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Java Syntax, Etc.

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This deck contains some basic Java syntax and slightly less basic syntax, a little bit about object-oriented programming in general, and just a bit about algorithm complexity. It was intended for a specific class at a specific college.

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Front What involves using access modifiers to hide information about a class's implementation?
Back Encapsulation(Also known as information hiding)
Tags OOP
Front What type of class is defined to be incomplete and cannot be instanced?
Back abstract
Tags OOP
Front Write a line of code that defines an array
Back int[] YourArrayHere;("int" may be any datatype or class, but not "null.")
Tags fundamental java syntax

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There are at least a couple of wrong cards here, well, one wrong and another incomplete.

A static class is not what it suggests, and in fact a top level class can not be declared static.
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Looks nice mate
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Enough, clear, good.
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Good and brief explanations
on 1558559429
Good questions - makes you think about creating code in a way that just reading a book does not.
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Good explanations.
on 1533325016
Good one to practice
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The fundamentals, beautifully presented. Highly recommend.

Great job, and thank you.
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Great job!

Nice deck with lots of different questions!