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Top 5000 - 1,395 Russian Verbs +audio +perfective +conjugati

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This deck is a part of a series of three decks: verbs, adjectives/nouns, and adverbs covering all of the 5,000 most frequent Russian words (excepting 300 words of other grammatical type). When these decks are soon published, you will see the links here. 1,395 Russian Verbs with Audio From a list of 5,000 most frequent Russian words, 1,395 verbs sorted by frequency. Included also is such information as perfective/imperfective forms, conjugation tables, sentences for each word (with word by word and full English translation from Google), and spoken audio files. For each imperfective verb, there is one sentence, and for each perfective verb there are two sentences (one past, one present). The audio files include both the infinitive word and the sentences spoken by a native Russian. If you use this deck more than 30-50 words and are able, please donate $5-20 via Paypal (support@wholesalecontentdelivery.com). You might want to check this page periodically for any updates. Change History 2014-01-02 - Deck uploaded to Anki with ~300 audio files 2013-01-06 - Added dictionary definitons 2014-01-07 - Added all audio files Updated definitions and english sentences should be available soon. The sample charts below do not well represent this deck. See these images for reference. Front Back For reference, the frequency list from which these lists were made can be found here - http://www.artint.ru/projects/frqlist/frqlist-en.asp.

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id 4123
russian_accented отвезти́
english take (away)
verb_type perfective
Imperfective отвозить
Perfective отвезти
sentences Отвези́ меня́ в больни́цу. Я отвёз свои́х друзе́й в аэропо́рт.
sentences_full_translated Take me to the hospital. I drove my friends at the airport.
declension_html   будущ. прош. повелит. Я отвезу́ отвёз отвезла́  — Ты отвезёшь отвёз отвезла́ отвези́ Он Она Оно отвезёт отвёз отвезла́ отвезло́  — Мы отвезём отвезли́  — Вы отвезёте отвезли́ отвези́те Они отвезу́т отвезли́  — Пр. действ. прош. отвёзший Деепр. прош. отвезя́, отвёзши Пр. страд. прош. отвезённый
other_words Imperfective: отвозить
definition 1 definition found From Russian-English full dictionary [mueller-abbrev]: отвезти несовер. - отвозить; совер. - отвезти (кого-л./что-л. ) take, get, drive (off); take away; drive (to a place) сов. см. отвозить.
id 2467
russian_accented разбуди́ть
english wake
verb_type perfective
Imperfective будить
Perfective разбудить
sentences В 5 утра меня́ разбуди́л крик на у́лице. Разбуди́ меня́ в шесть вечера.
sentences_translated разбуди́л: awakened Разбуди́: Wake
sentences_full_translated At 5 am I was awakened by the cry of the street. Wake me up at six in the evening.
declension_html   будущ. прош. повелит. Я разбужу́ разбуди́л разбуди́ла  — Ты разбу́дишь разбуди́л разбуди́ла разбуди́ Он Она Оно разбу́дит разбуди́л разбуди́ла разбуди́ло  — Мы разбу́дим разбуди́ли  — Вы разбу́дите разбуди́ли разбуди́те Они разбу́дят разбуди́ли  — Пр. действ. прош. разбуди́вший Деепр. прош. разбуди́в, разбуди́вши Пр. страд. прош. разбу́женный
other_words Imperfective: будить
cases A, в+P, у+G
definition 1 definition found From Russian-English full dictionary [mueller-abbrev]: разбудить несовер. - будить; совер. - разбудить, пробудить (кого-л./что-л. ) wake, awake(n); awaken, (a)rouse перен.; stir up (возбуждать) разбудите меня рано ≈ call me early будить воспоминания будить мысль сов. см. будить.
id 4922
russian_accented вы́хватить
english whip out, snatch out
verb_type perfective
sentences Он вы́хватил пистоле́т из кобуры́ и напра́вил его́ на меня́. Выхвати нож у него́ из рук!
sentences_full_translated He drew his pistol from its holster and pointed it at me. Pulled out a knife from his hand!
other_words Imperfective:
definition 1 definition found From Russian-English full dictionary [mueller-abbrev]: выхватить несовер. - выхватывать; совер. - выхватить (что-л. ) snatch away/from/out; snap up/off сов. см. выхватывать.

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on 1659483612
on 1659101654
on 1658813520
Audio is well built into this deck, I was able to learn a lot of Russian from this deck
on 1657203057
Very detailed! Thanks so much!
on 1654789164
on 1651541705
on 1651478478
Super Work!!!!
on 1649587940
Great! It saved me hours of work, I appreciate it.
on 1643742317
on 1642849006
on 1641822881
Thank you for the effort!
on 1641592100
The quality of this work is astoundingly good. This very, very well put-together. Best shared Anki deck I've seen.
on 1641228473
the guy who translated this into german-russian, can you share it?
on 1639781028
Very good deck, I use it daily. I've added german translations for all verbs while learning it. If you're interested I'd like to send it to you, but there's no contact address anywhere for me to find.
on 1635438149
good working
on 1635026672
As an intermediate student, I love this deck:
* The example sentences showing one or two uses of each verb. This seems more helpful that learning just the verbs.
* The audio seems excellent.
* The details provided for each verb, including complete conjugations and definitions are appreciated.
* Accents are placed liberally.

There are a few weaknesses:
* The English translations are often poor. Sometimes they are ungrammatical, sometimes wrong, and sometimes nonsensical. Google translate often helps with a better translation.
* Some of the example sentences use a different aspect than the given verb. For example, it asks for the imperfective aspect of "to open" (открывать), but the example sentence (открой, пожалуйста, дверь) uses the perfective aspect. This may actually reinforce learning of aspect, but it is confusing until you realize what's happening.
* It uses "все / всё" everywhere, instead of just using the correct version.
* The motion verbs are generally not marked as uni- or multi-directional.

Perhaps not suitable for beginners, but I'm finding it extremely useful.
on 1634376707
on 1632673244
on 1630708184
The effort of putting down every verbs and audio is massive, and they are all helpful for learners who want to widen their vocaublary. Thank you so so much! All the best.
on 1628741672
on 1626428446
on 1626201071
Very useful
on 1622481460
on 1622279683
on 1620531475
Good examples, full conjugation tables, and easy to customize.
on 1619721185
on 1619129301
With a bit of work making the cards a bit more minimal, it becomes one of the best decks for russian out there.
on 1617074310
Perfect deck for learning Russian. Gives vocabulary, sentences, and auditory supplementation! Thank you so much for making this deck!!
on 1610383960
on 1608724761
absolutely perfect, it's probably better to be an advanced anki user to handle the information overload, e.g. by configuring the cards. best deck out there for verbs
on 1605371950
This is very good deck.
I can't thank you enough !
on 1597280109
Very good ! The conjugation for Описать is wrong though.
on 1593250218
Thank you!
on 1589997436
on 1589724052
on 1589097746
Very useful!!
on 1588623044
amazing deck, both the idea and execution - although it seemed like a bit too much information on one card for me, after some minor changes everything is perfect (and most importantly, the audio is not tts)
on 1580117283
I need
on 1576642679
The audio files included.
on 1576372358
on 1576162624
Я как носитель русского языка скажу, что колода замечательная! Для иностранцев очень хороша!
on 1576032085
Definitely improved my vocabulary. Thanks for sharing
on 1571387782
It says it's part of a series, but where are the other two decks? Links maybe? Really a shame cause I like this one.
on 1570158109
explanation is not perfectly organized, but helpful !!! thankssss!!!
on 1564058169
on 1558035250
Very in-depth
on 1557912072
on 1542646167
nice shot with sentences
on 1531736540
Amazing, thanks.
on 1530777073
Qoyil yoqdi.
on 1527120000
on 1521590400
This is so helpful!
on 1520985600
Very well done Thank you
on 1515024000
Very useful to check the knovledge of the verb stress for more advanced students.
on 1511222400
This deck is very useful. I'm sad I didn't discover this years ago. There's still value in conjugating verbs by hand to learn how to do it correctly, but this is easily the best way to memorize verbs en masse after learning how to conjugate correctly and you get the added benefit of seeing the conjugation while drilling the verbs. Beware there are some mistakes with все and всё. Sometimes it shows все/всё when "всё" can't be used in the sample sentences which are quite nice. The bottom line is if you're learning Russian you should study this deck for 5-10 minutes everyday. Also check out the Russian sentences 10,000 easiest to hardest parts 1-3. Желаю Вам удачи с русским языком!
on 1510876800
Amazing deck!
on 1500508800
Great deck

Great deck, but does anyone know if other decks were ever uploaded for the other parts of speech in the top 5000?
on 1493683200
on 1489708800
on 1487808000
on 1474502400
on 1472428800
Great work

I agree with the other reviewers - this is a really excellent deck. If you are struggling to learn verb prefixes, verbal aspect and verbs of motion, this is one of the most useful resources I have found available online.

My only small quibble is that the English translations are not always perfect in this deck, but they are nearly always understandable so it's not really a problem.

Thank you very much to the author for this deck - it has been a great help with my Russian studies.
on 1471046400
on 1463184000
on 1461974400
on 1460937600
on 1460419200
on 1459641600
Fantastic deck!

This is a great deck! The example sentences are very good, showing how the verbs are used in context, and containing a good mix of usage in the present, future, past, and imperative moods. Also, because of these sentences, you're really not only learning verbs but other words as well.

I have been practicing Russian with this deck for months now (translating the English sentences into Dutch on the go), and I think this is has been one of the best ways to improve my Russian. Thanks!
on 1455321600
on 1447459200
on 1442188800
on 1441929600
on 1438300800
on 1431216000
great deck!

Love this deck!
Good: conjugations and perfective/imperfective pair, example sentences (to see how the verb is used) and audio for verbs and sentences
Bad: automatic english translation for the sentences... but really I don't care that much because the point is to give an idea of the meaning, I am learning Russian not English