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Greek New Testament Vocabulary

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All the words in the Greek New Testament, in order of frequency.

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Front αἰσχρολογία, -ας, ἡ
Back obscene speech, dirty talk
Frequency 1
Tags 1-9 noun
Front γεμίζω
Back to fill
Frequency 8
Tags 1-9 verb
Front γογγύζω
Back to mutter, murmur
Frequency 8
Tags 1-9 noun

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Great frequency-based deck

I'm using the older version of this deck (called "All Koine Greek Words"). It's a powerful tool for learning NT vocab.

I have found some small things that needed fixing in my deck; maybe this update takes care of them:
-"Deomai" is listed twice, once meaning "to bind" and once meaning "to beseech." I think "to bind" should actually be "deo".
-Many of the words are tagged with the wrong part of speech
-I changed the formatting on a few cards to be consistent with the others.

I'm also looking into what it would take to add in the surrounding context and verses for the hapax legomena. It would be tedious to do by hand, but certainly helpful.

Update: I think I can add in the verses (in Greek) and the references for the hapaxes. Including the entire verse might be excessive, though, and trimming it down to the relevant phrase will require someone who knows Greek going over each verse.

If I can get everything presentable, I'll make deck and share it.