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United Kingdom (UK) Geography: Regions, Counties, and Cities

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Have you ever tried to research the geography of the UK and never quite managed to get your head around the seemingly endless number of disparate subdivisions? Well it's not just you, it's actually just quite complicated which we owe to the lack of a British constitution, variation between constituent countries, and the convoluted history of the UK. This may mean that UK geography is not as structured as the US, for example. Despite this, Brits communicate location effectively using terms such as "The South West", "Gloucestershire", and "Gloucester". This deck aims to provide a formal and comprehensive set of cards that align with these intuitive terms that you may already have and which are likely to be understood intuitively by others. This allows existing knowledge to be leveraged and contextualised, allowing memory links to be created both bottom-up, top-down, and based on geographical proximity. The deck will help you to learn: Deck Features Sample Card Front Back

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Location Chelmsford
MacroLocation Essex
City Chelmsford
Tags City England
Location Wakefield
MacroLocation West Yorkshire
City Wakefield
Tags City England
Location Greater London
MacroLocation London
County Greater London
Tags County England

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on 1626688184
I believe the map of Northumberland needs a slight alteration.

There’s a red rectangular box there. See also: Gwent.

I use Anki on my iPhone, which allows you to zoom in and zoom out on the map. Hence my confusion. I stand corrected. Thank you for the explanation! =)
Comment from author before post was edited
Thanks for the feedback!

The red box is present on all of the Map -> County cards. This is so that the areas in the central belt of Scotland are clearly visible.

The red box is included on the front of all of these cards, even for the locations which are not in the central belt of Scotland, this is done so that no information is given about the location (e.g. if there was no red box you would know that the county is not in the central belt Scotland, and if there is then you would know that it is.)
on 1618673925
Been looking for something which captured these facts effectively for ages - fantastic it includes city locations as well as just counties - and just so well done! Thank you!
Comment from author
I was also looking for something like this for ages too! I'm glad to hear the deck works for you too ☺️
on 1616349653
I hereby award you the "Anki deck innovation award, 2021" other previous winners include the illustrious "Periodic table memory pegs"

Perhaps it would be better to have no colors for counties as it provides artificial help
Comment from author
Why thank you very much! In the latest version I've modified the deck to remove the colours, and just use a single colour for indicating which location is highlighted. I hope this works well for everyone. Let me know if you have any other feedback.
on 1615216432
It's a really great deck containing all the information I could have wanted. The only problem I have found with it is that it's very difficult to read the headers when using night mode, is there a way to change this to make them a more legible colour?
Comment from author
Thanks! In the latest version, I've designed everything to work well in both light/dark mode. Thanks for the feedback!
on 1611233422
Very good deck. It's obvious the creator has put a lot of thought into this. Can't recommend this enough! Thanks!

My only suggestion would be to add the 15 UK national parks.
Comment from author
You're welcome! I'll look into this for the next version πŸŒΏπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
on 1610142236
Really high quality deck.
Comment from author
Cheers, enjoy!
on 1609492041
Great deck!
Comment from author
Thanks - glad you like it!
on 1608304893
Excellent deck, very well produced.
Comment from author
Thank you!
on 1606260049
Fantastic deck. Almost perfect but would be really useful if somehow the location of the cities could be shown somehow when they are being studied. I'm picking hairs though. Thanks so much!
Comment from author
You're welcome! I'll look into how I can include this in the next version πŸ‘

Update: the new version has markers for the cities (among other improvements!)
on 1605377533
Very well done, beautiful style.
Comment from author
on 1605106276
I don't even learn UK geography, but I'm leaving a thumbs-up because of how very well-made this deck is. Especially the description and continuous updating.
Comment from author
Thank you! I'm glad the effort is appreciated 😊
on 1593189554
Well made
Comment from author
Thank you 😁
on 1592239184
Bloody fantastic deck, so well done!!
Comment from author
Thanks, glad you're finding it useful! πŸŒπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
on 1592143884
Amazing! Great stuff.
Comment from author
Thank you! I'm glad others are finding it useful 😊
on 1592129911
Very well done
Comment from author
Thanks, glad you like it πŸŒπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
on 1592087454
Awesome, very detailed deck. Great images! Very HD! Only downside = no tags.
Comment from author
Thanks for the feedback, the deck now contains tags for BoW, Region, City, County, England, Scotland, Wales, and NorthernIreland that should help anyone who's looking for anything a bit more specific.

On downloading the new deck just click through the field mapping without changing anything and you should keep your progress :)