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Merriam-Webster's Advanced English-Chinese Dictionary

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Source: Merriam-Webster's Advanced Learner's English-Chinese Dictionary (MDX/MDD) Original Title: 韦氏高阶英汉双解V3 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION It's been done by converting MDict to Anki. The Pronunciation field contains the first found phonetic notation from the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. It's not included in the card template. The Merriam-Webster's Guide to Pronunciation - https://www.merriam-webster.com/assets/mw/static/pdf/help/guide-to-pronunciation.pdf The cards were sorted by the Rank field using frequency information from https://www.wordandphrase.info/frequencyList.asp This is a sample deck (9000 cards). For more information, please see "My Other Anki Decks" section on the Essential Idioms in English page. Nickolay <kelciour@gmail.com>

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Word standing
Rank 03099
Pronunciation \ ˈstan-diŋ \
Definition 1 standing /ˈstændɪŋ/ adjective Learner's definition of STANDING always used before a noun 1  a  : used in or for standing站立的 Start the exercise in a standing position.由站立的姿势开始运动。 b  : done while in a standing position站着进行的 a standing jump立定跳远 2  : not flowing : stagnant不流动的 standing water死水 3  : remaining at the same level or amount until canceled维持不变的 The standing offer for the computer system is $1,499.这套计算机系统的固定报价是1499美元。 4  : continuing to exist or be used for an unlimited period of time : permanent永久的;长期的 standing armies/committees常备军;常务委员会 She has a standing invitation to use the university's research laboratory.她受到邀请,可长期使用这所大学的研究实验室。 a standing tradition长期的传统 It's a standing joke at the office. [=it's something that often happens or is said or done and that the people in the office think is funny]这是办公室里时常提起的笑话。 — see also freestanding, long-standing 2 standing /ˈstændɪŋ/ noun plural standings Learner's definition of STANDING 1  [count] : the position or rank of someone in a group地位;级别 He's trying to improve his standing with the voters. [=trying to get the voters to rank him more highly]他在努力提高自己在选民心目中的地位。 a lawyer of high standing高级别的律师 (chiefly US) a member in/of good standing [=status]地位高的成员 2  standings [plural] US, sports : a list that shows the positions of the players or teams that are competing against each other(运动员或运动队的)名次表,排名表 They've won five games in a row and are starting to move up in the standings.他们连续赢了五场比赛,在名次表中的排名开始上升了。 They're in first place in the current standings.他们在当前的排名表中名列第一。 3  [noncount] : length of existence : duration持续时间 a marriage of many years' standing持续多年的婚姻
Word Canadian
Rank 02654
Pronunciation \ kə-ˈnā-dē-ən \
Definition Canadian /kəˈneɪdijən/ noun plural Canadians Learner's definition of CANADIAN [count] : a person born, raised, or living in Canada加拿大人;加拿大居民 — see also french canadian — Canadian adjective the Canadian government加拿大政府 a Canadian accent加拿大口音 a Canadian artist/author/film加拿大艺术家/作家/电影
Word commonplace
Rank 08837
Pronunciation \ ˈkä-mən-ˌplās \
Definition 1 commonplace /ˈkɑːmənˌpleɪs/ adjective Learner's definition of COMMONPLACE [more commonplace; most commonplace] : happening or appearing in many places and not unusual : very common or ordinary平常的;司空见惯的 Drug use has become commonplace at rock concerts.在摇滚音乐会上,吸食毒品已司空见惯。 He photographed commonplace objects like lamps and bowls.他拍摄如灯和碗这样的常见物品。 Much of her writing was commonplace [=unoriginal, unremarkable] and boring.她的文章很多是老生常谈,毫无新意。 2 commonplace /ˈkɑːmənˌpleɪs/ noun plural commonplaces Learner's definition of COMMONPLACE [count] formal 1  : an idea, expression, remark, etc., that is not new or interesting老生常谈 It is a commonplace that we only use a small part of our brain's capacity.我们人类只使用我们大脑容量的一小部分,这已不是什么新鲜论点了。 2  : something that happens or appears in many places and is not unusual司空见惯的事;常见的东西 We now accept cell phones and laptop computers as commonplaces of everyday life.我们现在已经把手机和笔记本电脑视为日常生活中的常见用品了。

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