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copy note contents to new Add window (from Browser, Reviewer, Add, EditCurrent)

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# TLDR - Anki 2.1.50 will have a built-in solution to duplicate/copy a note from the browser to an add window, see https://github.com/ankitects/anki/commit/cd22485f9b0ccde3abd5c7a3cca9f8cfe9e4d276 - You should adjust the shortcuts before you use the add-on. - Install the other add-ons this add-on depends on (see "# Requirements" below). - Use this at your own risk. # Functions This add-on allows you to copy the contents of the note of the current card to a new Add window when you press a shortcut. You can use this shortcut - in the Add Window, - in the window "Edit Current" (which you see if you press "e" during review), - in the Browser - during reviews In the Browser you can also use an entry in the menu or when you are in the upper half over the table you can use the context menu. # Motivation I regularly notice that some of my cards are too long even though I try to follow the Twenty rules of formulating knowledge. Then I want to split up the note. But if my note contains tags and fields like source, page, etc. this is tedious. Hopefully this add-on helps. I often notice that during review. I could press "e" to open up the underlying note in an Add-like window and then use the shortcut to copy the contents of this window. To make things faster I added a shortcut just for the reviewer that open both windows. # Alternatives You might not need this add-on: If you only work from the browser you can use the add-on Copy notes. You can open notes from the browser in a full window view with add-ons like External Note Editor for the Browser or my Browser Maximize/Hide Table/Editor. With these you wont' be able to switch the note type and won't have an Add button. # Requirements This add-on requires add-ons that allow multiple add windows: Opening the same window multiple time. For Anki versions 2.1.44 and older you also needed Keep model of add cards. # Bugs, Problems Bug fixes, improvements or feedback is welcome at my github repo. If you run into problems you can also notify me over there. If you leave a report as a review on this site I can't really answer well. # Other Authors: (c) 2018 Glutanimate (c) Ankitects Pty Ltd and contributors # Versions - 2021-12-11 update for 2.1.45+ - 2019-10-13 initial version


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Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


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on 1639247235
on 1625226466
Saves a lot of time. Thanks!
on 1617280010
Love this add-on! It helps me to pick up where I left off when doing lecture notes.
on 1613865377
Extremely useful!
on 1613116983
on 1608515444
It is really useful when you want to memorize in a new way by modifying a little from the existing card.
on 1607958692
best add-on
on 1604467387
Great add on, so simple to use and saves me heaps of time
on 1604341411
Perfect !
on 1603168116
Lovely. It is actually very effective for memory, as the author described (20 rules).
edit: One of my top add-ons regarding how often I use them.
on 1599649096
very useful ! thank you !
on 1570895755
Saves a ton of time. For those wondering, the default shortcut is Ctrl+0 on Windows and Command+0 on Mac.

Version before October 2019 had a bug where tags would not copy sometimes, and developer was very quick and helpful with a fix once reported in Github. Thanks a lot!
on 1566702400
Very useful
on 1555435639
Quick and save time
Could it be configured to just copy to add window from reviewer w/o opening the edit window as well?
on 1553940576
Very useful. Saves a lot of time coping pasting. Thank you.