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Portuguese > English – Phrase Book,European Portuguese audio

40.83MB. 1098 audio & 35 images. Updated 2019-01-16.
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This is an updated version of the already superb deck "Portuguese Phrase Book (Continental pronunciation)", with corrections and amendments to make it even better. Full audio, spoken by a human, native European Portuguese speaker (unchanged from the original deck). I generally deferred to the excellent Dicionário Porto Editora, or checked with a native speaker. You may also be interested in these decks, which I think complement this deck well: Portuguese > English – 1000 Nouns Portuguese > English – 1000 Verbs Enjoy! In case you'd like to know, changes include: Other changes: Esta é o meu esposo. -> Este é o meu esposo. Este é a minha esposa. -> Esta é a minha esposa. a comida | food -> a comida | the food, the meal [to distinguish from: o alimento | the food, the nourishment] I feel like going to a movies. --> I feel like going to the movies. relógio | watch -> relógio | the clock, the watch o filme | film (camera) -> film (movie) Há Vaga | Rooms Available -> Vacancies [for easier comprehension, and consistency with: Não Há Vaga | No Vacancies ] combined the duplicate "o café" in to a single note: o café | the coffee, the café [otherwise when presented with "o café" you don't know which English response to give] o caixa automático > a caixa automática Onde é que há um caixa automático? -> Onde é que há um caixa automática? the cabinet > the cabinet (e.g. customer services, government) tempo | time -> o tempo | time, weather O meu número é quarenta. -> O meu número é o quarenta. homosexual | homosexual (n) (a) -> homossexual | homosexual (n) (a) limpo | clean (v) (m) -> limpo | clean (m) [I find it easier to just take "limpo" as an adjective here, although it can also be a form of the verb "limpar".] o bonito | beautiful (m) -> o bonito | pretty (m) o bonita | beautiful (f) -> o bonita | pretty (f) "Onde é a esquadra da policía?" -> "Onde é a esquadra da polícia?" [this accent correction results in a duplicate note, so one of the notes was then deleted] os medicamentos | medicine –> os medicamentos | the medicines, the drugs jóias –> joias I’d like a newspaper in English –> I’d like to buy a newspaper in English para a Australia –> para a Austrália I have a asthma. –> I have asthma. ... and probably other changes too, that I didn't note If the providers of the original list happen to notice this, and wish to centralise the changes by updating their deck with this one, they're very welcome to do so; I could then remove this one. Huge thanks to them for sharing in the first place, and to the Anki creator, and crucially, for providing the functionality to be able to share decks – for free!

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Portuguese porquê
English why
Tags Vocabulary
Portuguese Pode recomendar algum lugar bom?
English Can you recommend somewhere good?
Tags Accommodation
Portuguese velho
English old (m)
Tags Vocabulary

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on 1666923800
I could download the other two recommended decks, but not this one. It's unfortunate because I feel this deck would be great based on the other two. I'm giving it a thumbs up because there's no reason to be a jerk, but this deck doesn't work.
on 1659792691
My favorite deck for Portuguese so far, thanks for creating it!
on 1658734196
Thanks for sharing!
on 1649344036
Good quality
on 1644391472
Very variated stuff
on 1638425397
Muito Obrigado!
on 1637166483
Outstanding deck. Exceptional audio. Starts with appropriate vocabulary. Muito obrigado!
on 1624296327
Quality content, I really appreciate the effort put in the recordings 👍
on 1608026743
Thanks so much for doing this updated version! I came straight to this one because I searched for 'European' Portuguese.

How do I add images to the flash cards? Do I need to change a template or something?
on 1591280057
Nice European audio
on 1587336231
It comes with portuguese pronunciations. I have been looking for something like this for a very long time. Thanks for the good work!