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Language Tools - Learn Foreign Languages with Anki

0.24MB. Updated 2022-04-13.
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This is a paid-addon, you must obtain an API Key, signing up for a paid subscription, or for a free trial. You will then also have access to API Keys for Awesome TTS (text to speech). Language Tools brings the following functionality to Anki: Automated Translation with support for 133 languages Transliteration in 33 languages. For example, convert Simplified Chinese to Pinyin, convert Traditional Chinese (Cantonese) to Jyutping, convert Cyrillic alphabet to Latin. Text to Speech with support for 63 languages, with 547 voices including high quality neural-generated voices from Google, Azure, Naver, Watson. Watch a video of Language Tools Getting started with Language Tools Full list of supported languages Language Tools can automatically add Audio, Translations or Transliterations as you add new notes. Why is Language Tools a paid addon and not free ? this addon makes use of cloud services such as Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure to generate text to speech, translations and transliterations. These service cost money and hence this addon cannot be provided for free. note: this add-on makes use of a REST API (online service) using the domain name anki.study. It is not affiliated with Anki or AnkiWeb. It is not an attempt to impersonate the Anki software, it simply is an internet domain name which was chosen to host the internet service required to make this add-on function.


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools->Add-ons menu item, then click on Get Add-ons and paste in the code.

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on 1673606098
A really good addon, premium TTS services produce realy high value sounds.
on 1673171968
It freezes when setting the "language map" feature. I've tried with different PCs and Anki versions but the problem remains.
on 1672938341
Haven't been able to try it because it freezes the Anki program whenever I try to use the "language map" feature.
on 1664153777
This tool is amazing!
It becomes essential for anyone who is learning languages with Anki.
Automates the card creation process.
Now I can make my card much faster.
You will find high quality "neural" TTS! (human voice)
on 1661666831
great plugin, really speeds up the process of creating your own flash cards - would recommend
on 1657486791
Excellent Add-on. Good things are 1) Easier and intuitive work flow/config settings 2) Batch and multiple editing will save a lot of time.
on 1657120105
Have had plans for several years now to start multiple languages at once and from scratch and reach a B1 level relatively quickly. Although it's taken me time to master Anki's potential, what's been holding me back has mainly been getting easy access to quality translation and, above all, quality audio. This add-on does it all. What an excellent idea! Paying a small monthly fee seems totally reasonable to me.
on 1656359959
the language tools still show could not play audio status code 401 error api key not valid
Comment from author
Please get in touch with me and we'll take a look together: languagetools@mailc.net. Also, reminder that we have a reward program for people who report bugs (I will give you details after you email me)
on 1651754975
Excellent add on. The small price for a paid account is totally justified by the quality of the project, not to mention the fact that the APIs that provide the audio/translation etc are paid - the author of this add on would be out of pocket if he did not charge you, because google/aws/microsoft are all charging him to use their APIs.

As someone who used anki to learn languages several years ago (before tools like this), this tool is an absolute game changer.
on 1651025435
It's a great tool for learning a new language!
on 1649944529
Great work !!!
Very inspiring
on 1645781214
Unbelievably helpful--I am quite new to Anki but all the instructions were easy to follow and this tool has been amazing for helping me quickly create excellent German audio for my cards. Thank you!
on 1644839710
Super !
on 1641671127
So easy to work with, highly recommend to anyone using Anki for language purposes
on 1641037948
good Tools for learning language!
on 1637773473
It's a fantastic tool.
on 1637496114
One of the best addon for language learners. Very simple to use
on 1637484965
I would have loved to sign up for this service but I have an older OSX version 10.3.3 which means I can't upgrade to the version needed to use this addon. It would have been nice for them to have an older version in the archive download. But other than that, it looks good.
on 1637474031
Very helpful and time saving add-on!
on 1633553351
Comment from author
Please get in touch with me, languagetools@mailc.net , I'd like to understand what problems you experienced. Also note that we have a reward program for people who report bugs.
on 1633503170
At first I was skeptical about the instrument, but in fact I am very pleased. Say no to these mournful digital voices - now there is a large selection, and not only in English, but also in Dutch, which is very important to me.
I was also pleased with the translation - now there is no tedious work of composing decks
on 1633094690
This is exactly what I wanted to create Scottish Gaelic flashcards with audio. Also good help from Luc when I had issues making the voice work. Thanks!
on 1632820069
Very perfect. Thanks
on 1631709051
Very useful addon, I use because it has a big variety of voices in english, furthermore it more easy and fast to add audio with it.
on 1630408796
Used to be a great add-on, sadly it's not compatible with 2.1.35 anymore so I can't use it as I'm waiting for the Migaku team to update all of their add-ons... I even considered getting a paid subscription, but now I can't use the add-on at all.
on 1629960920
The addon provides really high-quality translations and TTS generation.

I only wish it was still compatible with Anki 2.1.35. My other key add-ons still run on older versions, so I can't update yet... :(
on 1629444681
This is a great add-on to Anki, especially the handy feature "auto audio to bulky vocabulary"
on 1628002769
Some times, when i open the editor, this error appears:


Edit: Thanks, next time I'll report in github.
Comment from author before post was edited
Hi, thank you so much for reporting this issue. I've created a ticket here https://github.com/lucwastiaux/anki-language-tools/issues/51 and i'll look into solving this as soon as possible.
on 1627494827
Fantastic tool! I love how it works with 2.1.35 so I can still use Migaku extension for immersion practice.

Azure Neural and Google Wavenet voices sound so convincing. I'd say they sound far better than Siri. This is a well-made add-on with a clean website (thank you for not bombarding us with ads, lol). I plan to subscribe for a month soon and I intend to do that every other month just so my decks are completely voiced over.
on 1626750373
on 1625403414
Language tools changed how I learn English a lot. I use it to generate sound files for Front/Back/Sentences/Translation of Sentences.
on 1625284364
Facilitates a lot making the flashcards
on 1624832674
A revolution for language learnings.
on 1624010919
For the past year as I have been learning Vietnamese, I have had to ask friends to record audio which I process with Audacity. What used to take 20 minutes can now be done with a few clicks. Set up was also easy and the instructions were clear. Highly recommended.
on 1623496967
So easy to use and the voices are great.
on 1622555725
Das ist ein super Tool. Großartige Unterstützung für das Erlernen von Sprachen.
Allerdings hatte ich vorerst einige Schwierigkeiten mit der Einrichtung. Sowohl die "Welt des Anki", als auch die Integration der Addons haben mich etwas dumm davor stehen/eher sitzen lassen. Mittlerweile werden vom Autor der Addons immer bessere Tutorials bereitgestellt. Vermutlich habe ich anfangs auch etwas zu kompliziert gedacht.
Wenn ich mir jetzt, nach der Installation und Integration beider Addons Language Tools und Awesome TTS, den Komfort und die einfache Handhabe anschaue, dann bin ich begeistert.
Die Qualität stimmt, wenn nun auch noch sowohl der Support als auch die weitere Entwicklung stimmen, bin ich in absehbarer Zeit ein Patreon-Abonnent. Insbesondere weil auch die Tarife angepasst wurden.
Viel Erfolg allen Nutzern und dem Autor bei der Betreuung und Weiterentwicklung!
on 1621562276
Very useful add-on.
on 1619715016
Currently not working since I updated to last version. It says my key is invalid which is not.
Anki desktop is 2.35
Error Code 401

--Already working, had to restart ANKI, re enter the key as well dunno..

Other than that it was an amazing add on
Comment from author
Hi, please get in touch with me languagetools@mailc.net, we can sort out this issue.
on 1617588445
Makes it easy to generate audio for Anki cards.
on 1617129453
This addon has helped me streamline the process of creating language cards while supporting high quality TTS voices. Very pleased with it.
on 1616675217
It simplifies a lot the process of creating new cards for language learners, which is normally a huge time-consuming task, that may otherwise stop you from learning new words. Great add-on and even better support!
on 1616660847
Very useful add-on.
on 1616605098
Simply amazing add-on! I use it almost every day, it makes it soo easy to create ~500 cards with fairly accurate translations and tex-to-speech on the fly. Before I became a Patreon (which is really worth it if you're a heavy language learner) it was extremely cumbersome to add translations and speech by myself and/or the robotic-voice quality kind of spoiled the experience. I completely recommend it!
on 1616597348
Awesome add-on, so is the support.
on 1616462577
Works great for what I wanted to do (Yomichan TTS integration).
on 1615822078
These things should be free, but it's understandable that being so that it needs an api which is paid for many services one needs to buy the service. Would nevertheless be cool if someday this could be completely free. As a student of many languages, having good audios is essential if you can't travel to the country of the language you want to learn. I live in Argentina and paying for a monthly patreon subscription costs more than what I would make in a few days work. Congratulations on the effort in this addon. Hopefully it can me made free someday for everyone just as awesometts is now!
Comment from author
Hi, I understand your concern and thank you for your support. The issue is that the price of cloud TTS APIs such as Google / Azure / AWS prevent us from making this addon free. There are plenty of free resources available for those who are not able to get a subscription. Please get in touch with me awesometts@airpost.net for any further questions.
on 1615423670
A disgusting way to pay
I subscribe and pay, no Google TTS Key is provided, just a bundled patreon subscription, and no way to enter my own key.
Comment from author
Hi, wanted to find out whether you're still having a problem, could you get in touch with me awesometts@airpost.net ? I'd like to understand what went wrong.
on 1615377440
Awesome idea! Thanks for taking payment part for TSS services and combine into one service. Now I don't need to figure out all these crappy services and pay for each of them. Many thanks for one entry points. And hope our small payments will help to develop/support this plugin!

Maybe you need to add reference to the free version of the plugin and give change to people who DOES NOT WANT to pay for yours aggregated TTS services, they could install FREE plugin and pay to google and microsoft directly to get TTS functionality.
on 1615133675
This is great.
on 1613933666
Anki, decks and its addons should be a community of open source and volunteer work as it has been. I don't like this new model you are proposing because it erodes it and might permeate through the entire community and harm it in the long term.

For anyone interested, there is another version of AwesomeTTS, free, that is working for me: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/814349176
Comment from author
This add-on cannot be offered for free because it interfaces with various cloud APIs which require payment. The addon's license itself will be open source (I am still figuring out details). If you'd like to discuss this further or volunteer to help out, please get in touch: (awesometts@airpost.net)
on 1611877423
Great work and the author is constantly updating the 2 apps AwesomeTTS and Language tools. You get great TTS services as well for this addon. It is well worth every penny and I don't regret spending it. Keep up the good work!! Thanks a lot.
on 1611851184
I'm surprised by the downvotes, subscribed to the creator's Patreon recently and got some extremely great and time saving addon's and Anki features. Keep up the great work
on 1611307691
"awesomeTTS on a whole new level, language learning with Anki must-have"

It's being constantly improved and the developer is actively collecting feedback on his patreon page. So if you join now you may have a real impact in the direction in which this evolves. Cannot recommend enough!

NOTE: you do need paid API keys for this to work.
on 1609730708
There is no reason why this addon would need to use a middle man to proxy my data before processing the translations from google. I feel like my data is being collected here. Further more, the domain it uses misleads the user and my firewall into thinking it was a part of ankiweb. So we have a little "AnkiApp" situation here. You should not use such a similar domain name.

This other addon does a better job and doesn't need to go through a proxy.
Comment from author
This addon is explicitly a paid add-on. You need to pay a monthly subscription to make use of it. This is because it relies on cloud APIs such as Google and Azure for translation and transliteration which require payment.

The addon you linked uses an unofficial API for translation. It doesn't provide text-to-support, doesn't provide transliteration support. Its set of functionality is not equivalent to Language Tools. There are plenty of free resources for Anki, but from our experience, there are plenty of people willing to pay for high quality resources.

Regarding the domain-name of the REST API, it's not exposed to the user, unless you look for it in the source code. I don't agree with the view that there is an attempt at deceiving users.