine some of the mnemonics. A few are lazy and could use some improvement. It would be ideal to add a comment section below the Kanji, letting other users add their mnemonics.

great list, but..
Posted on 2016-04-05

It shows the English meaning first which seems backwards unless your Japanese.
It should show the kanji and have you try to remember the English meaning and Japanese onyomi / kunyomi meanings.
I should be quizzed on the kanji not the English. is what I'm getting at.
now i have to edit the card format to even use it.
Its like seeing the answer to a math question and being expected guess the question itself. answer is is 6 is the answer 4+2 or 3+3 or 5+1? 3x2? 12/2?
just doesn't seem right...

Fails to maintain its own hierarchy...
Posted on 2016-01-18

The instructions above inform you to delete the "write" section if you do not need it.

But when I did that, it mixed the order of the cards, so the deck is no longer in the right order. I assume it detected some overlap with cards with the same title I had done in the past, even tho I had not done this deck in particular.

I had to start a clean profile to get the order to work, and even then it started on "woman" for some reason. Whatever. I will edit this review after about 20 hours of use.

Simply Amazing
Posted on 2015-10-15

I'm actually making progress using this deck. Makes being able to read and write kanji more palpable each day. Thank you for this.

Most Helpful Kanji Resource I've Ever Used!
Posted on 2015-08-11

The i+1 format of Kanji Damage has changed my entire view of kanji and learning kanji. Now, even when I come across unknown kanji in my immersion, I'm able to look at them as several separate units combined rather than a bunch of lines, which is how my Japanese class tried to teach them as...

Honestly, I've loved this deck from the start. The diagrams for writing are a major plus. Read/Write cards are slowing my progress a bit, as I'm working through both cards, but they help cement the kanji in my memory better than just Read cards would and I'm grateful for that.

I'm doing a quick "Kanji + Keyword" study, but the additional information is really useful and I'll read it on the first view of the card. Sometimes it's this information that will help make the card "click" if I have trouble remembering, though I don't mark myself wrong for not knowing it.

The pre-made mnemonics were most helpful when I first started up, as they removed the resistance towards the 'hard work' of making my own like with Heisig (RTK). When I don't like a mnemonic, I simply make my own. But for when I'm too tired or lazy to make my own, I can still keep my progress steady. (And honestly, some of the mnemonics are pretty amusing.)

I wouldn't let the "poor humour" of some of the cards prevent you from using KD. Simply hide the field and make your own mnemonics, because the gradual buildup of components will make kanji a breeze.

If you want to learn all the kanji like is recommended with RTK or AJATT, I'd definitely recommend trying out this deck. Learning kanji is FINALLY FUN.

To the creators of KD and this deck: THANK YOU!!

Best Kanji Deck
Posted on 2015-07-26

If you're a power-user like me, you'll come to appreciate the beauty of dividing information into fields.
And regarding his mnemonics and explanations, if you don't like them, you could use your own or you could transfer RTK's mnemonics through a deck merge based on the Kanji, it's quite easy.

~Ultimately~ unhelpful KD deck
Posted on 2015-06-18

KanjiDamage is a nice resource, but the "descriptions" and "explanations" for remembering characters are obnoxious to say the least and aren't helpful at all.

Posted on 2015-03-18

This deck has good features however I found the humour distasteful which put me off the deck entirely.

Best kanjidamage deck around
Posted on 2014-12-05

This deck is great, it has everything you need to start working your way through Kanjidamage.

The stroke order is a very nice add to the Kanjidamage method, if you want to learn how to properly write it too.