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10 000 German sentences sorted from easiest to hardest [1/3]

25.12MB. 1000 audio & 0 images. Updated 2019-04-17.

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10 000 German sentences sorted by the average frequency of the words on them — that is, sorted from easiest to hardest. You can download the full contents of this deck in the form of a PDF file. -=-=-=-=-=- — Why study sentences? Memorizing the meaning of individual words... is pretty much pointless. If you want actual fluency, you need to see a word in as many example sentences as possible. That makes the language start to flow in your head. That shows you how to use the word. How it is combined with the other words. And many other things. We think that effort always converts into fluency. This is not true. If you memorize the meaning of individual words you won't get fluent and you will spend a ton of effort. But studying sentences is the real deal. Is the method of learning that actually converts effort to fluency. Get some basic grammar, some basic vocabulary, then just dive into sentences and more sentences until you're fluent. — If this deck has so many cards, won't it take me a long time to finish it? If you study one card every 7 seconds, then you can study 500 cards per hour. It's quicker than you think. — How much should I study? Try to study at least 20 minutes a day — or do 50 cards a day. You will see visible results. — How do I replay the audio? In the Computer version of Anki, press the 'r' key. (The mobile version has a replay button.) — I keep getting the wrong answer for a certain card. Mark the card, so you don't answer it on autopilot mode. In the mobile version of Anki, you mark by tapping the 'star' on the upper corner. In the computer version of Anki, you mark by pressing '*' on your keyboard. Alternatively: edit the English sentence of the card, to something that will help you remember the answer more easily. — I'm having technical issues. If you have technical issues, search your issue on Google (for example: audio doesnt work on anki using MacOS) and see if you can find a solution to your problem. And if Google fails you, ask the developper of Anki: https://apps.ankiweb.net/docs/help.html — he usually replies within 24h. -=-=-=-=-=- If this is useful to you, please rate it~ https://frequencylists.blogspot.com.br/ 2018-10-01 — Part 1 of this deck has been updated to have a better sorting of sentences. I will eventually update Part 2 & 3 the same way. 2019-04-16 — Divided this deck in two modules (one for Read Practice, other for Speak Practice) & now the English translations are less "loose". Also has a better layout now.

Sample (from 2000 notes)

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difficulty index 70
new word introduced mann
sentence So was wie einen Mann.
sentence english Something like a man.
sentence cloze So was wie einen _____.
sentence cloze (answer) So was wie einen Mann.
difficulty index 787
new word introduced bevor
sentence Kurz bevor David kam.
sentence english Just before David came.
sentence cloze Kurz _____ David kam.
sentence cloze (answer) Kurz bevor David kam.
difficulty index 382
new word introduced leid
sentence Liebe ist Glück, aber auch Leid.
sentence english Love is happiness, but also suffering.
sentence cloze Liebe ist Glück, aber auch _____.
sentence cloze (answer) Liebe ist Glück, aber auch Leid.

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on 1563468146
Perfekt!!! Danke sehr :D
on 1562315696
Great job!!!
on 1559497079
The initiative is very good, but:
- the sentences lack context
- there are no references to explain the meaning of the sentences and which verbs are used in it (see an example below)

Maybe my intermediate German level is not enough to use this deck yet. Or the purpose of this method is learning everything by heart, which simply does not work for me.

Examples of problems:
Was habe ich an? = What do I have to do?
How "What (cloth) am I wearing"? became "What do I have to do?" ? I can not even find this expression on Google or in the expressions related to anhaben in dictionaries, eg https://www.wordreference.com/deen/anhaben . Maybe this sentence uses in fact "haben" ? No idea! And without knowing the correct verb, I cannot use this expressions in variations of the given sentence (eg in a "dass" sentence or conjugated in Perfekt).

Nicht an dir = Not to you
I don't know in which context this is used, but I am sure it is not used in all contexts where "not to you" is. Examples:

Whose this beer belongs to?
Not to you!
= Wem gehört dieses Bier?
Nicht dir!

I want to get married, just not to you.
= Ich will heiraten, nur nicht dich.

Without context, this is useless IMHO.
Comment from author
This is valid criticism, but the cards where the sentence needs more context... are not sooooo numerous.

Was habe ich an? => what [do] I have to? => what [do] I have to do? [Germans omit words more often than Englishmen do; it's the German way of talking.]

Thank you for putting effort into explaining what is wrong ^^ what you said is true, but these cards are few in number.
on 1557596964
I thought you remade this deck but how about the two other ones
on 1556729781
It's good!
on 1556524929
Perfect deck to train fluency
on 1554633373
I started learning German with this deck - it took me 3 months - 15 cards per day, learning cca 2 hours per day. And it works. I can speak Slovak and English - there is a lot of similarities with these two languages - Slovak helps with gramma rules and idioms and English with vocabulary. But - still I am impressed by my skills after just three months. So, I recommend this deck strongly. I am learning with little bit different approach than suggested - I try learn whole sentences - I am not satisfied just with new word - so I had to learn and understand grammar rules from sentences with little help of grammar book. I accept just mistakes as: jede / jedes / jeden or eine/einem and also prepositions I take not so seriously. Countdown is not working for me - sometimes I have to think one minute about the sentence - brain working with full power about words and grammar. Now, after 3 months - I start to be faster - basic grammar rules are internalized.
I think somebody speaking English and Slovak/Czech/Polish... can afford this approach...
Thanks a lot!
on 1553557135
I really like the design of the cards, the audio quality is great and I totally agree with this approach. Whilst I was studying just vocabulary I have found progress hard. I studied French for a couple of years and found I was learning this far slower than I learned that. I have just remembered that with French I had a Memrise course with sentences. I definitely think I owe most of my progression to learning words in sentences.
on 1552312247
Vielen Dank!
on 1551473274
Great initiative, really liked it.
I would love it but I found some problems.
After trying about 30 different cards, I have noticed mistakes and ambiguities. Some examples:
- This is my woman - Das ist mein Mädchen: Mädchen means girl. Should be Das ist mein Frau.
- Ask me if I care - Interessiert's mich: what means Interessiert's (with apostrophe)? This translation is simply wrong.
- Come over - Komm hierher: should be Come here.

There are easy to catch and fix semantic errors (meaning). There are syntax errors (which is very important in German). And there are others like using idioms on either side and a straight translation on the other.
This may seem not so big deal.
Yet, this has to be verified and corrected or else people will learn wrong patterns - time wasted twice, on learning and fixing.

I really admire your work.
Best regards!
Comment from author
>>> This is my woman - Das ist mein Mädchen
correct translation — because Mädchen can be an affectionate term for "woman", just like "girl" is in the English language; check the sentence 'Ja, sie ist mein Mädchen.' here https://context.reverso.net/translation/english-german/that's+my+woman

>>> Ask me if I care? - Interessiert es mich?
correct. it's an idiomatic translation, check https://context.reverso.net/translation/german-english/interessiert+es+mich

>>>Come over - Komm hierher
correct. check https://context.reverso.net/translation/german-english/komm+hierher

HOWEVER, it is true that some English translations are more loose than they should be, but I came with a way to fix this problem, and I intend to update this deck with better English translations. (Hopefully this month.)

Edit: Done. I updated this deck and now it has better English translations.
on 1549147971
Liked it so far.
on 1548975615
Sentences help a lot in memorization!
on 1546623508
on 1545533514
Very good, and lovely voices. Thanks a lot.
on 1544725321
Hello Neri! I'm an admirer of your lists of "sentences sorted from easiest to hardest". You've done an amazing job! They helped me a lot at studying the languages that I need. I think your decks are one of the best tools for learning languages ever! Thank you really much, I deeply appreciate your efforts! Will you be able to create such a deck for Uyghur? I am ready to pay you a reasonable sum of money for this job. You see, there are very few resources for learning Uyghur, and this is quite a big language (about 10 million speakers in China and Central Asia). Please help the community of Uyghur-learners, we really need it! I live in the Xinjang Province of China now, and I need it really "badly". Thank you beforehand! My email address is shamil153@gmail.com. Respectfully yours, Shamil Khayrutdinov.
on 1544470727
Great to learn, Thank you!
on 1544283256
Bad audio
Comment from author
If you use bad earphones, there will be some clicks and hisses in the audio. Try using better earphones.

However, I came up with a way to remove those clicks and hisses from the audio (regardless of what earphone is used). And I plan to update the deck soon, with the improved audio.
on 1543655581
on 1543196504
Hi Neri, and thank you so much. Priceless work!
on 1542286439
Awesome idea and a great deck! Thank you Neri for all your work!
on 1541663342
Good work
on 1541512327
on 1540471481
very good
on 1540350620
Great, thank you!!!!!!!
on 1538598053
thank you
on 1537520481
Thank you so much :)
on 1537087401
on 1536928455
It is very good!
on 1536795276
on 1530196112
Vielen Dank!
on 1529344559
nice job, thanks
on 1526860800
Good job
on 1526342400
practical use of context for active recall
on 1522540800
I am not a fan of the English voice but it's a great deck and perfectly reversible thanks to having both voice clips.
on 1521331200
on 1521244800
Super gemacht!
on 1520380800
Thank you for collecting this!
on 1520121600
on 1519948800
on 1517702400
on 1517443200
Great resource!
on 1514937600
on 1514160000
on 1511222400
on 1510185600
Audio files not working

on 1509494400
Great job!

Waiting for the other parts!
on 1506816000
Its amazing! where is part 2 and 3?

Hi i love it! where can i find parts 2 and 3?