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AwesomeTTS (Google Cloud Text-to-Speech) [unofficial]

0.19MB. Updated 2020-10-20. Only supports Anki 2.1.x.
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This is an unofficial upload of the AwesomeTTS add-on with Google Cloud Text-to-Speech support added. For more information about the AwesomeTTS add-on please see - https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/301952613 The main AwesomeTTS repository has a new maintainer now and a new AnkiWeb page with some changes and a few new services added, including Microsoft Azure - https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1436550454 2020-10-20 About half a year ago Microsoft Azure added a number of high quality voices, e.g. en-GB-LibbyNeural. They might sound significantly better than Google Cloud Text-to-Speech. The free tier seems to be 0.5 million characters per month and $200 credit for the first 30 days. https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/cognitive-services/text-to-speech/ https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/details/cognitive-services/speech-services/ For Anki 2.1.20+ and AnkiMobile there's also a built-in Text to Speech support - https://faqs.ankiweb.net/text-to-speech-support.html Anki 2.1.29+ additionally includes cloze-only: template filter - https://changes.ankiweb.net/#/ > Add cloze-only: template filter, which can be combined with TTS to speak only the elided part. For on-the-fly TTS on AnkiDroid see Text to Speech at https://docs.ankidroid.org/manual.html#_workarounds If you're doing your reviews on AnkiDroid or Anki 2.1, maybe consider replacing mp3 with ogg in the add-on's source code. > The quality of the encoding is considerably higher than MP3 while using approximately the same bitrate. Please see the feedback from 09.03.2020 for how to do it. HOW TO USE 1. Create an API key. It may look something like this: 1.1. Create a new project. 1.2. Add a valid payment method. 1.3. Create an API key. 1.4. Activate Google Cloud Text-to-Speech API. For more information please see - https://cloud.google.com/docs/authentication/api-keys#creating_an_api_key 2. Paste it in the AwesomeTTS add-on. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION According to Pricing and Quotas & Limits, a monthly free tier for WaveNet voices is limited to 1 million characters (~23 hours). It looks like it can be temporarily increased via Google Cloud Platform Free Tier. DEMO API KEY The following API key can be still valid and can be used for testing as long as it doesn't exceed 300 requests per minute and 1 million characters monthly free tier. AIzaSyBm7NinfOuybtq-WWkcFMoiHHxMz60qxj0 With the latest update it's also possible to use the Google API explorer key for a limited number of requests. For more information, please see https://github.com/kelciour/awesometts-anki-addon/pull/30 CHANGES 2019-02-20 Add Google Cloud Text-to-Speech 2019-07-09 Update the list of supported voices 2019-11-07 Add Mandarin Chinese to the list of supported voices 2019-11-07 Support 3-letter language code 2020-01-03 Fix "SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED" on macOS 2020-01-25 Fix on-the-fly TTS 2020-01-26 Add basic support for Anki 2.1.20 - https://apps.ankiweb.net/docs/beta.html 2020-02-03 Fix for Anki 2.1.20beta7 2020-02-04 Ignore AnkiDroid TTS tag - https://docs.ankidroid.org/manual.html#_workarounds (Text to Speech) 2020-02-23 Automatically populate the input field of the note editor dialog 2020-02-24 Switch from text to ssml 2020-04-11 Add audio device profile 2020-04-11 Fix Oxford Dictionary (thanks to @AntoineQ1) 2020-04-12 Fix service failed: '...' attribute is required 2020-04-14 Preserve 'config.db' between the updates 2020-05-13 Tell which note failed to be processed (thanks to @evandrocoan) 2020-05-19 Disables the Anki progress bar before using our progress bar on Anki 2.1.26 (thanks to @evandrocoan) 2020-05-25 Add missing parameters to fail= callback (thanks to @evandrocoan) 2020-05-31 Add support for Google API explorer key (thanks to @hieplpvip) 2020-06-08 Update Google Translate voices 2020-06-08 Update Google Text-to-Speech voices 2020-06-08 Fix "Error on my first review each time I flip the card" (thanks to @evandrocoan) 2020-07-05 Add "speed" option to Google Translate (thanks to @evandrocoan) 2020-07-12 Apply custom substitution rules before converting html to text 2020-09-17 Fix for Anki 2.1.28+ 2020-10-18 Fix Wiktionary (No response for web request) 2020-10-20 Fix Wiktionary (Use ogg to find transcoded mp3 file) SSML For example, SSML can be used with cards that contain cloze deletions to add some silence or some sound instead of cloze deletion on the front side of the card by using "Tools - AwesomeTTS - Text - Handling ... Text - Advanced" and replacing ... with <break time="1250ms"/> or <audio src="https://actions.google.com/sounds/v1/alarms/beep_short.ogg"/> or with _____ to say "blank". - https://i.imgur.com/nRnSBwX.png - https://cloud.google.com/text-to-speech/docs/ssml#break - https://cloud.google.com/text-to-speech/docs/ssml#audio - https://developers.google.com/assistant/tools/sound-library/cartoon - https://developers.google.com/assistant/tools/sound-library/#terms-and-conditions ISSUES Please submit any relevant issues here, by email or via GitHub - https://github.com/kelciour/awesometts-anki-addon/issues NOTES I was paid to make the initial version in 2019. All credit goes to Hieu who hired me and the AwesomeTTS team for all their work on the add-on and Krassowski in particular for updating the add-on for Anki 2.1. This is pretty much a temporary upload for an easy install of AwesomeTTS add-on with Google Cloud TTS support. 2020-10-20 The above statement is no longer true. The add-on has a few existing issues that I'd like to fix someday, but it's a lower priority at the moment, I'd need to figure out how to do it and it might take some time. Nickolay <kelciour@gmail.com>


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1610703958
Was dreaming about this and here I found. Supper. Good work!!
on 1609270063
on 1608971832
Best add-on
on 1607243466
awesome thank you
on 1606709425
Uninstalled and reinstalled. Got the Patreon access key and still no sound plays. It worked on the old Anki update but not the new one. Not sure what happened but definitely doesn't work for me.

- wrong add-on
Comment from author before post was edited
Thank you for the downvote, but I think you're talking about https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1436550454

Though I do have my Patreon page - https://www.patreon.com/kelciour - created about a year and a half ago, but I didn't post a link to it until now and didn't share the API key through it. The only API key that I shared is listed on this very page and it's only for Google Cloud Text-to-Speech.

I don't use the above API key but its monthly free usage limit is limited and it might stop working at any moment, especially since it'd been posted quite a long time ago and might be used outside of the AwesomeTTS add-on. In the long run, it's very much recommended to create your own API key if you have a regular (non-virtual) credit card. And by you I mean anyone.

Microsoft Azure service will be added later but I don't know if I'll share the API key for it too. Maybe not or maybe will do it temporarily through Patreon if I can limit it to monthly free usage :). But I'm not very interested to actively support or improve AwesomeTTS at the moment. I only did it because there was no other option. Though I'll try to fix a few issues, once I could spare some free time, but it's a very low priority.

About "no sound plays", I'm afraid I might not have enough information to identify where could be the problem. Maybe try to add some local audio file and play it with Anki. If you're on Windows and there's no sound, try to install the alternate Anki version. Maybe share a sample deck. Maybe try to use AwesomeTTS and preview some phrase in AwesomeTTS window. If you do hear some sound, maybe there's a problem with the card template. If you use on-the-fly tts tags, maybe they're not in the card template. If you use [sound:...] tags, for example, by batch generating from the card browser, maybe the field is not present in the card template.
on 1606615227
"To manually play on-the-fly <tts> tags, strike" option not working has been resolved. I used to assign the 5 and 6 on the numeric keypad to the front and back TTS playback respectively. However, 5,6 doesn't seem to work, I assigned them to 8,9 and they played back correctly :)))
on 1606495739
I had a problem with short sounds. But now, I've realized it's because of the wireless headset. I fixed it by playing a background sound when reviewing
on 1606438184
on 1606268575
muito melhor que o tradicional, nao tem mais palavras quebradas e robotizadas
on 1606093168
It really does well in adding audio.
on 1605815732
on 1605677721
nói chung xài được.tự động thêm audio
on 1605614407
thanks for this great add-on
but how can I get the playback on the back card instead of the front card?
Comment from author
Could you please elaborate a bit or contact my by email kelciour@gmail.com or by creating a new issue on https://github.com/kelciour/awesometts-anki-addon/issues

I don't know if you're aware of it, but https://ankiatts.appspot.com/usage might be helpful.

If you review on mobile, maybe mass generate audio from the card browser.
If you review on desktop, maybe enable on-the-fly playback.
on 1605582416
Thank you Nickolay for this wonderful add-on, would it be possible to update it with the spanish wavenet voice released recently? because it does not appear in the list :(
Comment from author
Thank you. It might take some time before the add-on will be updated. As for now, please either update or edit googletts.py with the following steps.

1. Anki > Tools > Add-ons > AwesomeTTS > View Files, go to the "awesometts\service" folder.

2. Save the following page as googletts.py and copy/replace it in the "awesometts\service" folder.


3. Restart Anki.

Alternatively, open "awesometts\service\googletts.py" in any text editor and replace or update _voice_list with

("es-ES-Wavenet-B", "Spanish (es-ES-Wavenet-B)"),

while keeping the same number of spaces at the start of the line

on 1605258835
Unfortunately the pronunciations are British!!!
unbearable and nonsensical
Comment from author
Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your configuration?
on 1604315078
this add-on is awesome but can you add Microsoft azure??
Comment from author
Thank you. I added Microsoft Azure a few weeks ago locally so I could use en-GB-LibbyNeural voice, but it's just some basic implementation without any extra options and https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1436550454 already contains Microsoft Azure and might work just fine once you get the API key and there's no need for me to update the add-on at the moment, but just let me know and I'll upload it on GitHub and maybe will take some step-by-step screenshots on how to get the API key with the credit card.

It's just I wanted to fix another issue before updating the add-on, I have some work to do and it'll take some time before I'll get back to AwesomeTTS and give it a try.
on 1604071030
Works very well. I added my Google Cloud Platform API key then generated the sound. Easy to use and implement if you are tech savvy.
on 1603978239
This is a wonderful addon. However, I’m struggling trying to configure AwesomeTTS and would appreciate some help. I would like the addon not to record certain words or signs. For example, if leter ‘f’ is alone it means for me that the word is feminine. Thus I would like the addon not to record and then not to read this ‘f’ letter that accompanies my note. However, I managed only to configure the program the way that it would remove all ‘f’ letters in a note, regarding whether it is alone or within a word. For instance, it won’t read ‘Female’ but ‘emale’. I don't want to put unwanted words into brackets. I know doing it the way I want is possible because I managed to configure it that way a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, I'm unable to repeat my greatest IT achievement right now. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

EDIT: It works, thank you very, very much.
Comment from author before post was edited
Try to replace \bf\b with nothing and check "regex". Here's a picture - https://imgur.com/vD2dlD9

\b is a word boundary in regular expressions

https://ankiatts.appspot.com/config/text - Advanced Handling
on 1603188422
This is a really great addon! However, I am experiencing an issue with Wiktionary with "No response for web request" error. Is there any way to fix this?

Edit 18.10.2020: Thanks, it works with latest Anki update 2.1.35!

Edit 20.10.2020: Seems like it only works with English wiktionary. To reproduce: try using input 'See' with German wiktionary. The webpage has the audio file, but won't add it. English, on the other hand, adds / plays the word just fine.
Comment from author
If you're on Anki 2.1.28+, Wiktionary should work now.

Update 20.10.2020. Thank you for the example. The add-on was updated and should work with 'See' and German wiktionary
on 1603122678
on 1602884675
It looks good, I downloaded Anki application and AwesomeTTS addon but I couldn't use.

I recommend https://text2speech.sysarticles.com/ , it can convert up to 140000 characters and download as mp3.

Best Regards
on 1602136992

Awesome:: Remember 'cloze:' for any cloze fields.
Unrecognized [[c1::]] is Cloze

Can you identify [[c1 ::]] as Cloze so that you can just read the fill-in-the-blanks
Thank you. Just a suggestion.
on 1601287575
on 1600732187
AwesomeTTS add-on allowed for different options and male/ female pronouciation on language studies, rather than just voice recording (as default I imagine). Thank you very much! I shall try it using it in the mobile app as well.
on 1600686236
I love the AwesomeTTS add-on, really appreciate the work being done to keep it running smoothly!

Recently, I've been having an issue, where I can't use the 'Ctrl+T' shortcut to open the AwesomeTTS window while in the card editor in Anki. When I press 'Ctrl+T', the following message pops up;

An error occurred. Please start Anki while holding down the shift key, which will temporarily disable the add-ons you have installed.
If the issue only occurs when add-ons are enabled, please use the Tools>Add-ons menu item to disable some add-ons and restart Anki, repeat until you discover the add-on that is causing the problem.
When you've discovered the add-on that is causing the problem, please report the issue on the add-ons section of our support site.
Debug info:
Anki 2.1.32 (dee7d45d) Python 3.8.0 Qt 5.14.1 PyQt 5.14.1
Platform: Windows 10
Flags: frz=True ao=True sv=1
Add-ons, last update check: 2020-09-17 11:57:33

Caught exception:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "aqt\editor.py", line 342, in checkFocus
TypeError: launch() missing 1 required positional argument: 'editor'

I have tested every single add-on that I use on anki by disabling them one by one, and restarting anki. However none of the addons seem to be causing the issue.

I am running Anki 2.1.33 (64 bit) on Windows 10.

EDIT: I think I had a previous version of the add-on installed. I uninstalled & re-installed. I don't have the issue any more.
Comment from author before post was edited
I can't seem to reproduce the issue and can't find any mentions of launch() in the code.

Maybe you're using this version - https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1436550454
on 1600220724
Love you so much hhh!!
on 1599994972
Thank you so much!
on 1599096020
Very useful!
on 1598976866
Hello, it is awesome that you made this feature. However, I get the following error when making a card:

An error occurred. Please start Anki while holding down the shift key, which will temporarily disable the add-ons you have installed.
If the issue only occurs when add-ons are enabled, please use the Tools > Add-ons menu item to disable some add-ons and restart Anki, repeating until you discover the add-on that is causing the problem.
When you've discovered the add-on that is causing the problem, please report the issue on the add-on support site.
Debug info:
Anki 2.1.33 (3f403040) Python 3.8.0 Qt 5.14.2 PyQt 5.14.2
Platform: Mac 10.15.6
Flags: frz=True ao=True sv=1
Add-ons, last update check: 2020-09-01 17:40:50
Add-ons possibly involved: ⁨AwesomeTTS Google Cloud Text-to-Speech unofficial⁩

Caught exception:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/Users/roel/Library/Application Support/Anki2/addons21/814349176/awesometts/gui/templater.py", line 205, in accept
target = getattr(tform, now['templater_target'])
AttributeError: 'Ui_Form' object has no attribute 'front'

Could you help me? Much appreciated!
Comment from author
I'm sorry, but I don't know when the add-on will be updated with a fix. As a possible workaround, create a new preset and add it manually to the card template by using <tts preset="...">{{Front}}</tts> syntax. For more information, please see https://github.com/kelciour/awesometts-anki-addon/issues/40

It seems to be fixed in the official repository, but I haven't tried it - https://github.com/AwesomeTTS/awesometts-anki-addon/issues/119 and https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1436550454
on 1598653140
Very necessary!! Thank you!
on 1598554554
So awesome!!
on 1598464370
on 1598285630
Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you!
on 1598202078
very helpful. thx!!
on 1598116507
You need to restart your program for this add-on to work
on 1597890860
I'd just like to know what happened with the feature whereby just clicking twice on a word and clicking again with the right button you could hear the selected word. and also I'm curious if there's a way of stopping the autoplay on particular words and sentences.
Comment from author
It's probably about the context menu. Be default, it's probably hidden, but if you create a new preset, select a word and click the right mouse button, it'll be there.

To add a new preset, open the AwesomeTTS window with a list of services, e.g. add a new note and press Ctrl+T or use Tools - AwesomeTTS - Manage Presets, select a service - and click Save

About the second question, the easiest way would be to generate audio using the AwesomeTTS and split a deck into two decks with a different options group. One with automatically play audio and another one without it.

Otherwise, I'd need a sample deck with a few cards in it and a bit of description what should be played and what should be skipped and it's for Anki only or for AnkiMobile/AnkiDroid too. Maybe it's something that can be done with JavaScript or maybe not.
on 1596980083
This add-on has literally saved me weeks of work manually adding audio. It took me a moment to get the settings right so it wouldn't read my furigana and tildes and then to put the audio in the right field, but the end was perfect and only about 10 minutes of work. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to add TTS to their cards.
on 1596796367
very good thanks
on 1596755173
Great add-on! Thank you so much!
on 1596739029
Thanks It's Amazing thank you so much.
but there is problem .

An error occurred. Please start Anki while holding down the shift key, which will temporarily disable the add-ons you have installed.
If the issue only occurs when add-ons are enabled, please use the Tools > Add-ons menu item to disable some add-ons and restart Anki, repeating until you discover the add-on that is causing the problem.
When you've discovered the add-on that is causing the problem, please report the issue on the add-on support site.
Debug info:
Anki 2.1.28 (7d8818f8) Python 3.8.0 Qt 5.15.0 PyQt 5.15.0
Platform: Windows 10
Flags: frz=True ao=True sv=1
Add-ons, last update check: 2020-08-06 09:23:46

Caught exception:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "aqt\webview.py", line 35, in cmd
File "aqt\webview.py", line 121, in _onCmd
File "aqt\webview.py", line 536, in _onBridgeCmd
File "aqt\editor.py", line 412, in onBridgeCmd
File "C:\Users\ZBook\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\814349176\awesometts\gui\common.py", line 126, in _show
File "C:\Users\ZBook\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\814349176\awesometts\gui\generator.py", line 729, in show
super(EditorGenerator, self).show(*args, **kwargs)
File "C:\Users\ZBook\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\814349176\awesometts\gui\base.py", line 404, in show
dropdown = self.findChild(QtWidgets.QComboBox, 'service')
RuntimeError: wrapped C/C++ object of type EditorGenerator has been deleted
Comment from author
So far there's no fix for it. If there's a way to reproduce it, maybe post it on https://forums.ankiweb.net/t/awesometts-cause-an-error-when-used-in-a-new-note-form/921/5 or https://github.com/AwesomeTTS/awesometts-anki-addon/issues/102

At the moment, I can only suggest to not close the card browser, if you have it opened, while using the AwesomeTTS addon.
on 1596708065
sososososososo gooooood
on 1596118695
Very useful
on 1595774215
Thank you for absolutely great add-on. But the lastest version seem to have problem with Baidu translation. I could not add audio from baidu, other sources worked just fine.
Comment from author
I'm sorry, but I doubt I'll be interested to do something about it anytime soon. I have a few delayed gigs on Fiverr that I need to finish first, but it'd take about a month or two for me to do, and a couple of Anki add-ons that I need to make too.

But if I'll be paid, maybe it's something that I can do in a few days or maybe a week.

I guess, it's not about - https://fanyi.baidu.com - but - https://ai.baidu.com/tech/speech/tts_online

It won't be a problem anymore to accept a pull request with a fix and update the add-on, but I don't know if or when it'll happen. In this case, maybe it'd be better to send it directly to the official AwesomeTTS repository - https://github.com/AwesomeTTS/awesometts-anki-addon

The official AwesomeTTS repository has an active maintainer now and a new AnkiWeb page and maybe it's something that can be fixed. I suggest,
1. Disable or uninstall this add-on and install a new one from https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1436550454
2. If it won't work, it probably won't work, create a new issue - https://github.com/AwesomeTTS/awesometts-anki-addon/issues
on 1595547277
muito bom
on 1595532895
on 1595007911
Useful and worked fine on 2.1.26
on 1594743978
so nice!!
on 1594739714
Obrigado pela resposta. A ferramenta que você criou é muito útil e eu só tenho a lhe agradecer. Infelizmente as versões mais recentes do Anki e da Awesome TTS não funcionam no meu computador e eu tentei de tudo para fazer funcionar. Instalei o Anki 2.16 e o AwesomeTTS 16. Foi a única forma de conseguir que eles funcionem no meu computador. De toda maneira seu trabalho me ajuda muito. Obrigado.
Comment from author before post was edited
It looks like the path to the Temp folder was changed by a different app and "C:\\Users\\Public\\Documents\\Wondershare\\CreatorTemp" doesn't exist. I suggest to look up some tutorials online how to reset the location of the Windows TEMP directory, for example, https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/reset-the-location-of-the-windows-temp-directory/c429e750-7796-4a33-87c7-a46fe2f4afe1
Maybe it'll help.
on 1594225536
Very good work and a big THANK YOU!!!

The extension works very good and is very helpful.

Is it possible to make the Siri speeches of the various languages available in the drop-down menu? This would make it nearly perfect.
Comment from author
Update 2. Actually, the Anki manual is very likely the place where I read about Siri voices initially.

> On a Mac, you can customize the available voices:
> Open the System Preferences screen.
> ...
> Some voices sound better than others, so experiment to choose the one you prefer. Please note that the Siri voice can only be used by Apple apps. Once you’ve installed new voices, you’ll need to restart Anki for the new voices to become available.
Update. I forgot to mention the built-in TTS in Anki 2.1.20+ - https://docs.ankiweb.net/#/templates/fields?id=text-to-speech - but very likely the list of available voices will be the same on Mac.
I don't have Mac, but as far as I know, it may not be possible at the moment.

I suggest to open a new issue in the main AwesomeTTS repository - https://github.com/AwesomeTTS/awesometts-anki-addon/issues

This way you'll be updated if it'll be fixed in the future.

Just to clarify, I believe you're talking about "OS X Speech Synthesis" or "say" - https://ankiatts.appspot.com/services/say

This comment from 2018 suggests that a few more voices can be added manually on Mac - https://gist.github.com/mculp/4b95752e25c456d425c6#gistcomment-2556766

> you can get the missing ones and more in Preferences > Accessibility > Speech, clicking the voice selector and in there Customize

but I have more faith in the recent StackOverflow post - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/61122378/make-the-say-terminal-utility-and-nsspeechsynthesizer-work-with-siri-voices

that says that

> there is hope this may eventually be implemented in a future version, which would be macOS Big Sur (11.0) at the earliest.
on 1593983423
perfectly! it works!
on 1593856937
it's great, thanks !!!
on 1593505488
It's a must-have if you are learning languages.
on 1593290094
This is just what I've been looking for
on 1593288439
This has been a great resource. Should we all switch to ATTS for 2.1 (1436550454) now though?
Comment from author
Yes, maybe, I don't know. At the moment there's no much difference aside from a few added or fixed services, but I'm not very interested in the add-on, won't keep it in sync with the upstream repository (i.e. a new add-on), don't want to spend free time on it and it's unlikely the add-on will be updated in the near future. I wanted to add a few more commits and fix a few issues, but won't have time to do it this month, it's no longer a high priority and maybe it'll be already fixed by the time I'll be interested to spend time on it. If something got broken, though I doubt it'll happen anytime soon, it should be possible for me to eventually fix it or accept a pull request.
on 1592586829
It's very useful
on 1592572329
on 1592510452
Who is this new maintainer?
In Nickolay We Trust!
Comment from author
I don't know. I'm mostly aware of him from a few his posts on Anki subreddit under username BakGikHung, at first about an year ago about AnkiReview that he'd developed as a companion app for AnkiDroid, then about half an year ago from a few posts about AwesomeTTS, and a bit later when he created a new issue - "will you merge back to AwesomeTTS?" - https://github.com/kelciour/awesometts-anki-addon/issues/8 - and a pull request - "Add Microsoft Azure Text To Speech service" - https://github.com/kelciour/awesometts-anki-addon/pull/7 - and about at the same time from the issue "Still active?" when he volunteered to be a new maintainer - https://github.com/AwesomeTTS/awesometts-anki-addon/issues/69

Back in 2019 I wasn't interested in the AwesomeTTS add-on, but got hired to add Google Cloud Text-to-Speech and got paid more than I asked for. At that time, since the most work to update from Anki 2.0 to Anki 2.1 was already done by krassowski, I didn't do much to update the AwesomeTTS codebase aside from a few minor changes and it wasn't difficult to add a new service using the official API and by looking at other services as an example. It seemed to work fine for the majority of users and for about an year I wasn't interested to improve it or fix a few issues and the add-on didn't changed very much.

Everything changed in 2020, probably when AnkiWeb got updated to comply with the latest security standards, syncing stopped working for Anki 2.0 users and they switched to Anki 2.1, and about at the same time Anki got updated to 2.1.20, the AwesomeTTS add-on got a bit broken and stopped working. The add-on was updated, I was interested to improve it a bit or fix some of the issues along the way, or some issues were easy to fix, and spent a bit of time doing it.

If it wasn't me, considering the popularity of the add-on, maybe someone else would have updated the AwesomeTTS to keep it working and uploaded it on AnkiWeb. Or maybe everyone would have used the AwesomeTTS add-on maintained by lovac42 (awesometts-CCBC-addon) or maybe the built-in TTS that Damien added in Anki 2.1.20.

All in all, I think, it's good that the AwesomeTTS repository has an active maintainer now, but I will try to keep the "unofficial" version updated every now and then, but aside from a few issues, that I'll try to fix some time later, at the moment I'm not interested to fix broken or add new services, and for the most part it'll be just updates for the list of available voices or bugfixes for existing issues or if something stops working, though I doubt it'll happen anytime soon. And at the moment it's unlikely I'll be interested to keep it in sync with the upstream repository and the add-on won't be updated if a new service will be added or something got fixed in the upstream repository.

In the end, thank you very much for the kind words and very positive feedback! I feel honored to receive it and I'm very happy. You made my day! Thank you again :)
on 1591913594
Auto explicativo
on 1591814650
I appreciate your effort in keeping this up-to-date. Thank you
on 1591656716
Thank you very much for this addon!
on 1591522659
Great , Duden doesn't work, would be awesome to be replaced by dict.cc
Comment from author
Sorry, I won't be interested to add more services anytime soon. The current support is pretty much limited to updating Google Text-to-Speech voices once in a while and unlikely will be changed anytime soon.

The official AwesomeTTS add-on has a new maintainer now and the add-on has a new AnkiWeb page - https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1436550454

Maybe consider creating a new issue on https://github.com/AwesomeTTS/awesometts-anki-addon/issues
on 1591501094
To get the audio files to OGG please remember to: Tools > Check media > Delete unused files and then to clear the cache of AwesomeTTS: Tools > AwesomeTTS > Advanced > Caching > Delete files
on 1591425601
Thanks for your amazing work.

By the way, the instructions given by a previous comment in order to change from MP3 to OGG do work! However, the file extension is NOT changed to .ogg. But you'll see a great improvement in the quality of the audio. Note that in old Android devices which cannot play OGG files this won't work. You could still use AnkiWeb though.
on 1591177802
Dear developer,
This add-on is really beneficial and user-friendly. I appreciate for your efforts to keep it updated.
it would be a good idea if you can add IBM TTS to this add-on as well.
Best regards,

Comment from author
Sorry, I don't have much free time to spare and won't be interested to add more services anytime soon. The current support is pretty much limited to updating Google Text-to-Speech voices once in a while and unlikely will be changed anytime soon.

The official AwesomeTTS add-on has a new maintainer now and the add-on has a new AnkiWeb page - https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1436550454

Maybe consider creating a new issue on https://github.com/AwesomeTTS/awesometts-anki-addon/issues
on 1591063868
Thank you very much for the effort Exellent
on 1590998155
A bug?

The following problems were encountered:
- No speakable text is present
- The input file to transcode to an MP3 could not be found. Please report this problem if it persists.
on 1590995481
Thank you for bringing awesomeTTS to anki 2.1. It first prompted me to install mpv player to get the playback work, everything after that is all fine.
Also I have to thank you a lot for the API key.
on 1590814128
Please make the speech pause whenever there is a paragraph break or bullet points. At the moment everything is read out without pause, like it's one long never-ending sentence, making comprehension of lists in notes difficult. But great add-on for single word pronunciation etc.
on 1590741588
on 1590442604
Google cloud text to speech option stopped to work, it keep returning me an error "Cannot preview the input phrase with these settings API key required to access googletts"
on 1590316431
Very good, without these addons my anki does not work.
on 1590248480
on 1590044430
Got a bug.

Cannot record the input phrase with these settings.

[Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'C:\\Users\\Administrator\\AppData\\Roaming\\Anki2\\addons21\\814349176\\awesometts\\.cache\\youdao-d113d1b8-880e927d-5d75e3aa-e6c3f267-8701ce1d.mp3'
on 1590031883
very good
on 1589892214
Ajuda a ouvrir frases e compreender outros idiomas
on 1589753174
sehr gute!
on 1589717576
Perfect !
on 1589528085
on 1589417483
Hello Moderator,
How to find "config.db"?
Where is it located?
Comment from author
The add-on creates "config.db" with the default settings on the first run, i.e. after installing the add-on and restarting Anki. Usually, after opening the add-on's source folder (Anki - Add-ons - AwesomeTTS - View Files), config.db could be found in "awesometts" subfolder, but on the latest version of the add-on config.db can be found in "user_files" subfolder.
on 1589404068
works very good
on 1589377771
Worked! Thanks!!
on 1589367216
Muito bom!!!
on 1589358735
So great, b/c adding sound can be automated.
on 1589115506
awesome indeed.
on 1588848395
Totally worth the effort of setting it up, best addon.
on 1588633196
it's ok
on 1588610124
on 1588005200
It's awesome!!
on 1587851038
So good!
on 1587822509
Very very powerful ! thanks a bunch
on 1587637554
on 1587538124
on 1587466923
This add-ons may be useful. But when I use it to append voice to my new words(English,Japanese). There are some errors happened. Like 'request got andio/x-bd-bv Content-Type for web request; wanted audio/mp3'
on 1587447140
on 1587216800
I love this addon, it helps me so much while learning Korean and English. Unfortunately, since the last updated, I lost my preset voice and more importantly, I get this message

'Cannot preview the input phrase with these settings.
'API Key required to access googletts''

when I try to record a word or sentence.

Someone could help me with this, please.
Comment from author
I'm sorry about the voices, it's been fixed and shouldn't happen again.

If you didn't sign up for an API key last time and didn't take a photo of your credit card, you probably added the API key that is listed on the add-on's page.
on 1587157926

Have also made my cards alternate between voices, male/female and A/C B/D

Feels so great, so much better than all other TTS I've seen

on 1587134047
This is what I was looking for. Thank you!
on 1587018418
on 1586899591
Perfect. This add-on should become new "official"
on 1586880404
Works excellent. Thank you
on 1586853561
Best add-on in the world!!!
on 1586793971
it works on Mac OS Catalina version 10.15.4 but the shortcut Cmd T still not working
Comment from author
I can't test the add-on on Mac OS but maybe you have another add-on with the same Cmd+T shortcut. Maybe try to disable all add-ons except this one to see if it helps or not.
on 1586784253
Awesome and I'm so pleased to have the opportunity to learn with this module since google tts is a game changer.

Unfortunately I experiened an inconvenience: today and two days ago AwesomeTTS was updated and I lost my AwesomeTTS service presets after the updates.
Comment from author
I'm sorry about that. I've added a quick fix for it and updated the add-on. The following updates should keep the settings but unfortunately not this time. As a workaround, before updating the add-on open Tools - Add-ons - AwesomeTTS ... - View Files - open 'awesometts' folder, i.e. 814349176\awesometts, and copy 'config.db' on your desktop, then use Tools - Add-ons - Check for Updates to update the add-on, after that close Anki and copy 'config.db' from your desktop to '..\user_files', i.e. 814349176\user_files, then open Anki.
on 1586763573
It does work
on 1586747017
It works
on 1586735471
It's super useful and besides it works flawlessly!
on 1586723043
I've been looking for add-ons to enhance my experience and this is the most useful out of those I've tried
on 1586707484
really beneficial!
on 1586644676
Easy to install easy to use!
on 1586192599
Works great, thank you :)
on 1586013750
Vote for this new "official" one!
on 1585976512
Very useful for me. Tks bro.
on 1585149297
worked with mac, put it on the OS sound synthesis voice. Had to configure the service.
on 1585000975
good add-on
on 1584516165
easy to use
on 1584316070
2.1 버전에서 사용해본 결과 아주 만족스럽습니다.
on 1584291214
excellent!! works perfectly with the updated anki and has multiple languages and multiple voices very very good, so happy I found this
on 1583951050
works with latest version
on 1583908813
Helpful for language review and studying audio-only!
on 1583707217
I would like to suggest a change that's will make the quality of the sound much much better and even will make the mp3 file less size.
(changing the audioEncoding type)
in this file "googletts.py" which is in this path "\Anki2\addons21\814349176\awesometts\service"
we are going to change this line
"audioEncoding": "MP3"
"audioEncoding": "OGG_OPUS"

Comment from author
Thanks! I've added it in the description. Unfortunately, I can't make it a default one since iPhone still doesn't officially support OGG yet and AnkiMobile can't play it too.
on 1583692383
very good
on 1583629863
Thank you! It's so cool!
on 1583304539
Awesome, thanks!
on 1583261719
This is a game changer for making anki cards
on 1582884448
Works great, except ImTranslator.
I think ImTranslator stopped working about a month ago, on any version of AwesomeTTS.
Shows: "unable to fetch page from ImTranslator even after multiple attempts." Can you fix this?
on 1582767496
muito bom
on 1582429423
on 1582072447
Works so well!

Any idea of how I would systematically replace all audio in a deck with AwesomeTTS?

I'm using the Domino Chinese deck, it's great but it's all old computer generated, and the updated voices would be brilliant.
Any tools or add-ons you can recomend to make that happen? thanks
Comment from author
Sorry for the late reply. I guess, it can be done without any extra tools just using the add-on from the card browser by overwriting the destination field with media filename if it contains only sound tags - https://ankiatts.appspot.com/usage/browser - or by removing existing sound tags before generating new audio - https://ankiatts.appspot.com/usage/removing
on 1582048857
The add-on works great! Thank you.
The only thing I can't figure out for myself ( and I'm an inexperienced user :) is to apply this great add-on for my little project.
I need to place in the question field of the card a sentence from an English book. And I want it to be read by ttc when the card is opened
I've tried to add {{tts en_US:Field}} as per Anki manual to the top field of the card's template, but for some reason Windows 10 TTS didn't work for me when opening the card.
I tried different kinds of cards template with the same negative result. I thought then, that maybe I could record the voice from Awesome TTS, but couldn't do it either. Maybe you could advise me of any solution.
Thank you !
Comment from author
Sorry for the late reply. If you're on Anki 2.1.20, maybe you don't have any voices installed. It can be done using Win -> Speech settings -> Manage voices - Add voices.

About Awesome TTS, I'm afraid, I need more information, but usually it can be done by opening the card browser, selecting a few cards, clicking on menu AwesomeTTS - Add Audio to Selected - https://ankiatts.appspot.com/usage/browser

As a side note, if an English book has an audiobook read by a native speaker, I might have a few Anki add-ons in a few weeks that will allow to split text by sentences and add audio from the audiobook.
on 1581861860
Very useful addon!
on 1581836943
Thank you so much for your effort. Love it 😊
on 1581744119
Awesome applicability!
I might be missing something, but in past add-ons (this was a few years ago), there was a way to automatically add (and bulk-add) the TTS to the card. This one is working great, but I have to individually add the audio each time. Is there a way to work around this? (EDIT: I figured it out by clicking command + T in the browser, which allowed bulk adds. Thanks again for the tool!)
on 1581621954
Working perfectly with 2.1.20
on 1581545908
I started using your add-on yesterday, but I noticed that a feature from my old AwesomeTTS is not working: "AwesomeTTS will automatically populate the input field of the note editor dialog with whatever was already in the active note field when you opened the dialog."
Comment from author
Thank you. It's been fixed. Please use Tools - Add-ons - Check for Updates and restart Anki.
on 1580725545
The pre-record function works well but on-the-fly still doesn't work on Mac.
Comment from author
Is there any error or something? It seems to work fine on Windows & Ubuntu, but it was just one line change and maybe there's something else that needed to be updated.

As an alternative, since you're on Mac, maybe try Anki 2.1.20 with built-in on-the-fly TTS support - https://apps.ankiweb.net/docs/beta.html

> You can now use {{tts en_US:Field}} on your card templates to use the text to speech support built into Windows and macOS, changing the language code as necessary.
> You can specify the voices you’d prefer - the first available one will be used. Eg. {{tts ja_JP voices=Apple_Otoya,Microsoft_Haruka:Field}}. The voices you specify must match the language.
> Adding {{tts-voices:}} to your template will show all available voices.
on 1580424953
Excellent plugin for Anki! Thank you for your efforts.
on 1580146368
Thank you. It was very helpful.
However, audio is not played on synchronized smartphones. What should I do to shed it?
Comment from author
I assume it's not about on-the-fly TTS tags since I doubt they'll work on mobile without some modifications to the card template and it's about [sound:...] tags that were added for example from the Add or Edit window or by using AwesomeTTS - Add Audio to Selected in the card browser. In this case, everything should work fine on mobile if it works on desktop, all devices are in sync and media were synced too, i.e. Anki 2.1 - Tools - Preferences - Network - "Synchronize audio and images too" and AnkiDroid - Preferences - "Fetch media on sync" or AnkiMobile - Preferences - "Sync Sounds & Images" weren't manually disabled and Anki 2.1 - Tools - Check Media doesn't report any missing files in the collection.media folder.
on 1579777540
on 1579571401
Works great with wavenet. Code changes look reasonable too. Some things are still broken in 2.1.x but I'll send PRs if I need anything.
on 1579446794
for a few hours, I get it and make it successful.
Thank a lot for your effort. I was upset when awesomeTTS ( google translate) does not work with the newer anki until I read this instruction
on 1579432116
This is one of the best Anki add-ons I have used.
and support from the developer is very good and fast.
Thank you for your great work man.
on 1579367759
on 1579292478
Thanks very much , this is the only app I can found that can do this job ( Google Cloud TTS) , not only that it do the job very well and also free !! thanks so much man , Keep the good work , I didn't know any thing about Ankiweb or the application only when I found this addson at Google search .
on 1579287600
Most valuable thing on the addon list.
on 1579182664
is it possibe to add https://www.dict.cc/ to Awesome TTS addon, here is how I get the audio manually from the site:
1-I clich "Optionen" under the search square or on this link https://www.dict.cc/dict/options.php
2-I scroll down from the left menu, under "Sprachausgabeformat" I choose "wav" instead of "mp3" and then click "Optionen Speichern"
3-After that I search the words I need and I can download the audio manually using "internet Download Manager"
Comment from author
Thank you for asking but I can't do it. Everything is possible but it takes time and at the moment I can't spend time on anything that of no interest to me.
on 1579020152
Works OK on Windows 10 and Ubuntu. Thanks for your efforts.
on 1578668278
5 of the 12 notes you selected were processed. During processing, 4 notes were successfully updated, but 1 note failed while processing.
The following problem was encountered:
HTTPSConnectionPool(host='texttospeech.googleapis.com', port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /v1/text:synthesize? key=AlzaSyBm7NinfOuybtq-WWkcFMoiHHxMz60qxjO (Caused by SSLError(SSLE0F£rror(8, 'EOF occurred in violation of protocol (_ssl.c: 847)'),)) (1 time)
You aborted processing. If you want to rollback the changes to the notes that were already processed, use the Undo AwesomeTTS Batch Update option from the Edit menu.

thank you very much:) appreciate your work
on 1578240717
This is amazing! Still has some bugs (regular OSX Speech doesn't seem to work for me), but as this is new, completely understandable.
Comment from author
The add-on's been updated and OSX Speech I guess should work now too. In addition, Anki 2.1.20 comes with built-in TTS support.

> Changes in 2.1.20beta3 (95b497cc)
> You can now use {{tts en_US:Field}} on your card templates to use the text to speech support built into Windows and macOS, changing the language code as necessary.

For more information please see - https://apps.ankiweb.net/docs/beta.html
on 1578069750
I am sorry ı got thıs eror durıng google translate ın my Mac.

Cannot record the input phrase with these settings.

<urlopen error [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:847)>

but ı works wtıh the apı above ın google cloud speech. Can you help about thıs ıssue. Today I delet thıs app accıdentally and reınstall ıt. After reınstall ı get thıs message. Thank you very much.

03-01-2020 thank you very much after update it is working now- Thanks again
Comment from author before post was edited
Firstly, it's okay to use the provided API key if it works. My credit card is no longer valid but somehow the API key is still working. Secondly, I've updated the add-on. It should work now but maybe I missed something. Please go to Tools - Add-ons - Check for Updates, restart Anki and let me know if it works or not. And lastly, thank you for not using the downvote button to report about the issue!
on 1577070950
In my installation under Linux works great. Thanks for adapting it to 2.1
on 1576225439
Very helpful for languages
on 1575765468
I get the following error. Also, I no longer see the field where I am to put the API_Key. Any thoughts on why I get this error? Do we still need to manually input the API Key? I don't see where in Anki we do this?

Thanks for your advice ...


==== Error ===
<urlopen error [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:847)>
Comment from author
Please make sure that Google Cloud Text-to-Speech is selected, not Google Translate or any other TTS service, the API Key field should be there.
The add-on had been updated and it should work now with Google Translate too.
on 1575745660
It's working!
on 1575073858
Google Cloud Text-to-Speech is absolutely better. I wholeheartedly wish this addon become Official!! Thanks for making it!!
on 1574829075
Anki 2.1.11 (3cf770c7) Python 3.6.7 Qt 5.12.1 PyQt 5.11.3
Platform: Windows 10
Flags: frz=True ao=True sv=1

Caught exception:
File "C:\Users\BryantJialu\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\814349176\awesometts\gui\templater.py", line 201, in accept
tform = self._card_layout.tab['tform']
<class 'AttributeError'>: 'CardLayout' object has no attribute 'tab'
Comment from author
It took a while but the add-on finally has been updated and it's been fixed. In addition, Anki 2.1.20 comes with built-in TTS support.

> Changes in 2.1.20beta3 (95b497cc)
> You can now use {{tts en_US:Field}} on your card templates to use the text to speech support built into Windows and macOS, changing the language code as necessary.

For more information please see - https://apps.ankiweb.net/docs/beta.html
Thanks for the report! I don't know when it'll be fixed and at the moment can only suggest to generate audio using the browser window.
on 1574571597
on 1574534085
very good
on 1574279282
on 1573938180
great, thank you!
on 1573211401
on 1572439138
Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!
on 1572196088
on 1571900664
works awesome!! thank you mate
on 1570963133
very nice!
on 1570555624
Funciona !!
on 1570445710
muito bom
on 1569744874
I love it.
on 1569659811
awesome! thank you!
on 1568441690
For those who want to make this work with Chinese, go to /addons/awesometts/service/googletts.py

And add these elements in _voice\_list array:

("cmn-CN-Standard-A", "Mandarin Chinese, China (cmn-CN-Standard-A)"),
("cmn-CN-Standard-B", "Mandarin Chinese, China (cmn-CN-Standard-B)"),
("cmn-CN-Standard-C", "Mandarin Chinese, China (cmn-CN-Standard-C)"),
("cmn-CN-Wavenet-A", "Mandarin Chinese, China (cmn-CN-Wavenet-A)"),
("cmn-CN-Wavenet-B", "Mandarin Chinese, China (cmn-CN-Wavenet-B)"),
("cmn-CN-Wavenet-C", "Mandarin Chinese, China (cmn-CN-Wavenet-C)"),
And then change the number 5 to 6 in this line:

"languageCode": options['voice'][:6],

I'm not a python programmer so this solution is kinda dirty. But that's just because the design isn't perfect. The reason why you need to add 1 is that it's parsing the string based on the first 5 characters of the voice name like en-us for example but for Chinese it's cmn-CN, which is a character longer. Maybe someone can make this dynamic.
on 1568425189
Let's make this the official AwesomeTTS version and deprecate others please. Also my understanding is that this is the repository: https://github.com/kelciour/awesometts-anki-addon
on 1567958679
Very useful, great for language learning decks, with all the available languages that Google offers
on 1567673314
Awesome, thanks so much for sharing this.
U r the life saver.
on 1567604392
on 1567354667
Useful addition.
on 1566820707
on 1566755925
Thank you. Seems to be working fine for me so far :)
on 1566153678
It's very helpful
on 1565826431
Really good!
on 1565571912
Just added audio to 5000 french cards using Google Text-to-Speech, with a nice sounding WaveNet voice :)
on 1565518265
on 1565271465
excellent, works perfectly
on 1565195707
Ctrl + T works!
on 1564876489
Awesome addon, no bugs compared to other 2.1 versions, except the percentage always seems off by a little bit haha.

Can you ignore furigana when using this? that is if you have sections within square brackets can you ignore it?
on 1564106493
Works really well, and the WaveNet voices are amazing!
on 1563925519
on 1563728752
I've been waiting for properly working text to speech add-on for Anki 2.1 for so long. This work like a charm. Thank you for your work.
on 1561147306
on 1560808254
on 1559905855
Great, thanks!
on 1559206223
Works perfectly with the given API key
on 1558511459
on 1558428411
No instructions for getting to step 2; configuration???? WTF
Comment from author
Please be more specific. As far as I can remember, I went to this page https://cloud.google.com/text-to-speech/ and clicked on "Try It Free" to get an API key.
on 1557030693
Would it be possible to add Google Cloud support/this add-on support for Anki 2.0.x? Many of the japanese voices (like naver translate, etc) have stopped working and the remaining ones sound like robots.
Can't shift to 2.1 as there are many important add-ons.
on 1556536390
Very good!!
on 1556495783
Works great!
on 1555582949
Большое спасибо!
on 1555507852
I don't use Anki 2.1, but I'm giving a thumbs up because someone took the time to make this port and upload it for free. Also I might just download Anki 2.1 because there is support for the Google Cloud TTS.
on 1555316497
Only this version of AwesomeTTS could be installed in my pc and still works fine with my newly installed anki 2.1.1. And so far, except some errors popup occasionally and some of the dictionary datasets are not accessible, all is fine.
on 1554643324
Works great, thank you!
on 1554498264
I need this plugin. Thank you for making it available.
[update] - Is it possible to have volume option?
on 1554025771
Lifesaver!! thanks! Hope chinese will be released!
on 1553502096
Nice and better than the other one for Anki 2.1. But 2 bugs I found for now:

• CTRL+T doesn’t work when selecting a one card in the browser. Works with several cards selected (at least 2).
• The groups fail to display presets in submenu. All the presets are shown at the top of the context menu instead and the group entries are shown in the bottom of the same menu.

It’s an awesome and useful addon for languages learning. Thanks for this improvement and update.
on 1552803767
Perfectly work!
on 1551372364
its so great
on 1550898332
It woks perfectly. Thank you for this cool job.
on 1550846957
Good things got better!
Really useful!
Thank you for your work :)
on 1550703611
Cannot preview the input phrase with these settings.

403 Client Error: Forbidden for url: https://texttospeech.googleapis.com/v1/text:synthesize?key=AIzaSyBoJ_L_E-A_ ...

Make this -> https://cloud.google.com/iam/docs/understanding-roles#primitive_role_definitions

it is necessary to activate Api for this error: https://cloud.google.com/text-to-speech/docs/quickstart-protocol
Comment from author
It looks like Google Cloud Text-to-Speech API haven't been enabled for a project associated with this API key.
It looks like it's not possible to enable Google Cloud Text-to-Speech API without providing a valid payment method, i.e. you need to create a billing account and maybe sign up for GCP Free Tier - https://cloud.google.com/free/docs/gcp-free-tier
"Even though you set up a billing account, you won't be charged unless you upgrade to a paid account."

My billing account had been closed, it's not valid anymore, but it looks like it's still possible to continue to use Google Cloud Text-to-Speech API if it's already been activated. I've updated this page and added an API key that I've used for testing.
on 1550626106
Google Cloud TTS makes a huge difference. The app turns from "great" to "magnificent". Thank you very much!!!
Comment from author
No problem, but that's not entirely my doing as I've been paid to make this happen sooner than later and AwesomeTTS team have done an amazing work to make it so much easier to add any new TTS service without knowing anything about how Anki works.