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All 214 Chinese Radicals

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All 214 Chinese Radicals The fields are: This is based off the wikipedia page on Kangxi radicals (modern day radicals). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kangxi_radical

Sample (from 214 notes)

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Radical Simplified
Meaning rice
Examples 料,断,奥,糊,麟
Radical Simplified
Pinyin yuè
Meaning moon
Examples 有,服,青,朝
Radical Simplified
Pinyin jiōng
Meaning (down box)
Examples 内,再

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on 1676362729
Using it for a very long time! Very nice for learning the characters (even helps with Japanese)!
on 1664378839
Straightforward list of all the traditional Chinese radicals. Not sure what pr.chang (for 厂) and pr.chong (for 虫) mean though
on 1662349913
Thanks a lot
on 1659047290
great! saved me a lot of time
on 1653443082
Perfect. This saved me lots of time. Thank you
on 1643419481
It's great
on 1640364595
Really helpful and convenient.
on 1619574771
is good for me, thank you!! :)
on 1611791884
esta muy bien hecha
on 1605048443
Good and basic collection from wiki
on 1598549624
Time saving. But wanted to point out an error I saw with qū, open box. I think it's qian3, or kan3.
on 1564655160
Very basic deck nothing special... just used it to learn the radicals... and that is what it is good for and what it does really well.
on 1561873933
Save me the time
on 1541090230
I’m going to be frank here, some of these radicals donttneed to be studied because the characters they are in are very rare.
on 1533066115
excelente para mi hija
on 1531536401
Exactly what I was looking for. Saved me the time I would have had to spend making it myself.
on 1521158400
With this deck I learn every new Radical I encounter. As always I recommend to suspend all cards first and then unsuspend every card you want to learn.
on 1500336000
Great deck

to learn to radicals and find them in other characters
on 1488326400
on 1480896000