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Increase autosave frequency

<10kB. Updated 2022-04-08.
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Makes Anki save every minute instead of every five minutes, customizable by configuring the add-on (editing the source on Anki 2.0). Additionally, adds a "save now" button on the file menu that does what it says. This add-on may be useful to those experiencing frequent crashes or the particularly paranoid. You almost certainly do not need this add-on anymore. Don't install it unless you're sure you do– it won't do anything useful and will add another possible point of failure to your Anki installation! Recent versions of Anki now save continuously except when working with legacy operations prior to the introduction of the new undo system (now mostly limited to old plugins). However, at user request I have updated it for the newest version of Anki, in case you still need it for some crazy reason.


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1595888971
Nice! The correct thing would be to correct my breaking problems, but at the moment I am not even having time to breathe, it is helping me a lot!
on 1574571763
Essential add-on. My Anki crashes at least once during every card making session, causing me to lose my 5 most recently added cards (which take a lot of time and effort to make). With this add-on, I don't lose any cards anymore. Thanks a lot!
on 1559196691
on 1553443581
on 1523404800
Very useful. Must have add-on for me. Keeps me out of trouble. As necessary as backup :)
Can you please update for Anki 2.1.
on 1499385600
on 1481500800
Does what it says

and does it well. Thank you!
on 1462924800
Good to have

I've been experiencing stability issues on Kubuntu 14.04 lately, so I'm glad there's at least some remedy that can help make the experience less frustrating. At the same time I wish there was some definitive way to actually solve these issues which I've never encountered on Ubuntu 12.04 and below.