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right hand reviews / hjkl answer shortcuts / Handy Answer Keys (configurable)

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This add-on allows you to set additional shortcut keys to rate your cards. Usually this is used for rating with the right hand (e.g. with hjkl) and [option a] ... you can configure whether pressing an answer key while you see only the question answers the card directly without showing you the answer (as the similar add-ons (Right Hand Reviews (jkl;) and Right Hand Answer Shortcuts do it). Or the answer keys can just unveil the answer (just as the 2.0 add-on Right-hand reviews with jkl; did it). The latter is the default. [option b] ... you can configure the answer keys (defaults are "h" for 1, etc) from the add-on window. [option c] ... you can configure if the meaning of the "2" and "3" key should be adjusted depending on the number of buttons you see. This will be less important once the V2 scheduler is no longer experimental but the default. Then you'll also have 4 buttons for new and learning cards, see this document and this source code on github. This is disabled by default. # Configuration You can configure this add-on in the usual way for 2.1: Go to "Tools->Add-ons" (from the menu bar of the main window). In the window that opens select the name of this add-on in the list on the left, then click the button "Config" on the right side. If you want to rate with the arrow keys use "Qt.Key_Right", "Qt.Key_Left", "Qt.Key_Down", "Qt.Key_Up". If you add a line to this part of the source code of this add-on you should be able to use any key that the underyling toolkit qt knows. A list of all qt.keys can be found e.g. here. # Alternatives, useful other add-ons If you just want to remap the answer keys you could also have a look at Customize Keyboard Shortcuts. This add-on is also useful to remap other review related shortcuts like undo, bury, suspend, flag etc. Maybe also interesting: Numeric Keypad Remapping – ease bugs fixed. # bugs, feedback If you find any bugs or have some feedback it's best to leave a message in the official support forum or on github. You can quickly confirm if it's working by checking how Anki registered the answer with add-ons like Answer Confirmation for 2.1 or Extended Card Stats During Review. Use it at your own risk. This add-on started as a modification of Austin Hasten's Right Hand Reviews (jkl;). # versions - 2021-12-06 fix for Anki 2.1.50/qt6 - 2019-12-22 - 2019-08-20 initial release # conflicting add-on My add-ons does not work with the add-on GODMODE: faster shortcuts and cloze switching (version from 2020-06-10). For details see here. # about about other right-hand/ hjkl add-ons There are many other add-ons for right hand answering. At the moment (2019-08-20) the ones I find all have some problem in my view: - [addon 1] Handy Answer Keys Shortcuts (2.0 only, last updated in 2013-07-06, 58 upvotes): I dislike how [option c] is setup; rate from question; for details see below. - [addon 2] Handy Answer Keys Shortcuts Amended (2.0 only, last updated in 2016-12-09, 1 upvote): I dislike how [option c] is setup; rate from question - [addon 3] Handy Answer Keys Shortcuts Plus (2.0 only, last updated in 2019-06-16, 0 upvotes): I dislike how [option c] is setup; on question unveils answer - [addon 4] Right-hand reviews with jkl; (2.0 only, last updated in 2013-11-12, 22 upvotes): on question unveils answer, no [option c] - [addon 5] Right Hand Reviews (jkl;) (2.1 only, last updated in 2019-03-18, 8 upvotes): no [option a],[option b],[option c] - [addon 6] Right Hand Answer Shortcuts (2.1 only, last updated in 2020-03-15, 3 upvotes): no [option a],[option b], only since 2020-03-15 [option c] implemented - [addon 7] Answer Shortcut Keys (2.1 only, last updated in 2018-01-27, 7 upvotes): only remaps keys by overwriting/monkeypatching Reviewer._shortcutKeys: no [option a],[option b],[option c] - [addon 8] GODMODE: faster shortcuts and cloze switching (2.1, last updated in 2020-06-10) remaps keys by overwriting/monkeypatching Reviewer._shortcutKeys - it seems to include a copy of the code of the add-on "Customize Keyboard Shortcuts": no [option a],[option c] - when you press an answer button with [addon 5] and [addon 6] the cards is directly rated. So you can't use "k" to unveil and then rate. So no add-on for 2.1 offers to show the answer. - none of these add-ons support the 2.1 config dialog so that you can quickly change the keys. - [addon 1], [addon 2], [addon 3] adjust the meaning of the buttons. [addon 1] and [addon 3] have inconsistent behavior in my view. Among this pressing "l" on a three button card (like a learn card with the default scheduler) when only the question is shown rates it as "good", whereas when you see then answer it's rated as "easy" (for details see below). # about the "Handy Answer Keys" add-ons for 2.0 The highly popular [addon 1] Handy Answer Keys Shortcuts (in 2019-08-20 58 upvotes and last updated in 2013-07-06) has this source code: elif key == "k": if isq: self._answerCard(self._defaultEase()) # is either 3 (for four buttons, review) or 2 else: self._answerCard(2) So the meaning of the button "k" changes: If you just see the question a review card gets rated as "good", if you see the answer it gets rated as "hard". You also have this: elif key == "l": if isq: self._answerCard(self._defaultEase()) else: self._answerCard(3 if cnt >= 3 else cnt) "self._defaultEase()" evaluates to three for four buttons, else two. So pressing "l" on a learn card when only the question is shown rates it as "good", whereas when you see then answer it's rated as "easy". [addon 2] Handy Answer Keys Shortcuts Amended (in 2019-08-20 1 upvote and last updated in 2016-12-09) removes this ambiguity. But it still has this code: elif key == "l": self._answerCard(3 if cnt >= 3 else cnt) This means that the third key "l" means easy for learning cards but "good" for cards in review. So the meaning changes. [addon 3] Handy Answer Keys Shortcuts Plus (in 2019-08-20 0 upvotes and last updated in 2019-06-16) has the same key meanings as the original add-on from 2013.


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on 1677949386
One of the greatest Add ons! Simple but great and effective! Now I can finally use the arrow keys. Love it! Thank you very much.
on 1670848751
on 1647324145
It feels like heaven, Greatttt
on 1632410276
Home row sweet home
on 1628451343
on 1619183629
Awesome! Exactly what I need!
on 1617601686
Great!! Even better if I can display the icon of the shortcut key above the answer button!
on 1611622563
Works great!
on 1593081036
It worked great!!

It'll be awesome if it can have shortcuts to flag the card for the right hand using the same option answer key like Command+H(1), Command+J(2), etc.
Comment from author
If you only review with the right hand you could adjust the "reviewer set flag" shortcuts with the add-on "Customize Keyboard Shortcuts", https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/24411424

But it's also useful to have an additional shortcut. I added this to the todo list, see https://github.com/ijgnd/anki__jkl_answer_keys_configurable/issues/3 But this will probably take a longer time.
on 1592975684
love this one !! thanks!!
on 1591927015
Thank you very much for this addon. Could you make it so we could pass two values to each reviewer_* variable in the config? i.e.:

I'd like each hand to have their own set of custom shortcuts (ASDF and HJKL). I looked at __init.py__ but it turns out I don't know enough python to make the change myself.
on 1587189449
on 1586550362
A huge relief to be able to switch hands during long review sessions
on 1580588993
Essential. Addon description could be more user-friendly.
on 1580545576
on 1578113589
This is great overall. I was just wondering what happens when a card is forgotten and thus only has two options, It seems like pressing the j,k, and l key all trigger the "Good" response and pressing the "h" key trigger the Again response. Is this what is really going on? I just want to make sure the keys are being mapped correctly and the interval is increasing properly.
Comment from author
> It seems like pressing the j,k, and l key all trigger the "Good" response

yes. But don't just take my word on it. Verify it for yourself: Add-ons that affect the scheduling (like this one) can do a lot of harm if they don't work as they are supposed to. So it's always a good idea to check yourself if it works as advertised when you start using the add-on. You can check how Anki registered the answer in the Info dialog for a card in the card browser. That's quite cumbersome. It's quicker with add-ons like "Extended Card Stats During Review", https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1008566916, that basically shows the contents of the "info dialog" for the current card and the last card in a sidebar: After rating a card the reviewer will show you the next card. So the card you just rated is the "last card". Check the most recent rating value for the last card. "Answer Confirmation for 2.1", https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1354051622, should also show you how Anki registered your rating.
on 1577788014
Works! Thanks, it helps a lot.
on 1576983220
Can you map the review keys to arrow keys? Tried "Qt.Key_Right" but it didn't work.

EDIT: It works!! Thanks a ton. (I can can now study comfortably when my cat insists on sitting on my lap haha. And will give my space bar a break.)
Comment from author before post was edited
This was not possible. I just released an update so that now you can also use "Qt.Key_Right" etc. Check the updated description on this page in the section "# Configuration". Could you test the update and let me know if it works for you.
on 1576392400
it works and is exactly what i wanted. gracias
on 1575790481
Many thanks. This seems indeed the best specimen of the various handy answer addons.

I'm using JKL; as answers. For some reason, ; (semicolon) does not register – but : (colon i.e. Shift+;) does. I'm on macOS Mojave and Anki 2.1.15.

Would be great if you could add an option for undo.

Also, perhaps of interest for those working with many languages: if you duplicate the addon folder and call it something else, you can easily assign further shortcuts. For instance, I use Ancient Greek κ and λ for the same purpose as k and l in English.
Comment from author
Thanks for the upvote and feedback.

I don't have a Mac so unfortunately I can't investigate this semicolon problem.

To remap the undo shortcut you can use the very popular "Customize Keyboard Shortcuts" add-on - in this add-on it's the setting "m_toolbox undo".
on 1575657799
on 1573634682
Amazing, the only option that takes into account the state of the card. Let's you use the same hotkey to see the answer of the card and select your answer once you try it you just cannot go back.
on 1567258475
pretty good
on 1566487998
I've been searching for one like this for so long. Definitive best
on 1566255220
Works excellently. I think this is the best "right hand" anki add-on because it allows you to keep the same keys associated with the same answers. I.E. I don't want to have to look down and see if there are 3 or 4 answers to know what to press, with this add-on, it removes that issue. I have it set so that again is always j, hard is k (if its an option), l is always good, and ; is always easy. Thank you!