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Tae Kim's Guide to Grammar (Recognition and Production)

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The other available shared decks for Tae Kim were clozed-deleted only, and not really proper for people starting from the beginning. This deck has improved card models for beginners, and also adds automatically generated furigana take advantage of Anki's built in furigana functionality. Real furigana is easier to read than a kana version of the sentence, but because the furigana were autogenerated (and may contain mistakes) I have left the kana information on the cards.

Sample (from 785 notes)

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Note ID 1240497830250
Cloze 昨日の喧嘩で何も言[...not, past]ばかりに、平気な顔をしている。
Expression 昨日の喧嘩で何も言わなかったばかりに、平気な顔をしている。
Definitions None
Kana きのうのケンカでなにもいわなかったばかりに、へいきなかおをしている。
English Has a calm face as if [he] didn't say anything during the fight yesterday.
Notes 045 Advanced Topics - Showing signs of something - Using 「ばかり」 to act as if one might do something
Reading 昨日[きのう]の 喧嘩[けんか]で 何[なに]も 言[い]わなかったばかりに、 平気[へいき]な 顔[かお]をしている。
Tags Advanced-Topics Tae-Kim-Grammar-Guide
Note ID 1224470100098
Cloze 先週に見た映画は、とても面白[...past, polite]。
Expression 先週に見た映画は、とても面白かったです。
Definitions None
Kana せんしゅうにみたえいがは、とてもおもしろかったです。
English Movie saw last week was very interesting. (polite)
Notes 010 Essential Grammar - Polite Form and Verb Stems - Using 「です」 for everything else
Reading 先週[せんしゅう]に 見[み]た 映画[えいが]は、とても 面白[おもしろ]かったです。
Tags Essential-Grammar Tae-Kim-Grammar-Guide
Note ID 1224470271987
Cloze お手洗いはこのビルの二階に[...ある]ます。
Expression お手洗いはこのビルの二階にあります。
Definitions None
Kana おてあらいはこのビルのにかいにあります。
English The bathroom is in the second floor of this building. (polite/non-humble example)
Notes 036 Special Expressions - Honorific and Humble Forms - Other substitutions
Reading お 手洗[てあら]いはこのビルの二 階[かい]にあります。
Tags Special-Expressions Tae-Kim-Grammar-Guide

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on 1553160447
It's just bad. Don't waste your time
on 1550967110
Weird choice of clozes, weird edits to expressions and English fields. Proofreading the auto readings instead of including an additional kana field (which also has mistakes) would have been appreciated.
on 1533287902
It's good, beside some mistakes. But..
It says Recognition and Production, while all cards I get are Recognition? I'm a bit confused.
on 1529618482
Feels really lazily done. Also, the production card specifically targeting nande says it's nanide.

Edit: after writing this, found even more mistakes, just within 20 new cards. Hiraku instead of akeru, card asking for past negative when the answer is datta, removing the ki from suki..
on 1527552000
on 1521676800
Well done! Thinks.

I have study this apkg javascript function and it gives prompts furikana and Kanji dictionary of _kanjax_with_koohii.js


具体功能实现是通过 _kanjax_with_koohii.js 脚本实现的,基本原理是脚本内置 hoohii 字典数据,加载页面时替换页面数据,添加了HTML标签,实现了点击汉字就出现解释内容弹框。



Anki 可以通过以下这样的模板对文字加注音:


字段 Reading 内容要包注音假名并且用包含在方括号内:

全然[ぜんぜん] 面白[おもしろ]くなかった。


<span class="kanjax" data-kanji="全">全</span>
<span class="kanjax" data-kanji="然">然</span>
<span class="kanjax" data-kanji="面">面</span>
<span class="kanjax" data-kanji="白">白</span>

★其它请参考完整文档 版权归作者所有,任何形式转载请联系作者。
on 1512086400
Great companion to TK's Guide! 100% recommended! Thank you for sharing!
on 1440028800
Good choice for beginner

Would be better if this deck had grammar explanation. Learners will have to search using keyword to find explanation on the web which can be antagonizing sometime. Otherwise, highly recommend for newbie.