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BSL - Business Service List (Eng-Eng-Jpn)

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This deck of flashcards is of the most common general business vocabulary in English. It is a great way to rapidly increase your vocabulary for reading and listening to general business news, magazines, shows, etc. I made this deck for my students, but uploaded it here in case anyone else might like to use it. This is a deck of the Business Service List (BSL) which contains approximately 1700 words and "gives up to 97% coverage of general business English materials when combined with the 2800 words of the NGSL," which I also made a deck for here on Anki (newgeneralservicelist.org/bsl-business-service-list). I am in no way connected to the researchers and authors who developed or produced the BSL or NGSL.

Sample (from 1754 notes)

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Frequency Rank 119
Word regulatory
Part of Speech adj.
IPA Pronunciation rˈɛgyələtˌɔri
English Definition a regulatory authority has the official power to control an activity and to make sure that it is done in a satisfactory way
Japanese Definition 規制する, 監督する
Synonyms dictatorial dogmatic narrow rigid authoritarian
Frequency Rank 1184
Word convergence
Part of Speech n.
IPA Pronunciation kənvˈɜdʒəns
English Definition assembly, coming together; location and direction of electron rays in a screen (Computers)
Japanese Definition 集まること, 集合, 集中点, 集中; 収束; (コンピュータ)収束
Synonyms junction union meeting
Frequency Rank 856
Word centralize
Part of Speech v.
IPA Pronunciation sˈɛntrəlˌaɪz
English Definition draw toward a center point; concentrate; bring under a single authority (government, etc.); make central (also centralise)
Japanese Definition 中心に集める; 中心に集まる; 中央集権化する(政府など)
Synonyms consolidate integrate unify concentrate compact merge

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