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Complete Jouyou Kanji Writing Deck ("Kanken Deck") Part 1

207.25MB. 2491 audio & 1441 images. Updated 2020-11-01.
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This is a Japanese word writing deck aimed at advanced learners covering the entirety of the jouyou kanji. WARNING: Due to shared deck file size restrictions this deck got divided into two parts. You can download the entire thing through mega using this link: https://mega.nz/file/VVdkUZbI#lGvxw2hDkw7JCEWa90cViY7cpYatf1SPUrE0Aw0OdDQ Or grab part 2 on Ankiweb here: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1113953752 Features: The aims of this deck are: The benchmark I used to determine whether the deck provided the results I was looking for was the Kanji Kentei test. Using the 漢検トレーニング2 3DS game I tested myself after completion of every single level to confirm I was able to get passing grades. People who I have shared incomplete versions of this deck with also have reported a positive experience. Issues with RTK and similar I created this deck because I saw no real alternative way to learn to write kanji for advanced learners. Ideas like "RTK after you are fluent" seem to have popped up in some circles in the Japanese learning community, but I do not think that is sensible. Remembering how to write a kanji through a keyword does not lead to the ability to consistently write it inside words later. You will also simply forget the keywords as they are never reinforced while interacting with the language. To counter this, you are supposed to add Japanese words to the front of the card, but that is a lot of effort for a bad result. I hope for this deck to be a more effective alternative. Audio The audio is sourced from a variety of sources including core decks, anime, visual novels and YouTube. The biggest advantage of having audio is that you get to listen to the word and a sentence while you write it. It also makes learning new words from this deck very easy. Images If cards have images those images are sourced from the place the audio is taken from. This can mean core stock photos, anime screenshots, visual novel screenshots and others. This field does not contain information critical to the actual reviews which means you can delete or hide the images without worry. You can hide the images by including this CSS snippet in the card styling box: .main_image { display:none; } If you merely do not want to see images while reviewing in public (say on your iPhone) you could include something like: .iphone .main_image { display:none; } For other device options please see the Anki manual. English Definitions I paid no attention to the information in this field and there may be mistakes. I do not plan on fixing this information because it does not matter for kanji writing reviews. If you do not know a word and the English definition does not make sense please look it up yourself. Do feel free to mine from this deck, I did my best to include a fully functional context wherever possible. I heavily discourage you from doing something like turning the deck into sentence cards, however. Use your existing mining deck for word recognition reviews. Kanken You may be asking yourself whether you will be able to pass the kanken test after completing this deck. It depends on how much Japanese you already know. From my experience the knowledge and kanji ability achieved by completing this deck lets you somewhat reliably recall kanji in almost all contexts you know them in. This also means that if you do not know much Japanese, doing this deck alone will not allow you to pass the kanken test. It is not feasible to include every piece of information on the test in this deck. I encourage you to increase your knowledge of Japanese by reading and interacting with the language, and once you reach a high level, doing this deck will probably provide the additional push needed to pass the test. If you are interested in passing kanken, my recommended workflow is:
  1. Complete the relevant section of the deck (and all previous sections!!)
  2. Use the 漢検トレーニング 3DS game to test yourself.
  3. Add information you failed and did not know to your word/sentence recognition deck.
  4. Add information you failed and did know to the writing deck.
Radical and 四字熟語 Section The only two sections on the kanken that you may need extra study for are the radical recognition and the 四字熟語 sections. I have another shared deck uploaded for radicals, but I think that deck is not optimal, and I may update it in the future. If you complete that deck you will probably be able to get full marks somewhat consistently on this section. As for 四字熟語, I recommend simply taking the 3ds test and adding what you do not know to the deck. There is a lot you can infer so it is not worth working off any lists. It is better to instead organically learn where you lack. Updates The deck’s word selection is hand-picked, while the cards themselves are almost completely manually created. This is to ensure good coverage of all important information, as well as that all the information is correct (excluding English definitions). However, this also leaves room for human error. I am open to suggestions and welcome people reporting mistakes. You can most reliably reach me on this Discord server if you mention @戒厳#2644: https://discord.gg/MQBNdFk Support If you appreciate this deck and would like to see more from me, you can support me here: https://www.patreon.com/Quizmaster I have a lot of ideas for ways I can contribute to the Japanese learning community beyond a deck like this. My next project is remaking the https://animecards.site/ for which I have received a large amount of positive support. I would like the new site to be more easily updateable, more complete, and more professional. Thank you for your time and enjoy. :) Changelog 1.0.0 Initial Release 1.0.1 Fixed text on お父さん card.

Sample (from 2591 notes)

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Kana らん
SentenceFront お名前は上のらんにお書きください。
SentenceBack お名前は上の欄にお書きください。
KankenLevel 4
Meaning section (e.g. in a newspaper), column, page
Kanji 新鮮
Kana しんせん
SentenceFront この店ではしんせんな野菜が買えますよ。
SentenceBack この店では新鮮な野菜が買えますよ。
KankenLevel 4
Meaning fresh
Kana しま
SentenceFront 日本はしま国です。
SentenceBack 日本は島国です。
KankenLevel 8
Meaning islandterritory

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on 1666539120
What a nice deck you made!
on 1662821088
I have been using this deck for over a year on and off, and I love it. My ultimate recommendation for friends who want to develop comprehensive aptitude in writing Kanji.
on 1661241871
on 1659663942
Great combination of audio, sentences, and kanji to review.
on 1654299773
nice, i was thinking of making something like this. thanks bro.
on 1643749820
This is an amazingly put together deck. I'm so thankful I found this. It's exactly the approach I needed to SRS Kanji
on 1640386175
High quality. I like how it kinda manages to combine kanji studies with immersion. And it also gives you a good idea of how the individual kanji are used. (compare that to RTK lol)
on 1639338888
you need to put work into this deck but it really teaches you how to write
on 1633352939
Makes life easier, thanks!
on 1630413979
Best philosophy for learning writing
on 1625852391
thank you for your hard work! really like the anime examples
on 1625142067
Great deck!
on 1615762523
on 1614598449
on 1613865857
I'm using it to practice pitch accent alongside kanken kanji and it works well. Only gripe is that some cards have needlessly long sentences and audio.
on 1609339093
Great deck. Beware though, that the author hasn't checked which readings are applicable for which Kanken levels, so if you are aiming for a certain test, you are possibly learning a lot of readings, that are not even required yet on that level. Those readings can be lot of extra work, since they are also usually harder and rarer.
on 1608309815
on 1606164649
Only the first anki Deck I ever try out, but it seems to serve it's purpose, and it looks pretty. Loving the audio on the cards.
on 1604164329