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Create Copy of Selected Cards

<10kB. Updated 2015-06-28. Only supports Anki 2.0.
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This addon allows you to select any number of cards in the card browser and create exact copies of each card in a separate deck. To use: 1) Open the card browser 2) Select the desired cards 3) Go to Edit > Copy Cards 4) In the pop-up window, enter the Deck your copied cards should be placed into A couple notes: - The copied cards should look exactly like the originals - Tags are preserved in the copied cards - If the new deck does not exist yet, it will be created - Review history is NOT copied to the new cards (they appear as new cards) - The cards will be marked as duplicates (because they are!)


The add-on author has not uploaded a version of this add-on compatible with Anki 2.1. Old add-ons for Anki 2.0 can be downloaded from the archive.

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on 1656050772
You need to flip the toggle in the top left with the "C" or "N" that says "Toggle Cards/Notes" if you hover over it. It should be on the Cards/Notes setting that displays the Note and Cards field instead of the Due Date field.
on 1651711232
does not exist
on 1645103642
Doesn't work. There is no copy under edit.
on 1636830875
No possibility to copy with edit
on 1632497932
No 'copy card' in 'edit'
on 1629653739
Not working with latest update, please fix as this is an extremely helpful addon
on 1629065971
Doesn't work with updated version
on 1622469551
First off, there is no card browser; cards need to be accessed via being tested or with a search with specific words. Haven't found any way to have an overview of all cards. Second, when editing a card, the copy option simply is not available.
on 1621849946

on 1621448097
No copy cards under edit..
on 1618997945
There's no "Copy Cards" in "Edit"
on 1610140492
Does not work for 2.1
on 1578510518
Glutanimate made a version of this that works on Anki 2.1.x:
on 1575764052
Please make for 2.1.15
on 1575322569
I desperately need this plugin for version 2.1.
Please please please update it !!!
on 1573794287
Please make for 2.1!!!
on 1568153469
Doesn't work for latest version! Please fix this
on 1562323305
No copy option in Edit anywhere after selecting the notes in the latest version of the app.
on 1561406099
Doesn't work for 2.1.13
on 1560326820
does not work in anki-2.1.13
on 1559869724
Great extension, ありがとうございます!
on 1557819177
Doesn't support Anki 2.1.11
on 1556606771
No longer works in 2.1. I really want this, can we get it to work on the latest version?
on 1555981117
great! just what i was looking for.
on 1553060486
doesn't work in 2.1
on 1550931532
Thank you. I use it to reset everything as new, even export, import doesn't work on the "Due". This works.
on 1549692452
on 1547596662
on 1546034303
very useful if you need to sort your cards by chapter.
on 1543989897
Need it for 2.1
on 1543756925
Thank you!
on 1542662689
please make this work on anki 2.1 i really need this add on
on 1538705672
Worked perfectly
on 1537973502
Still works
on 1535294914
Worked perfectly, very simple and easy
on 1529004692
Works perfectly, even with media cards.
on 1525046400
Works great, thanks!
on 1524268800
Works perfectly
on 1521331200
Doesn't work on the current version. Please update
on 1520985600
Exactly what I was looking for. PERFECT and easy to use.
on 1512000000
Exactly what I was looking for & it works great.
on 1510012800
on 1503705600
on 1501718400
on 1500854400
on 1499558400
on 1495584000
Both links good 2017.05.23

Yesterday neither link would work, then today I disabled my PersonalFirewall,
and both links donwloaded fine. I suspect the " 396494452 " link is all that's necessary --
as the author has included the keyboard shortcut functionality.

Thanks to Kealan for this, and for your YouTube vids.
on 1493769600
So far so good, but cannot modify copied cards

I have a deck that has two card types and I wish to only copy one of the card types. I selected the desired cards and copied them to a new deck, but when I try to delete the undesired card from my new deck, it wants to delete that card from the original deck too. That's too bad -- cannot copy only one aspect over. I don't want to modify the original source deck...
on 1492473600
This would be great...but the code is invalid.

There two codes referred to in the various discussions but neither seem to work - I am told they are invalid or missing a link. Unfortunate, since I think this would be a great addon.
on 1490400000
on 1486771200
Great add on, but it is missing a shortcut

Copy and paste is a functionality that should be part of Anki, so this add-on is great.

However, for some reason it is missing a shortcut!

Also, it is hard to duplicate a card in the same deck, as you need to type the deck name manually.

If you mistype your target deck, it will just happily create a new one. It should provide some sort of auto-complete functionality to select existing decks.
on 1486512000
Please add keyboard shortcut

Great add-on! Only thing missing is a keyboard shortcut for the copy action.

Thank you!

UPDATE: I added the keyboard shortcut (CTRL+C) you can download the add-on here: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/396494452
Or paste the code into the Anki software:
on 1485216000
on 1480118400
on 1479081600
on 1475971200
on 1474156800
Technically, this copies notes; not cards

This doesn't actually do what it says it does. For example, if you have a note that generates 5 cards, you can't copy only 3 of them with this.... that's not how Anki works.

What this does do is create copies of the *notes* that you select in the browser. Anki then creates all the cards for these notes.

This is very useful at times. For example, I like to import my highlights from my kindle as cloze-deletion notes, but sometimes the highlights are very long and I want to break them up into multiple notes. I thought I was going to have to figure out the code for this myself, but then I found this addon.

I made some minor modifications to the code so that the last destination directory I enter persists as the new default the next time I run the function. I also renamed the function to "Clone Note" rather that "Copy Cards".

Very happy with the code.
on 1473724800
on 1473120000
on 1470960000
on 1470700800
on 1470096000
on 1469836800
Great AddOn

To make a copy to your current deck... edit, copy cards, then copy paste your current decks name...walah, you have a copy in your current deck.
on 1469059200
on 1465257600
on 1464998400
Works great

I was finally able to copy my old deck into a new one.
on 1464480000
on 1463529600
on 1459036800
Works Great

Anki has a lot of great features and this should have been one of them. You can make a copy to another deck. You can also make a copy to the current deck which is useful for making similar cards.
on 1457740800
on 1457049600
on 1456963200
Okay - but there's a problem

Great Add-on, but I am having a little problem. I want to make a new deck of only the cards I am having problems remembering in my old deck. Therefore, I “mark” each card that I am having troubles remembering as I’m going through the old deck. I then open up the old deck in the browser and I can see the cards that have been “marked” by me. I select them for this add-on to make a new deck. I start the add-on and type in the new deck name that I want. But the add-on does create a new deck but there are no cards in it. Instead, the add-on puts the cards that have been selected (which were “marked”) for copying into the deck named “Default”.
on 1456531200
on 1453593600
Simple and Effective

Does exactly what it says it does. My only reservation is that it does not allow you to (quickly and easily) duplicate a card into the same deck. When you are refactor cards (breaking up "large" cards into smaller ones), it would be helpful to duplicate within the same deck to eliminate the need for excessive copy and paste.
on 1447200000
great help!

Quite exactly what I need, it saves me many hours of retyping similar cards. One caveat: when a note type is open, it will use the open one, not the one of the original card. Completely minor inconvenience for me, though.
on 1442188800
on 1441497600

So far no problems, does what it says. A basic feature that really should have been in ANKI anyway...