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Ælfric’s Lives of Saints, Preface (Old English, Anglo-Saxon)

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This deck contains the Old English text of Ælfric’s preface to his Lives of Saints, along with a Modern English translation (a little bit archaic one though, from Skeat’s edition; trans. by Gunning, Skeat and Wilkinson) and audio files for the Old English text, read by Michael Drout. Each of these (Old English text, Modern English text, Old English audio) serves as a front side for cards. The text was divided so that each cards is short enough. This means dividing sentences into more than one card. I tried to find the best compromise between usability and keeping the syntax intact. This deck was created by Júda Ronén.

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Old English Nu ge-wearð us  we þas bóc be þæra halgena ðrowungū ⁊ life · gedihton …
Modern English now it has seemed good to us that we should write this book concerning the sufferings and lives of the Saints …
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Old English … ⁊ his halgena wundra wurðiað hine · …
Modern English … and the miracles of His Saints glorify Him, …
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Old English Hi synd ungeryme swa swa hit gerisð gode · …
Modern English They are innumerable, as befitteth God; …
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