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First 5000 most common French words

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This is the first 5k most common words in French as determined by Lexique http://lexique.org/ taken from Books & Films. Basic lexicon of French with frequency data, under a Creative Commons non-commercial license. Basic cards words & translation.

Sample (from 4879 notes)

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Front artillerie
Back artillery
Front progrès
Back progress
Front horloge
Back clock

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on 2016-03-07
A bare list - Frustrating

This is a very frustrating list. This is not how Anki should work! Contains only pairs of words. No tags, no other fields. In English many words are adjectives, nouns and verbs at the same time (e.g. "light" has three notes, one with "éclairer", one with "lumière" and one with "léger" but there is no way of knowing what is what). You need to include this information in a set or reviewing will be pointless and learning impossible.

At the very least I recommend for anyone just copying the list on https://duolinguist.wordpress.com/2015/01/06/top-5000-words-in-french-wordlist/ and pasting it into excel/libre calc and saving as .csv and then importing into Anki.

Anyway, lists like this are a reason that people turn away from Anki quickly because they don't see the point in it...