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Duolingo Indonesian vocabulary

7.25MB. 2075 audio & 0 images. Updated 2020-06-05.


Deck contains the vocabulary from the Indonesian Duolingo course.

Sample (from 2171 notes)

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ID word bersih
EN word clean
ID word konser
EN word concert
ID word pemasukan
EN word income

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on 1650834320
Great work!
on 1649783690
on 1646727928
I've been looking for Indonesian flashcards! 2,170 words or so... not bad for a start.
on 1636132353
Super helpful to use along with learning on Duolingo
on 1635531850
on 1609305628
on 1607630054
great job
on 1603673233
Thank you for your support!
on 1601305650
Really good at gaining vocabulary
on 1597028659
Useful companion to Duolingo. Thanks for creating.
on 1592084329
I have been searching for a deck like this for a long time. It is immensely helpful!