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Korean Hanja by Evita

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This deck is for people who are new to hanja but who are not beginners in Korean [anymore]. The example words don't have English translations so it's better if you already know some of them. I plan to update this deck now and then as I add more characters (but I can't promise anything). If you try this deck, you will see that it starts with the simplest characters, not necessarily the most common ones. This is by design - most of the complex characters consist of several simpler ones so it makes sense to learn those first. However, the characters are not strictly ordered by their stroke count. It's a mix of how easy and common they are. Each note has two tags - the stroke count and the official level (8 - the most common characters, 1 - the least common ones). You can use them to limit your studies if you wish. Most characters in this deck will be from levels 3-8. When you study the deck, you will see that below the examples, there's a link to that particular character on the Naver dictionary. That's convenient if you want to find out more information about the character, for example, the stroke order. I think the characters look the nicest and prettiest in the Batang font, but Android devices don't usually have this font so I've included it in this deck. If you have any questions, you can post them on my Google group.

Sample (from 314 notes)

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Meaning_K 지킬
Meaning_E to guard, observe
Examples 준수 [遵守]보수 [保守]수호 [守護]수비 [守備]고수 [固守]수칙 [守則]
Tags 6strokes hanja4
Meaning_K 잇기
Meaning_E it is, also
Examples 급기야 [及其也]혹야 [或也]
Tags 3strokes hanja3
Meaning_K 재주
Meaning_E talent
Examples 재능 [才能]천재 [天才]인재 [人才]재치 [才致]재기 [才氣]영재 [英才]
Tags 3strokes hanja6

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on 1617141871
This is so good.
As a Korean, I think we rarely use hanja these days.
BUT, THIS is Sooooooooooooooooo great.
한국인으로서 말하자면, 요즘 한자 쓰는 일은 무척 드물다고 말할 수 있겠네요.
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on 1607569721
thx Evita
on 1587518878
Evita, you're a g!!!!!
on 1554981063
This is just what I needed to take my vocabulary up another level!
on 1550920258
Thank you for sharing this. it is clear and easy to read.
on 1540020671
Every word also contains several examples. Very good, thank you.
on 1467936000
Have Korean Hanja beside chinese

I love your decks Evita, but it would be wonderful if you could add the Korean Hanja letters beside the Chinese character on the front card.
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on 1452556800

The best deck for korean hanjas at the moment. Hope you can update it soon
on 1445990400
Awesome !