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SQL Terms and Concepts

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Common terms and concepts for the software language SQL.

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Front This is an example of what SQL statment?DELETE FROM table_nameWHERE some_column=some_value;
Back Example of DELETE statement
Tags #examples
Front <
Back less than
Tags #operators
Front This command deletes a table.
Back DROP TABLE command
Tags #abbreviations

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circular definitions and really lazy cards! do not use the literal keyword answer in the question....

a delete statement is an example of a delete statement DURRRR

what does this update table statement do? it updates the table!

it's nice that the questions aren't too wordy but some are so vague that there are 3-5 valid answers or they worded so poorly they don't properly distinguish the meanings
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Thank you
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Thank you
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Clear overview. Questions use Basic and the answers are suitable to this format (i.e. not paragraphs and paragraphs of answers that are not absorb-able or understandable)
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Clear overview of the most important basic concepts.