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Japanese Onomatopoeia and Mimetic Words by Onomato Project 2

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The second set of Japanese Onomatopoeia and Mimetic words from http://onomatoproject.com uploaded directly by the author.

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Romaji pichapicha
Katakana ピチャピチャ
Hiragana ぴちゃぴちゃ
English Sentence It began to rain and a spashing sound was heard.
Definition splash water; dabble in water; splashing sound
Romaji Sentence Ame ga furidashi, ______ to oto ga kikoeru.
Japanese Sentence 雨あめが降ふりだし、______と音おとが聞きこえる。
Romaji chorori
Katakana チョロリ
Hiragana ちょろり
English Sentence In this area it hasn't rained, and because of the water outage even if you open the tap water only comes out in a trickle.
Definition in trickles (e.g., water flowing)
Romaji Sentence Koko no tokoro ame ga furazu, dansuichū no sei de, suidō no jaguchi wo hinettemo ______ to shika mizu ga denai.
Japanese Sentence ここのところ雨あめが降ふらず、断水中だんすいちゅうのせいで、水道すいどうの蛇口じゃぐちをひねっても______としか水みずがでない。
Romaji mushimushi
Katakana ムシムシ
Hiragana むしむし
English Sentence It's a hot and sticky day, isn't it?
Definition hot and humid
Romaji Sentence Kyō ha ______ shiteiru ne.
Japanese Sentence 今日きょうは______しているね。

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Thank you for publishing this deck. Learning onomatopoeia is hard for me and phrases both in Japanese and English are helpful.
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One of a kind! Please support the author

I am enjoying this onomatopeia deck.
Images and sentences , a well made deck.
I have been studying japanese for over 15 years and it's hard to come across these wonderful resources.
I am adding some awesome new words to my current vocabulary.
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