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extended editor for field (for tables, search&replace, ...)

0.88MB. Updated 2022-03-13.
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This add-on loads the content of a field from the editor into a new dialog with a wysiwyg html editor named tinymce5. To open this editor click the "T5" button or use the shortcut (adjustable from the add-on config). This editor offers some advanced editing options especially with regard to tables: You can add or delete rows or columns. You can style the table. You can merge cells. You can style the borders and background colors, etc. This external editor sometimes automatically modifies the field content which in some cases alters the appearance of your cards. This is expected behavior because this add-on is mostly about bundling tinymce5 with the default settings. Drag and Drop of content is not supported. You can paste into this dialog. But I would only paste text from my pdf reader or text editor. I wouldn't paste content from websites because (contrary to the Anki editor) images are not downloaded and the html is not cleaned. the html is not cleaned this might cause problems and/or vulnerabilities in the long run. You can apply custom css to the editor in the extra dialog by putting it into a file named "_tinymce_custom.css" in the media folder of your profile. I don't need this so I don't know how this interacts with the tinymce skin and theme I use. General point: Use this at your own risk. If you find a problem, bug, or have a bug fix or improvement let me know in the official anki support forum, on github. Thanks @/u/glutanimate for pointing me to a way to display the images. # Configuration see the readme in the add-on configuration dialog. Versions - 2022-03-13 minimize html for better compatibility with ankidroid, the js editor should change the html less, more shortcuts inside the editor, thanks @triaeiou - 2021-12-06 update bundled tinymce to 5.10, fix for Anki 2.1.50/qt6, removed some code - 2021-09-26 update bundled tinymce to 5.9, earlier garbage collection - 2020-11-24 updated bundled editor (e.g. you can now cut and paste table columns and table rows) ... - 2019-06-14 initial release


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools->Add-ons menu item, then click on Get Add-ons and paste in the code.

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on 1677488961
I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you. Your work has made a huge difference in my learning, and I am truly grateful for your dedication and effort.
on 1676129054
One of the best add-ons! Thank you, saved me lots of time
on 1671114407
Much better then the add table add on as I no longer find myself diving into html to add new rows also adds even more functionality then that
on 1667232200
What an excellent addon!
on 1666009189
I have trouble with the height and width of my cells to make them all standardized
Nevertheless, this addon is nearly perfect
on 1661335569
Very useful!
on 1661100144
split cells option is not working
on 1659793296
Amazing add-on, I mostly use this type of card for all my works!

However, it doesn't seem to work on my iPhone, it appears blank when I want to show all the answers... I have to open it one by one. But it worked months ago and I don't know why it didn't since then :(
on 1659503526
on 1659156925
on 1656943339
Thank you

how can i make multiple cells into a same width?
on 1655584675
Have long hoped to have a WYSIWYG editor (just to even alternative font) ..thank you for your contribution!
on 1653858413
Quite handy, appears to be a full-fledged WYSIWYG HTML editor, feels solid and reliable (no flickering or odd behavior).
Even handles right-clicking to edit table cells quite well.
on 1651907462
Thanks !
This add-on helped me a lot
on 1650617193
on 1649551449
Sensacional. Tudo o que eu precisava, pois estudo muito por tabelas. Parabéns pelo excelente add-on!!!!
on 1647097616
AMAZING best anki add on
on 1646286384
Thank a lot! This help me so much.
on 1645939444
it doesn't really mesh with dark mode and (i think) me increasing the size of the display to 150%, but I'm just grateful I can add rows to the table

Update: dude it works so well now!! looks professional af too. You're a legend, thank you.
Comment from author before post was edited
Could you update and let me know if the most recent add-on version works for you - it should now work well with Anki's night mode.

you should now be able to zoom-in/out with ctrl++/- or with Ctrl and your mousewheel.

you can also change the default font size for displaying the text in the add-on config.
on 1642819119
Great, that's what I was looking for!!!
on 1638722531
Easily the most useful add-on. Really clean interface and has a lot of functions!
on 1637543937
Thank you for your hard work!
on 1637143644
Great addon

Do you know a css code to make tables automatically the container ?
On mobile the table protrudes and I have to move the right to see it completely.

Sorry if this question sounds insulting, but I have already tried several codes and nothing works for me.
on 1637064711
Could you support right to left direction? Also, could you add this hotkey "Ctrl+RighShift?" for changing selected lines direction to the "right to left" and "Ctrl+LeftShift" hotkey for changing the selected Lines direction to "left to right"
this feature and these hotkeys works on all fames text editors like: LiberOffice or Gmail compose.
on 1635103830
on 1633447602
Useful tool.
on 1633404812
Useful tool~
on 1632503939
Great addon, 2 questions :
- Is it possible to make tables automatically fit their content ?
- Is it possible to have a shortcut to change the background color of a cell in a table as a whole ?

EDIT : I wrote a css script which is working for question number 2 so it is solved, everything is more compact now. However, I could use a clickable button on the menu bar for cell background color :)
on 1632209417
Awesome. But anyway of removing line breaks? Everytime I copy paste a table the bullet points are so far apart and I cant figure out how to remove the line breaks
on 1629395511
the real Anki GOAT
on 1624197720
Very userfriendly and useful
on 1622948989
that's impressive, thank you!
easily implemented anki 2.1.40
on 1618426562
Super useful thank you so much! I first got it to make tables, but I've been using it also to insert special caracters (without having to google them haha) or bullet lists without the hassle of editing the html everytime.
on 1618423427
on 1617651694
Beautifully designed. Extremely user friendly (i.e., if you've ever used Microsoft Word or Excel and edited something in there, you'll be able to use this add-on easily). So much better than using a third party HTML editor. Makes life easy. All in one. Powerful. Love it!!!
on 1616242226
on 1615663554
powerful editing tool.
love it !
on 1613488628
muito bom cara vc é pica parabéns
on 1613048933
Really liked, easy to make changes and beautiful interface, the only problem is the line-height that is too large even on the lowest setting, which is very different from ankis default so the cards done here looks bit strange, other than this is very awesome
on 1612713406
Amazing tool!
on 1612534978
Exactly what I was looking for to edit tables. Thank you!
on 1612113299
I was using an external html editor and going Ctrl+Shift+X crazy. Thank you
on 1607029972
Works well. I personally would like an integration into the basic card creation window (instead of opening a new window) - but that's just preference.
Comment from author
Thanks. I would also prefer not to have an extra window but that's much more complicated and much more error prone: There would likely be add-on conflicts, it would be more susceptible to changes in Anki updates etc.
on 1606779530
This... this is what I've always been missing
on 1604344626
Very good!
on 1602825782
very helpful , 1000000 thanks for the creator
on 1599543409
Hey Bro, love your addon 💕 but the line-height is too much. Will appreciate if you do something with this 😁.
Comment from author
Add a file named "_tinymce_custom.css" to your media folder. Here's a guide on how to find this folder: https://docs.ankiweb.net/#/files?id=file-locations

In this folder set some css like e.g.

body { line-height: 1; }
p { margin: 0; }

You have to try out which css works for you. To apply each change you must restart Anki.

If this doesn't work you could also try this: Besides the default editor TinyMCEversion5 I also bundle some other editors that you can enable from the add-on config. Some of them have a more narrow spacing by default.
on 1598818438
on 1597035074
Great addon...! Thanks for the author.
on 1596042225
It is a great addon, one thing is missing however is text size
Comment from author
I agree that a font size select menu would be useful.

Anki internally uses "html" for your note content. in html you can set the font size in absolute terms (e.g. 20pt) or in relative terms (110%). I don't like using absolute settings because if you later change the default font size in html the manually edited font sizes will have the wrong size. Or maybe a new mobile device will render your content differently so that the old absolute font size no longer works.

For the default editor tinymce5 I just did a quick search but didn't find a way to set the font size in % or em - for details see the comments in the file template_tiny5_body.html of the most recent update.

I just uploaded a different editor named "ckeditor" which is off by default. In this you have a dropdown menu for the font size as you know it from Word, etc - but only with absolute values.

For applying different font sizes I use my https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1899278645 (see the first screencast on the linked page).
on 1595491734
on 1594702533
Just downloaded it, i'm liking it so far.
good stuff!
on 1592287101
can't save content edited ........
Comment from author
Update: 2020-07-29: Maybe it was just the old default window height which was higher than the height of many smaller screens, see https://forums.ankiweb.net/t/extended-editor-for-field-for-tables-search-replace-official-thread/552/4?u=ijgnd and the next answer.

This shouldn't happen. If you post some additional info at [1] maybe I'll have an idea which might also help other people.

Does this always happen or only for some fields? If it's the latter: Can you share the code that causes the problem.

Since when do you have this problem: Always or only since the most recent update? If it's the latter: Do you know which version you used before = Do you know when you updated the last time before the last update?

Also: from the main window click on Help->About. In the window that opens click the "Copy Debug Info" Button and share the copied text.)

If you are not on Anki 2.1.26 could you maybe update and try again. Technically this add-on should work on 2.1.20 but since this version a lot has changed in Anki so that I only care about the version 2.1.26 at the moment.


on 1590964846
Thanks alot

Awesome and handy add-on
on 1590252365
Great addon! I appreciate you! #DJKhaled :P
on 1590155930
Thank you so so much!
It's very helpful and easy to use.
2 remarks (if you allow me^^)
- i can't change the background color of one column (or one row). All the background of the table change when i click on "table properties" even if i only select one row for example. So i don't know how you did it in the screenshot.
- for me the cell padding is too big even if i put "0px". So the table took a huge place in the card even if there is not a lot of text.
Except this two things, this is awesome++
I will check the updates :)
(ps : sorry for my english i'm french🇫🇷)
Comment from author
You can change the background color of one or multiple CELLS from the context menu with Cells->Cell properties. In the dialog that opens it's in the "Advanced" view at the bottom.

The padding info is not written into the table. After finishing the editing in the extra window from the regular editor use ctrl+shift+x on a field with a table to check the source code of that table. It shouldn't include any padding info. So the cell padding is determined by general css settings. The tinyMCE editor in the extra window uses different settings than Anki. I've never cared about this because I only care how it looks directly in Anki. I just uploaded a new version that allows you to set custom css for the tinymce editor so in theory you should be able to affect how the table looks in the editor dialog: It's read from a file "_tinymce_custom.css" in the media folder of your profile. But I also set a theme and skin for this dialog so I don't know if there are interactions.

Also: If you manually resize a table in the dialog the height and width is saved and to get to the height needed you get padding ...
on 1590116489
really useful addon! before the latest update though it was much easier to remove hyperlinks (I could highlight all text, linked or not and remove the hyperlinks) but now, i have to remove them one by one. Any way to address this?
Comment from author
unfortunately no. The default behavior of the underlying wysiwyg editor tinymce changed between versions 4 and 5. The insert or remove hyperlink functionality is provided by the "link" plugin of tinymce. The config for this is at https://www.tiny.cloud/docs/plugins/link/ . I don't see anything that allows to revert to how v4 worked.
on 1586155960
Beautiful functionality to further edit the tables generated from a rather barebones "Add Tables" add-on.
Doesn't quite work well with dark-mode on macOS - future updates would benefit from fixing that.

Otherwise - phenomenal add-on!
Comment from author
Could you update and let me know if the most recent add-on version works for you - it should now work well with Anki's night mode.
on 1585726811
When i try to install it, it says it's not available for your version of anki even though I'm using 2.1.13

Update: It works now! Thank you very much. I was wondering if you can help me w/ the border colour. Nothing happens when I change the colour of the border from table properties > advanced
Comment from author before post was edited
Thanks for the hint. I just updated the description and lowered the minimum required version to 2.1.12 after a very quick test (that might have missed some problem).

So now it should work for you. Could you try again? If it doesn't work for you let me know so that I can raise the minimum supported version again.
on 1583598988
on 1583305233
A really useful add-on!!
on 1580103447
on 1578671977
um… could you please tell me where the merge function is? I don't see it anywhere, neither in menu nor as context on selecting two adjacent cells

edit: ah, it's in *table →cell*

would be nice to be able to set some default behavior, like "don't place (or touch) any attributes" or "minify html output"
on 1576707728
awesome,Thank You
on 1575724844
So so good, works perfectly for me. I've been waiting for something like this for a long time !
on 1573208418
Good to have rich editor
on 1572346413
works perfectly
on 1565502982
adds a lot of functionality. Finally, you can edit you tables easily!
on 1564120517
awesome for tables!
on 1563639773
great add on, very useful
Comment from author before post was edited
It should be this: Your version of Anki is too old. This add-on relies on features that were introduced into Anki in March 2019. You need to update Anki to the latest version (which is 2.1.14 at the moment).

If this doesn't help let me know in the thread in the support forum. It's easier to answer there than in this review section.
on 1563315782
This will become one of those must have add-ons you see in all the YouTube videos.
on 1562162700
Awesome idea!
on 1560515727