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The most common words in Elefen / LFN / Lingua Franca Nova

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Frequency list of the words in Elefen that has a dictionary entry. Based on Corpo (https://elefen.org/corpo/index.php) and Disionario (https://elefen.org/disionario/) https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

Sample (from 13977 notes)

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Front [vt] quote, cite, adduce; mention | [n] quotation, citation; mention | [n,avia] nuthatch (bird)
Back sita
Front [n] tailor
Back talior
Front [n,mam] ermine, stoat
Back ermino

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Useful work
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Useful for just learning common words, you do need other sources for learning grammar though. Some additional meanings are also hard to learn in this format.