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Kodansha kanji learner's course with vocabulary

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This deck is meant to be used together with the Kodansha Kanji Learner's Course book (KLC). So, if you don't own the book yet, buy it to support the author. The kanji are presented in the same order as in the book and split up in sub decks of 100 kanji. Here are the highlights: Here are some screenshots. Front (question): Back (answer): Back on mobile (iOS): About keywords: Only the UPPER-CASE keywords from the book are included. Lower-case keywords are included in the book mainly for disambiguation rather than to be memorized. So to ease memorization, lower-case keywords are left out. If you still want all the keywords (upper and lower-case), you can find them in the "keyword old" field. The data comes from the older version of the deck and contains some typos, so use with caution. About kanji readings: In his book, the author advises people not to worry about memorizing kanji readings, but some people find it useful to at least memorize the main on-yomi for each kanji. This is why they are included in the deck. Check out these other tools to use with KLC: Graded Reading Sets Writing Practice Workbook Wall Chart And some other KLC Anki decks: Kodansha kanji learner's course - Kanji Kanji Learner's Course - 7200 Vocabulary Kanji Learner's Course Vocabulary w/Important Marked A big thanks to all the people who created the different decks I've used to compile this one. Find me on Reddit for feedback and comments: reddit.com/u/alb404 Remember to rate / review my deck! Note: You might need the Kanji Colorizer plugin to see stroke order diagram. Change log: 2 Dec 17 - v1.3: Fixed typos in vocab readings. Kanji compounds with several readings now have all readings shown. 10 Jan 17 - v1.2: Fixed typos in ON and KUN-yomi readings. Added Main ON-yomi reading (see "About kanji readings" further up). Imported new data for keywords, moved old keywords data to "keyword old" field. Better keywords separation (using ・). Reformatting of HTML / CSS for better readability. Drastically reduced deck's disk usage by removing unused medias (thanks to redditor /u/CTSD) Styling: No more difficult to read bold font for key vocab, key vocab now has a light gray background. Better mobile support (responsive). General styling improvements. 12 Aug 16 - v1.1: Added fields for key vocabulary and re imported vocab list using this deck. Kudos to the /r/learnJapanese reddit community for the hard work! Key vocabulary is now in bold. New screenshots with explanations 5 Aug 16 - v1.0: Fixed start position of deck. Now starts on KLC id 1 card instead of KLC id 70.

Sample (from 2300 notes)

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id 1105
keyword MUDDY POND
ON reading ショウ
KUN reading ぬま
main ON reading ショウ
key vocab 1 kanji 沼地
key vocab 1 reading ぬまち
key vocab 1 english swampland, bogland, marshland
key vocab 2 kanji
key vocab 2 reading
key vocab 2 english
key vocab 3 kanji
key vocab 3 reading
key vocab 3 english
key vocab 4 kanji
key vocab 4 reading
key vocab 4 english
vocab 1 kanji
vocab 1 reading ぬま
vocab 1 english muddy pond, marsh
vocab 2 kanji
vocab 2 reading
vocab 2 english
vocab 3 kanji
vocab 3 reading
vocab 3 english
vocab 4 kanji
vocab 4 reading
vocab 4 english
vocab 5 kanji
vocab 5 reading
vocab 5 english
vocab 6 kanji
vocab 6 reading
vocab 6 english
vocab 7 kanji
vocab 7 reading
vocab 7 english
keyword old MUDDY POND
level Level 12: 1101 - 1200
id 1893
Kanji 尿
keyword URINE
ON reading ニョウ
KUN reading
main ON reading ニョウ
key vocab 1 kanji 糖尿病
key vocab 1 reading とうにょうびょう
key vocab 1 english diabetes
key vocab 2 kanji
key vocab 2 reading
key vocab 2 english
key vocab 3 kanji
key vocab 3 reading
key vocab 3 english
key vocab 4 kanji
key vocab 4 reading
key vocab 4 english
vocab 1 kanji 尿素
vocab 1 reading にょうそ
vocab 1 english urea
vocab 2 kanji 尿検査
vocab 2 reading にょうけんさ
vocab 2 english urinalysis, urine test
vocab 3 kanji 排尿
vocab 3 reading はいにょう
vocab 3 english urination
vocab 4 kanji
vocab 4 reading
vocab 4 english
vocab 5 kanji
vocab 5 reading
vocab 5 english
vocab 6 kanji
vocab 6 reading
vocab 6 english
vocab 7 kanji
vocab 7 reading
vocab 7 english
keyword old URINE
level Level 19: 1801 - 1900
id 634
ON reading イン
KUN reading
main ON reading イン
key vocab 1 kanji 病院
key vocab 1 reading びょういん
key vocab 1 english hospital
key vocab 2 kanji
key vocab 2 reading
key vocab 2 english
key vocab 3 kanji
key vocab 3 reading
key vocab 3 english
key vocab 4 kanji
key vocab 4 reading
key vocab 4 english
vocab 1 kanji 大学院
vocab 1 reading だいがくいん
vocab 1 english graduate school
vocab 2 kanji 両院
vocab 2 reading りょういん
vocab 2 english both Houses (of the legislature)
vocab 3 kanji 入院する
vocab 3 reading にゅういんする
vocab 3 english be hospitalized
vocab 4 kanji
vocab 4 reading
vocab 4 english
vocab 5 kanji
vocab 5 reading
vocab 5 english
vocab 6 kanji
vocab 6 reading
vocab 6 english
vocab 7 kanji
vocab 7 reading
vocab 7 english
keyword old INSTITUTION
level Level 07: 601 - 700

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on 1683507089
Thanks, you're my hero
on 1675457665
I completely redid the styling, but the content is brilliant. Thank you for putting all this together.
on 1663113292
on 1662652848
very useful overall, one small thing tho - are there any plans to add dark theme compatibility? once i turn it on most of the text turns white which on a light grey background is really inconvenient to read.
on 1657068375
on 1647665929
truly helpful
on 1635873318
I created an acc just to thumb up this, thank you for this amazing work
on 1627647766
on 1626895667
Misses a lot of the vocab and sometimes changes the kanji keywords. It is frustrating to manually change and type in the vocab for every card.
on 1626820770
Great work!
on 1622579495
Very well laid out and with both onyomi and kunyomi clearly listed. The best kanji deck out there by far.
on 1621217659
I love you.

Putting all of this together took a lot of work and it is much appreciated.
on 1610350417
Wonderful work!

I made a third card type with just the vocabulary table and removed the vocab from the kanji recognition and recall card types.

Can you tell me how I might change the table width? For some reason it seems limited at half-screen. I can decrease it but not increase it.
on 1607945932
I use the book; i own the book; i bought the apps; i own several Kodynsha dictionaries in soft and hard covers
on 1596779106
I can practice Recalling and Recognition with this,
Thank you2x
on 1592441681
Very useful thank you. I've been using this for a long time now, just for the kanji meanings.
on 1592227357
The deck is well organized only downside the menemonics are not present. Sometimes I wish I could review on the go and check the menemonic when I forget something without having to get the book.
Does anyone has the complete deck? The link above is broken :(
on 1590303899
Extremely well-made and helpful KKLC kanji deck!
I love that it contains complete information on each two-sided card.
(Note: the main purpose of the deck is to study the kanji. The rest is for disambiguation but it also plants learning seeds.)

One important change that would benefit me:
please add the hidden (mouse-over) ON, KUN, and MAIN ON hints
to the front of the recall cards
(to help with disambiguation of similar English keyword-meanings).

Or at least show us how to edit the card layout code. It is way beyond me. :)

A huge thanks to the creator of this deck. Thank you so very much for sharing all of your hard work.
on 1588661079
Hi, thanks for this deck! I'm using it in conjunction with the book and am finding one issue: How can I keep my pace the same between the book and this deck?

For example, say I am doing 20 new kanji a day from the book. If I set new cards to 20, this won't really do it, since some of the cards are reverse cards of the same kanji. Is it worth it to suspend all of the cards that aren't simply kanji character > English meaning? I'm trying to look down the road a little and see how I'll end up with the default setup. I don't want to be doing anki reviews and running into kanji that I haven't come to in the book yet, and I also don't want to be way too far ahead in the book with my anki reviews lagging behind.


on 1588257664
Very helpful and well-made!
on 1584010103
Stylish, laconic, informative, easy to use. This is the best premade kanji deck you can get.
on 1575674472
Its a very nice deck. I prefer it to the other version thats a modification of this one.
However on the newest version of Anki 2.1.15 all the diagrams are enlarged and off-center and I have yet to figure out how to change it to something smaller.
Comment from author
Thanks for your review.
You can fix the size of the diagram by editing the CSS part of the card: Click "browse" > Select the deck on the left > click the "Card..." button > Inside the Styling window, find the part where it starts with .diagram (almost at the end) and replace with:

.diagram {
display: block;
margin: 0 auto;
margin-top: 50px;

.diagram img {
width: 100px;

You can change the 100px with the size of your choice. I'll try to make an update of the deck with those changes.

Happy studying!
on 1571507963
Amazing! A great resource for studying with the book. I looked at the "revised" deck and personally I preferred this one. Each note contains a lot of information, so you can edit the cards or create new ones if you want. I fairly easily created new card types to study the vocabulary separately from the kanji. I found trying to remember the kanji meaning and all vocab meanings/readings to be far too much information to remember at once (although it's still nice to have all that info on the kanji card). So now I just use the kanji cards to test myself on the meaning (keywords) and writing/strokes of the kanji character, then use the vocab cards to test myself on meanings/readings of the words.
on 1568703010
Just what I was looking for!!
on 1568458535
Nicely set up
on 1558362120
This deck is a pleasure to use. Thank you!
on 1556742488
Excellent deck
on 1556240092
Too basic, too much info by card, really useless to actually get vocab
Comment from author
This is supposed to be a kanji deck to use together with the Kodansha kanji learner's course book. This is not a vocabulary deck. Vocabulary is here as a help to get context.
You can remove some of the infos by editing the card's type template.
on 1554994991
Thank you!
on 1552692968
on 1550542750
Thank you so much for creating this deck, I have been using it daily for a year now.
on 1541772510
Accurate, comprehensive. Love the combo of Recall-Kanji cards with the stroke order diagram on the back. Great for self-testing.
on 1536593013
I appreciate this deck so much.
on 1536576506
Very useful and well done
on 1535215586
on 1534669110
Nice done with good diificultie's progression
on 1533545460
great. having all the mnemonics included in the deck would be useful.
Comment from author
Thank you for the feedback. Mnemonics are not included because it is copyrighted material.
on 1533048777
Very nice deck!
on 1531115434
Kudos for the course, but there are a HUGE number of typos still remaining. I'm having to carefully go through it with the book to manually fix everything which really hurts the amount of time saved with this deck.
on 1528767561
Error report: 平らな道 is incorrectly given as 平な道. Kanji index 334 平. Double checked with my copy of the book.
on 1526947200
Good style for me.
on 1524268800
Simple and concise
on 1519516800
redesigned the deck, available here: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1564742924
on 1516665600
Great deck! Lots of vocabulary. Shows stroke order. Reverse flashcards.
on 1515456000
I've been using it for a few weeks already and so far so good!
on 1512259200
on 1510704000
Figured I'd drop my two cents into the bucket finally. I started this deck a year ago along with the KKLC book. My approach to the book and the deck was to split it in two, going through the 2300 kanji once to learn how to write (and only using the recall cards in this deck) and then one more time a couple months later learning essential readings and vocab (adding the recognition cards from this deck back in).

I can honestly say that between the book and this deck, it was by far the best time I have invested into my Japanese study. I still review this deck every day, as especially the recall of how to write characters is pretty slippery, but by the time I had finished the deck the second time and reviewed all my cards for a couple months, I was essentially able to pick up novels and face almost no issues with the kanji barrier. Now a year later I pick up novels and read news articles like they're no big deal, and the combo of this deck and the KKLC textbook are the two things I credit the most with that.

Not everyone will see success as fast as I did since I dedicated an insane amount of hours to it, and it's a big challenge, but if you stick to it with KKLC and this amazing deck, I am confident anyone can succeed. Thanks a lot to the maker of this deck for all of their hard work!
on 1510099200
Best Kanji Deck!

Thanks a lot!
on 1505260800
on 1499299200
on 1499126400
on 1498780800

I'm 1005 kanji in deep and it's been great so far. I also added some words that were common but not in the book.
on 1497398400
on 1495238400
on 1494979200
on 1494115200
on 1493683200
on 1491004800
on 1490313600
on 1489968000
on 1487289600
paranoia & lament

I'm only ~200 kanji deep, but it seems to match the book. As far as design goes, it's the best KKLC deck for anki by far. I like how nicely the suggested vocab is distinguished. Definitely still needs the lang="ja" to correct the font on android, though.

If any errors are found, please contact alb404 on reddit in lieu of only giving a bad review. The most recent thread is located at:

on 1487116800
Better than examples

GOOD. Author have done great work. THX!
on 1484870400
on 1484611200
good improvements; still got issues

KUN and ON readings still have issues. For example 潮 has been fixed from しょお to しお but 東京 is still ときょう. Keep up the good work as this has the potential to be one of the best Japanese anki decks but for the meantime I'm still to wary to use it as it is.
on 1484352000
The best way to learn Kanji

This deck has everything you want: the kanji, their readings, vocabulary to practice those readings, and stroke order. Just memorizing Kanji and their readings isn't nearly as useful as learning vocabulary, and by learning the vocab you are learning the readings. This is the best deck out there for that.
on 1483401600
on 1483142400
on 1477612800
Kunyomi and Onyomi are wrong

Many of the cards have incorrect kanji readings, so many that I believe this deck to be unusable for a beginner. I would recommend looking elsewhere.
on 1476403200
on 1476230400
New to Anki / おじいちゃん for kanji study: From what I can see, this is really good

As far as I can see, it's really comprehensive, great job! Really nice to have key vocab to associate the kanji. As an older student, I do have 3 points I'd be grateful for help with: 1. Finding a way to make the kanji / kana characters larger would really help a lot! (Esp. for the "bolded" characters. For example, on my Mac, the bold script in 文書 o makes the 2nd character very hard to read. Not a problem in this case, but for complex characters I don't know, it could be tough. 2. I like to differentiate by color to help my eyes distinguish on- and kun- readings, also (again, I'd prefer bolder colors). And 3., when I mouse over the on- / kun- yomi, I'd like to see these better (because they're already a bit faint, as well as small, in size, and my arrow partially obscures reading these). Finally, If there's a way I can set up "batch" changes for these preferences, that'd make this pretty much perfect -- !
on 1475884800
on 1475798400
on 1475366400
Absofuckinglutely Terrific!!!

I can't believe someone did this. I just started the book. 30 a day and up to 180. Drilling them alone on paper is amazing and all, but seeing them some other ways should help immensely. I will continue to drill on paper of course and use this as a supplement.
on 1473984000
on 1473638400
on 1473292800
on 1472256000
on 1471996800
on 1471737600
on 1471392000
on 1471219200
on 1470700800
on 1470700800
Oh my goodness.

Holy crap. This guy right here.
on 1470614400
About time!

I can't believe someone FINALLY shared an Anki deck for the Kodansha Kanji Learner's Course. This is much nicer than the one I was making day by day for myself. Thank you so much!
on 1470528000