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Chinese Grammar Wiki Study Deck

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This deck contains content sourced from AllSet Learning's Chinese Grammar Wiki. Cards contain example sentences or phrases pulled from the articles on that site. Each card also contains a link to the specific article the example is taken from, so that you can easily refer back to it. Content spans from the A1 to C1 level (HSK1 to HSK5), starting with A1. Example Cards: Content from Chinese Grammar Wiki is made available under the Creative Commons license. Per the terms of this license, this deck is also made available under the Creative Commons license. The Creative Common license can be found here. Certain formatting changes have been made to the original content on the wiki to adapt it to the Anki format, but the substance of the content has not been modified. This deck was created by Chris Dodge.

Sample (from 5864 notes)

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中文 妈妈刚看了。
English Mom just looked at it.
Notes Adding 了 to the verb gives a clear indication of result.
Example Type valid
Article Title Comparing "gang" and "gangcai"
Grammar Construct 刚 + Adj.
Source URL https://resources.allsetlearning.com/chinese/grammar/ASGJFFWG
Tags B1 Comparisons TimeWords
中文 你要让他自己做,只有这样他才能学会。
Pinyin Nǐ yào ràng tā zìjǐ zuò, zhǐyǒu zhèyàng tā cái néng xuéhuì.
English You should let him do it by himself. Only in this way can he learn.
Example Type
Article Title Expressing "in this way" with "zheyang"
Grammar Construct Condition, 这样 + Result / Purpose
Source URL https://resources.allsetlearning.com/chinese/grammar/ASG1F4D1
Tags B1 Parts_of_Speech Adverbs
中文 我没办法。
Pinyin Wǒ méi bànfǎ.
English I don't have a way.
Example Type
Article Title Comparing "bu" and "mei"
Grammar Construct Subj. + 没有 + Obj.
Source URL https://resources.allsetlearning.com/chinese/grammar/ASGRJ1BI
Tags A2 Comparisons Adverbs

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on 1675782427
Excellent deck, it complements nicely the eponymous wiki site and book on Amazon. I recommend it.
on 1662315319
very useful
on 1660163087
Great resource. Especially with the inclusion of Chinese phrases.
on 1653837397
Great examples
on 1649631011
Great cards!
on 1649404102
It's great, the best resource I've found for studying Chinese.

Could anyone make a copy translated into Traditional Chinese Characters?
I'd very grateful.
on 1647526481
Thanks so much!
on 1643765372
Very practical
on 1638880668
Great way to learn grammar with example sentences in Chinese-Mandarin.
on 1631802521
Just Awesome, thanks m8
on 1629863156
It's at just the right level for beginners aroun HSK1-3
on 1625916068
on 1625599611
very useful, very comprehensive for beginners
on 1624973899
useful to learn to read chinese, exactly what I needed
on 1615570536
Very useful. Has everything you need
on 1614615657
It looks pretty nice to study
on 1611613353
really useful
on 1611197171
Great resource.

I'd really like to have these tagged by grammar level, A1, A2, B1, ...

It seems like some are but some aren't. That would let me separate it into subdecks by level. (That lets me study randomly at that level, to get more variety instead of 15 cards on 'ye' all at once, but without facing the hardest grammar patterns up front.)

Also, I personally don't like exposing my beginner mind to a bunch of invalid sentences, because the mind is trying to pattern match on what it's seen before, so that seems a little dangerous. But I just suspended the valid/invalid cards and that works fine for me.

Would love to see / contribute to the code you're using to scrape the site and build the deck. Is it on github?
on 1609735271
Awesome deck! Its nice, simple and covers all the grammar essentials for mandarin.

Great job!
on 1607690403
Great study material
on 1605840705
This deck is really helpful to ensure a comprehensive study of the grammar of Chinese.

Something that would help even more is if these could be converted into cloze cards using the highlights in the examples on the website (example of highlighting:https://resources.allsetlearning.com/chinese/grammar/ASGD4EC8). The existing translation cards could be kept, or the cards could be rewritten to use a cloze around the English translation.
on 1605667565
Great resource. Thank you!
on 1596086807
Extremely helpful! Thank you so much for the time and energy you've put into this deck. If it's not too much of a bother, could you please update it? I'd appreciate it greatly.
on 1595950490
Good in conjunction with the explanations on the Chinese grammar wiki or allsetlearning books, a vocabulary course like iKnow or Mango languages and an audio course like pimsleu
on 1590971675
This is really good.
So far, I saw one wrong card, the chinese area had been filled with the english instead, but apart from that one experience, it's perfect!
on 1590015891
I'm a huge fan of the Chinese Grammar Wiki resources! This is just icing on the cake.
on 1588362023
thank you million times !!!!
on 1588169491
Million thanksss!!!
on 1587571970
Baralho com material muito bom. Obrigado! / Deck with material very good. Thank you!
on 1586437293
Best grammar deck for revision. I love it. Have been using it for a long time. You mentioned in 2018 that you might update it to the new sections of the AllSet wiki. If it is not too great a bother I would appreciate that a lot. I'm at B1 level right now.
on 1586417057
Super pour réviser !!
on 1584785709
excellent way to study the various points of grammar.

links to the website make it easy to brush up on any particular point you find challenging
on 1584017235
Extensive examples for each grammar point! (website)

Vocabulary is simple to keep the grammar studying unhindered! (website)

The whole website distilled down to it's most potent form! (deck)

Recommended for everyone as a SUPPLEMENTARY study tool! (deck and website)

Downside is: lack of audio (deck and website) so it can't be a primary study tool.
on 1576221912
on 1576176605
Awesome thanks!
on 1573399830
on 1571327723
on 1568906023
I'm very excited to learn with this card.
on 1561301285
on 1557552056
on 1548687300
Thank you very much for this deck! I am currently using it to learn Chinese and it's wonderful. I added audio with the awesometts add-on to make it even better.
on 1544699101
Cards organised very well. I like how it uses sentences not just vocab like other decks. The grammar notes are helpful as well!!
on 1539091395
Finished the deck 80 percent matured cards. The deck is good for what it is. However, Allsetwiki does not explain all sorts of things in detail. So while one explanation tells you how it can be translated as, there are other possible ways to translate too. the word 更 for example is taught as meaning "even more", but in some cases, it just means the -er suffix in English comparative words.

A lot of the B1 notes are missing the pinyin, but I don't care as I'm more focused on the grammar and I already know the Chinese characters by the time I reach this point in the deck.

A lot of B2 sentences don't have a translation at all or have typos and a lot of issues. Some links no longer exist because the pages have changed or merged. The examples can't be found in the context of the wiki pages which was the strong point of this deck

In summary,this deck is great up until B1, but any examples at the upper intermediate levels and later are likely going to be corrupted. It's better that you start your own deck once you get at an advanced level and ask plenty of Chinese people about certain meanings.
Comment from author
Yeah, this is the downside of the wiki format. They're constantly updating the site, so this deck can get out of date with the latest version of what's up there. I try to do a fresh scrape of the site every once and a while so that the content is in sync, so it might be time for me to do that again soon.
on 1536424341
on 1533553589
Ignore the haters.
You have put in a huge amount of time and effort and have benefit all of us.
on 1525046400
@ person who gave a downvote for this deck on 2018-03-30

I think that Baidu has a grammar section which is good for learning Chinese grammar... but it's ZHN-ZHN, so mostly geared advanced Chinese users, but perfect for B1+ no? What do you say, to start a deck based on that? (I've been wanting to do it since forever but I'm still pretty poor in Chinese so this one is for me, hehe...)
on 1515628800
Great work. Its amazing how much effort you put in the deck. Thank you very much.

And to the person who gave a bad review: Are you kidding me? Its such a huge deck and so much work and the only thing you do is, complain about it. "no audio". Then add the audio by yourself and provide it for everyone, instead of complaining about these little things!
on 1512777600
no audio
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