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Anki Simulator

0.15MB. Updated 2021-08-08. Only supports Anki 2.1.x.


Anki Simulator is an add-on for Anki that lets you simulate Anki progress over time using your cards, deck options and statistics. You can use it to estimate your future workload or to fine-tune and compare deck options. Why is this awesome?
  • It’s personalized: it loads your actual cards, deck settings and retention rates automatically.
  • It’s fast and easy to use: everything is pre-loaded. Just press simulate!
  • You can compare the effect of different settings on your workload in a fancy chart
  • Anki simulator is the answer to all the “Are these the right settings for me?” questions
  • How accurate is it? Anki Simulator was carefully written to closely match Anki's scheduling algorithm. Because the add-on uses your actual cards, deck options and statistics, Anki Simulator is able to produce a personalized simulation. If you provide accurate variables, the simulator should do a good job of giving you a rough idea of your future workload. Obviously however, long-term outcomes rely on many factors that can't be implemented in an add-on. The add-on takes some assumptions that may not be applicable in your situation:
  • It does not take into account pressing the 'hard' or 'easy' buttons. The simulator assumes that excluding them both should balance their effects out for a large part. (Also see: 'Performance rates' in the add-on manual)
  • It assumes that your retention rates are correct and will not change in the future, and are the same for every single card of a certain type (learning, lapse, young, mature), regardless of individual difficulty.
  • It assumes that no days are skipped.
  • How to start it? Easily open up the Simulator window by clicking the gear button: For more instructions, there is a built-in manual. Contributing The source code is available on Github! Feel free to help improve Anki Simulator! We’re excited to hear your feedback and see your simulations! Latest changes
  • 2021-08-07 - v1.1.2: Fixes crash for Anki versions above 2.1.45. Thanks to RumovZ for contributing to fix this and thanks to AnKingMed for reporting the crash on Github.
  • 2021-02-21 - v1.1.1: Graph now also shows the day number. Includes a few minor bug fixes
  • 2021-01-30 - v1.1: Added more stats to the graph, including percentage mature
  • 2020-07-21 - v1.0.2: Compatibility fix for Anki 2.1.28 and alternate Anki builds
  • 2020-05-25 - v1.0.1: Bug fixes and minor changes
  • License and credits © 2020 GiovanniHenriksen & Aristotelis P. (Glutanimate) Anki Simulator is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Affero General Public License for more details. For more information please see the LICENSE file that accompanied this program. Anki Simulator ships with Chart.js, (c) 2019 Chart.js Contributors (available under the MIT license) Support our work Anki Simulator was created as a joint effort between GiovanniHenriksen and Glutanimate. If you like Anki Simulator, please consider supporting our work! Your support is much appreciated and will help us maintain and improve Anki Simulator! Buy GiovanniHenriksen a coffee Support Glutanimate on Patreon


    As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

    Supported Anki versions:

    To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


    If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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    on 1630217815
    on 1630170279
    Much love for this. I have a determining exam in 240 days. Was able to make a rough estimation of everything I need. I tweaked some useless settings in deck options as well.

    on 1628800627
    Nice work! Thanks for sharing :)
    If you ever feel an abnormal urge to see smooth graphs, a "plot moving average" option might come in handy (as it helps comparing asymptotic behavior for different setups); also an export to txt or csv or something... data scientists would be grateful. But I know you're probably busy and you already did an amazing job, hence the conditional feeling previously mentioned. Thanks again :D
    on 1626674233
    on 1622597910
    Salvaje chama
    on 1621609889
    helpful, i like it
    on 1619209005
    freaking AWESOM E
    on 1619163185
    EDIT: Removed the stack trace and negative feedback. Those seems to be a common way to reporting problems with plugins, but I agree that a Github issue or pull request is more helpful

    Doesn’t work for me, because the percentage calculations return an empty list that then crashes the plugin due to missing index checking.

    But it works fine with other profiles and looks very nice
    Comment from author
    Hello I would appreciate if you could open an issue on our github page https://github.com/giovannihenriksen/Anki-Simulator/issues or contact me on reddit.
    I'd like to help, but I can't fix this issue with this info, and now it's just negative feedback.

    EDIT: Thanks for reporting the error on GitHub! It has been fixed.
    on 1618547284
    Thank you so much!!!
    on 1618356853
    on 1618295664
    Great, of course; alas, a bit over my head (I'm just a casual language learner, no exams, no deadlines; I don't care too much about the retention rate).
    For me, the ONLY thing that matters is that daily reps do not get out of hand TIME-WISE.

    Would be cool if the Add-On itself could adjust Deck-Options:

    * I tell Anki Simulator: I can rep 30 mins each day, but NOT more.
    * Anki Simulator then looks at the forecast/simulation, also looks at past performance, and calculates the optimal Deck-Options so that daily review time will not exceed 30 mins.

    What also should be taken into account is the 'retirement' interval: some people, including myself, delete/retire cards once they reach a certain interval (manually, or via Migaku addon).
    on 1617314655
    This should come with the program!
    on 1617282974
    Should be implemented in Anki
    Must have add-on
    on 1616124214
    Would love to see the feature to only do cards on weekdays! I find it best for medical school this way. Willing to tip for this feature! Lmk when its added!
    on 1616050478
    I like this addon
    on 1614190139
    Helps you get a realistic prospect
    on 1613659594
    Yep, awesome.
    Looking for something like this for a long time. And it is better than I hoped.
    on 1613593497
    Its great! I just can't find the previous exporting to .csv file anymore. Not sure if that was removed or I am remembering incorrectly.
    on 1613115943
    Love this add on <3 <3 primarily use it for figuring out how many new cards I want to add and broad scheduling. overall just v useful and fun to look at
    on 1612487107
    Incredibly useful addon. I really love the new % cards matured feature, though I had an idea. What about adding a graph that shows predicted % matured cards over time? It's interesting to see progress at certain points, but seeing the journey to get there is also encouraging.
    on 1612098022
    Literally saw this and went to your ko-fi page to support. Thanks for a brilliant add on! I am sure everyone appreciates it :D
    on 1612051737
    Essential, great on the occasions when we have an exam and we need to know how many new cards to add per day.
    on 1611941523
    on 1610093548
    Awesome addon! Very useful when you have a deadline like examinations.
    on 1609774120
    Very interesting to see where you're going in the future
    on 1607850393
    on 1606407862
    A very useful add on.
    on 1606300156
    Very insightful and good source of motivation
    on 1605243988
    It has one fatal flaw which makes it basically unusable for me - it doesn't factor in leeches, it took me a while to figure out why it's predication is way off.
    on 1604840120
    This is fantastic.

    Is there any way to account for leech suspension?
    on 1604309163
    Gives you some useful estimation about what the future reviews of your deck will be based on current settings.
    on 1602073051
    Very Nice!
    on 1601562413
    Very interesting
    on 1600591512
    Amazing addon. Wish an retirement option was available.
    on 1599996862
    on 1598877381
    Thanks this is fantastic :)
    on 1598125875
    Great interface, no bugs encountered so far. Amazon addon to plan amount of new cards.
    on 1597434804
    Great add-on, but I have the same request that another user wrote:

    "One thing that would be cool to simulate (maybe you can develop this) is a simulation including adding X new cards PER DAY (right now there is an option to include X cards in total, but not a fixed number of cards added progressively every day). That would also be super cool to see"
    on 1595167513
    Great addon!!!! Glutaminate could get his YouTube channel back to life and create a instructive and complete tutorial on this!
    on 1594734303
    on 1594554866
    Thank you
    on 1594122139
    This is a nifty add-on. Many thanks.
    on 1592156284
    FANTASTIC add-on! Really cool and useful.
    One thing that would be cool to simulate (maybe you can develop this) is a simulation including adding X new cards PER DAY (right now there is an option to include X cards in total, but not a fixed number of cards added progressively every day). That would also be super cool to see
    on 1591398595
    I haven't found any issues, and I put in some small effort to find weird edge cases.

    This could really use a feature where the amount of new cards added per day increases/decreases. For example, maybe I would like to start off adding 100 cards per day, then gradually drop to 10 cards per day as my reviews increase.
    on 1590737727
    So useful, and with a lot of feature
    on 1590384815
    Great add on, super useful, love how many options it gives me and how it uses actual deck stats.

    One issue: since the latest Anki update it's adding .0 to the end of the learning steps which the add on doesn't like. A bit annoying to delete if you have lots of steps or if you're switching between decks a lot.
    Comment from author
    Hey! Great to hear you enjoy using Anki Simulator! I just updated the add-on to fix this issue. Thanks for reporting!
    on 1590380047
    I highly recommend making an option so you can have it so you only have certain days to learn new cards. I dont like doing new cards Saturday or Sunday and it would be nice to have this config option.

    PS: my default learning and lapse steps adds a ".0" to both: 25.0 1440.0 and it makes it so it wont work unless I delete them
    Comment from author
    Thank you for your suggestion! Also, this bug has just been fixed in the latest update, thank you for reporting!
    on 1590277535
    on 1590128681
    This was one of the most useful add ons i have ever used. Thx so much
    on 1589910539
    Looks pretty good !
    on 1589394580
    It seems to work very well, and I'm just stunned by the software and the calculus it must need ! Thank you !
    on 1589066667
    This helps me predict the number of reviews I'll do over time, and adjust my new cards/day accordingly.
    on 1588822687
    good add-on
    on 1588177519
    Fabulous addon that has been craved for years! Thanks for being the one to finally make our dreams come true!
    on 1587645339
    Much better than the default forecast. Lots of options to control. Awesome!
    on 1587575039
    You are THE GREATEST!!!!!
    on 1587482911
    super helpful
    on 1587481585
    Thank you! This might be the single most important add-on for me.
    on 1587403640
    Perfect !
    on 1587360088
    So useful, thank you!
    on 1587282050
    that's great!
    I would let some cards retired after a period, could you add another function for calculating it, please?
    on 1587163887
    super useful, thanks for all your work!!!
    on 1587125376
    Wow, one of the most powerful tools ever. I see that you put that effort in this project and I appreciate your hard work. Thank you very much!
    on 1586707745
    This makes Anki as cool as SuperMemo!
    on 1586541711
    using this to tailor my studying. awesome. thank you.
    on 1586275583
    Amazing add on
    on 1586109874
    Very helpful to understand the effect of the settings.
    on 1586090239
    Great add-on!!
    on 1586074092
    Extremely useful. One of the best add-ons out there! Thank you so much
    on 1586039457
    on 1586015110
    Great addon
    on 1586008313
    thanks, works great
    on 1586005316
    This is super helpful and cool! Would be cool if you could also set deadlines and have it keep your new card count updated relative to your deadline! Thank you for the awesome work!
    on 1586002995
    on 1585994828
    on 1585994309
    Hello, i can't run simulation due to this error :(

    Debug info:
    Anki 2.1.20 (47a1bf8b) Python 3.8.0 Qt 5.14.1 PyQt 5.14.1
    Platform: Windows 10
    Flags: frz=True ao=True sv=2
    Add-ons, last update check: 2020-04-04 09:33:00

    Caught exception:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "C:\Users\JADZIA\Desktop\BACKUP\ANKI FLASHCARDS\ankidata\addons21\817108664\gui\dialogs.py", line 657, in run
    data = self._simulator.simulate(self)
    File "C:\Users\JADZIA\Desktop\BACKUP\ANKI FLASHCARDS\ankidata\addons21\817108664\review_simulator.py", line 209, in simulate
    review_answer = self.reviewAnswer(card.state, card.step)
    File "C:\Users\JADZIA\Desktop\BACKUP\ANKI FLASHCARDS\ankidata\addons21\817108664\review_simulator.py", line 112, in reviewAnswer
    percentage_good = percentage_good[step]
    IndexError: list index out of range
    on 1585990148
    Thank you!
    on 1585972780
    Awesome work! Thank you very much!
    on 1585968107
    Another Anki must-need addon
    on 1585963033
    on 1585954186
    This is amazing. Thanks for your hard work :)
    on 1585953963
    This is an excellent resource, should be integrated into Anki by default.
    on 1585950889
    So useful!
    on 1585942869
    Great Add-on! One thing I think would be really useful would be a marker that lets us know when we've completed all of our new cards.