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Taiwan TOCFL Chinese Traditional

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This deck contains all the TOCFL vocabulary with pinyin and definition. The vocabulary is tagged with the TOCFL level and each card has reading, writing and English to Chinese faces. So use a custom deck to target what you're interested in. The definition comes from CCEDICT dictionary. Some entries which have multiple pronunciation and/or meaning. The official Taiwanese pronunciation is in the pinyin field, it may differ from the dictionary (mainland pronunciation).

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Id Band1L1_0169
Traditional 黑板
Simplified 黑板
PartOfSpeech N
Pinyin hēibǎn
Definition [hei1 ban3] blackboard, CL:塊|块[kuai4],個|个[ge4]
Tags Band1 L1
Id Band1L1_0232
PartOfSpeech N
Definition [hu2] lake, CL:個|个[ge4],片[pian4]
Tags Band1 L1
Id Band2L4_4274
PartOfSpeech V
Pinyin tāo
Definition [tao1] to fish out (from pocket), to scoop
Tags Band2 L4

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on 1631587320
Very much useful thanks so much for sharing the deck
on 1624707820
Good list of words. It's a little inconvenient having the pinyin in the definition, as it makes the practice mainly about reading and writing.
on 1619283451
on 1617956207
Really good because each sequence includes listening speaking reading and writing. a portion of the study sequence includes a writing grid for each word. Well designed deck, best chinese vocab deck I've seen on Anki!
on 1615254140
complete, detailed
on 1605808850
Really very nice.
on 1603421109