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Mexican States

4.36MB. 60 audio & 35 images. Updated 2016-03-24.
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All the states of Mexico (Estados Unidos Mexicanos) with maps, capitals and postal codes. Original study sequence begins with maps and state names, later adding capitals and finally postal codes. This is a fun bit of study for people who added the Canadian provinces to their internal memory banks. (Map images courtesy Wikimedia commons.)

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State Hidalgo
Capital Pachuca
Postal HDG
State Michoacán
Capital Morelia
Postal MIC
State Puebla
Capital Puebla
Postal PUE

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on 1654272956
Very helpful and complete.
on 1643243921
It's very good, but it's a little outdated: DF is now Ciudad de México. Besides, the "postal codes" seem to be ISO, but they don't all match
on 1613814587
It is Querétaro! 100% sure
on 1606253606
I successfully used this to learn the Mexican states and capitals.
Logré a usar esto para aprender los estados y capitales de Mexico.
on 1571412683
on 1544809982
Really good. One typo I found though -- Queretaro is misspelled (I think it's spelled Queret-e-ro).
Comment from author
Well, you've got a remarkably good eye for that. However, the only "Queretaro" that I could find was the image file included. I didn't create that. I guess we have to go knock a few heads at wiki-media-commons. :-D
on 1528588800
Shows the state figure in the map
on 1475020800
on 1469491200