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Cantonese FSI Dialogs with Audio and Cantonese Characters

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These are the initial lesson dialogs from the Cantonese FSI course.

Sample (from 333 notes)

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Expression 顧客: 唔使咁多。三對夠嘞。
Meaning Customer: I don’t need that many. Three pairs are enough.
Tags FSI
Expression 包太: 唔該. 好聲呀, 唔好倒瀉呀! 
Meaning Mrs Pao: Be careful! Don't spill it!
Tags FSI
Expression 陳先生: 識講些少,但係唔識寫。
Meaning Mr Chan: I can speak a little, but I can’t write.
Tags FSI

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thank you so much!!
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on 1608282272
Dear Author of this wonderful deck!
Please contact me as I want to publish an improved version of this deck by adding Jyutping to each sentence.
My email address is: 21@kaige.gq
We are asking for permission to publish an improved version of your deck and also present the cards in a good order in videos put on YouTube.
I love this deck. I'm a Cantonese teacher! So I believe this can really help my students to get started! Maybe I can also help to improve it.
Some users may not really know how to make full use of it. That why I created https://youtu.be/yQzXC5Cp-T8 and promote it at my own FB group: https://fb.com/groups/learnCantonese. I'm Paul.
You may leave me a message at my channel discussion board https://www.youtube.com/c/Cantonesepod/discussion
on 1600498688
Love it!
on 1596973986
Great deck. Good quality audio, yale romanization, and chinese characters for every note. Thank you very much.
on 1587572573
Helpful dialogues! Definitely a challenge when the cards are presented out of order as you review, such that there are fewer contextual clues. So then you have to rely more on your listening and/or reading skills.
on 1546704655
Very helpful.
on 1532754096
Good basic dialogue with audio
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on 1409356800
You are a star!

Finally something decent on here for cantonese!~
some Jyutping would be a nice touch.
keep up the good work