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Chinese Grammar (汉语 语法) HSK1 - HSK 6

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Chinese Grammar (汉语 语法) HSK 1 - HSK 6 The contents of this deck sourced from Chinese Grammar Wiki. Deck is separated in HSK level (HSK1 to HSK6). Images Anki Desktop Disclaimer The content is taken from Chinese Grammar Wiki. The pinyin is generated using pinyin python module. The translation of this sentences translated using googletrans python module. The audio for all sentences generated using gTTS python module. The pinyin may be incorrect for example. 还 - hái , huán 都 - dū , dōu Check this website for more. tutorming.com * Update - Overlapping removed. * Update - Night mode - Size of characters can be changed License Chinese Grammar Wiki ©2011-2020 AllSet Learninghttps://resources.allsetlearning.com/chinese/grammar/ CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Chinese Grammar (汉语 语法) Mani CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

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Split 新 版本 跟 旧 版本 比起来 ,多 了 一些 功能 。
Chinese 新版本跟旧版本比起来,多了一些功能。
Pinyin xīn bǎnběn gēn jìu bǎnběn bǐqǐlái ,duō le yīxiē gōngnéng 。
Translation Compared with the old version, the new version has some more functions.
Structure :: 跟 + A + 比 (起来) ,B⋯⋯ :: / :: B + 跟 + A + 比 (起来) ,⋯⋯ ::
UsedFor Comparing
Title Expressing "compared with" using "gen"
Url https://resources.allsetlearning.com/chinese/grammar/ASG920B7
Split 下 个 月 我 打算 去 杭州 或者 苏州 旅行 。
Chinese 下个月我打算去杭州或者苏州旅行。
Pinyin xià gè yuè wǒ dǎsuàn qù hángzhōu huòzhě sūzhōu lv̌xíng 。
Translation Next month I plan to travel to Hangzhou or Suzhou.
Structure :: Possibility 1 + 或者 + Possibility 2 ::
UsedFor Giving alternatives
Title Expressing "or" in statements
Url https://resources.allsetlearning.com/chinese/grammar/ASG6HYOU
Split 这个 菜 有点 咸 。
Chinese 这个菜有点咸。
Pinyin zhègè cài yǒudiǎn xián 。
Translation This dish is a bit salty.
Structure :: 一点 (yīdiǎn) vs 有点 (yǒudiǎn) ::
UsedFor Adding more explanation, Expressing attitude, Expressing degree
Title Comparing "youdian" and "yidian"
Url https://resources.allsetlearning.com/chinese/grammar/ASGV55Y4

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on 1658235075
quick Q. do you know roughly when the data was scraped from the Wiki? 2018? or afterwards
on 1647812086
LOVE THIS! I finished HelloChinese and have been looking for a good way to continue SRS learning grammar, and this is perfect! I'm learning traditional characters and it's been really hard to find good resources that aren't just vocab lists. This grammar deck was awesome enough that I spent an entire evening figuring out convert it to traditional characters and modify an Anki deck so I could use it. I uploaded my tweaked Traditional Character version here: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/937435438.
After using it a while, I recommend clicking the AllSetLearning link for each newly viewed card to both fully learn the grammar and double check the translation and pronunciation, since there are several errors that could cause confusion.
on 1644064994
on 1639833641
on 1637482657
Well done!
on 1625486619
Thank you so much for the Desk. It really helpful <3
on 1624668686
Thanks for making this Deck! It's very useful and help me to success in HSK
on 1622591130
Exactly what I was looking for, you are the goat lol.
on 1621536983
First of all, thank you, it's awesome! I found a small problem for the same kanji in a sentence, when omitted at the top, the kanji is returned to positions with the same characters, so the number of characters is increased. with the original!