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Japanese Basic Katakana

0.34MB. 46 audio & 0 images. Updated 2014-02-19.
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This deck was modified from the TextFugu Katakana deck. It only includes the 46 basic Katakana characters but it has sound files attached. It also allows for you to type the Hiragana character underneath for added practice.

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Tags Japanese Katakana-basic kana
Tags Japanese Katakana-basic kana
Tags Japanese Katakana-basic kana

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on 1654208485
The cards are in order, so I know that the next card is going to be, making me unable to learn. I wish I could randomize the cards positions
on 1644757000
Look, i'm just learning japanese couple weeks in, but this deck looks to me wrong.

'トゥ' is that a 'tu' or 'to'? Well, deck pronunciation (which is too long for 'トゥ' and more like 'トゥー') sounds like 'too' but it should be 'tu'? right? Well, author thinks it is supposedly 'to' in romaji representation. It is indeed used in some loan words to replace 'to' syllable part, as some quick research showed me. I have no idea how wrong or right this is but in this type of cases i think it is safe to go with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katakana : this should be 'tu'.

Same problem with some other characters.
on 1632108124
Every answer was wrong, required a dash in front of all sounds
on 1628693165
Simple yet great - it doubles as deck to learn katakana and as revise of hiragana
on 1628385926
Thank you very much for creating and sharing this deck. I enjoy studying the cards.
on 1622907555
easy to use
on 1619782529
Very helpful
on 1617876295
on 1617546600
on 1614265115
Easy to follow, though it requires Japanese input.
on 1613054813
on 1601327059
I think there is an issue with the card for shi. The katakana used that looks like :) shows up a tsu. When, if I'm not mistaken, should be shi.
on 1600087648
Exactly what I needed to ace my test today!
on 1591503510
Thanks. :)
on 1582652728
thank you
on 1579527858
Thank you, very useful.
on 1578498683
on 1570815694
Aren't Shi and tsu inverted ?
on 1569606289
Just what I was looking for.
on 1566223617
Muito bom.
on 1555789457
Simples e eficaz. Perfeito
on 1551208749
Simple and effective
on 1533127110
Basic deck of cards that collaborate well with its fellow TextFugu Hiragana counterpart.
on 1532604975
simple and good
on 1492214400
on 1491004800

on 1490745600
on 1485734400
on 1435968000
on 1396569600