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Web Browser - Search terms, Import texts and images automatically

0.19MB. Updated 2020-08-30.
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The Anki Web Browser is a simple Internet Browser within Anki (as the name suggests). It aims to make it easy when you are studying or editing a card and want to look something up on the internet. You can also use it to open up your system desktop instead of the embedded browser (from version 1.1) For instance, you are studying a foreign language and suddenly there is a word which you haven't understood it properly. In such case it's common to shift to the web browser and make search for the term there. This addon makes this task smoother. Therefore, this addon provides 2 functionalities: - Search the some text on a website - Import text and images directly from a website to a given card Using ===== The functions of this addon are accessed through the context menu (either right click on mouse or right menu key on the keyboard) or using shortcuts. Search selected text ------------------------------- While studying or editing a given card: * Select a word or sentence * Right click (or use the shortcut) * Search on Web * Select the desired provider * Then a new window with the web browser will be opened, if it isn't opened yet (or a new tab on your external web browser) More detailed documentation (configuration, editing...) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please check the documentation at Github. This one here is not complete Updates ------------------ 4.2 | 29/08/20 * Bug fixes - NoneType message on close and reload - Issue #1 - Broken warning message for unsupported links * Added new shortcuts (back, forward, next / previous tab) (https://github.com/ssricardo/anki-web-browser/wiki/Keyboard-short-cuts) 4.0 | 16/04/20 * Added support to tabs * Added config for *Initial size* * Issue #50 (on previous repo: https://github.com/ssricardo/anki-plugins/issues/50) * Fix bugs * Added shortcuts on browser window * Add experimental dark mode (DarkReader)


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

This add-on previously supported Anki 2.0. You can download the last version supporting 2.0 here. As Anki 2.0 has been discontinued, no support is available for this version.

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on 1601268546
A great and time-saving add-on!
on 1600760700
on 1600418380
This is super helpful!!!
on 1599824041
It helps me save so much time
on 1598857985
Thank you very much. It helps me alot. <3 <3
on 1597451753
Not working on anki version 2.30. Every time I try to look up something it loads a window giving me 3 options, the first with a box to fill in with what I want to search. I've been using this useful add-on since it came out since it was very useful, please fix!

EDIT: I figured out that it's not the anki version, but the fact that I switched over to the V2.1 scheduler. Is there any fix for that?
Comment from author
Wow, I didn't know that there's a problem with that scheduler. I'll try to work that asap
on 1595886718
Fantastic addon, but it's really like it if dragging an image from the browser into anki would add it as an actual image rather than linking to it. Have I missed something?
on 1594420388
on 1593877593
it's actually working? It doesn't work for me, what I'm doing wrong? It's like the addon is not installed. There is no option at all to search on the web browser and the shortcut doesn't work.

EDIT: Sorry. What a mistake of mine. For some reason I truly believed that I was using the last version, but it wasn't. Now it works. thanks
Comment from author
Ok, thanks for the update!
on 1593271575
Works great and improves workflow.
on 1593098836
I use this addon heavily. It really changed my workflow. There are some small bugs but do not affect normal using. Would recommend! I'm very grateful to the author for sharing this amazing prorgam.
on 1587774216
on 1587156339
Great adonn. Thank you very much . But

"Added option to query without text selection
* Type in terms or use value from Field
* Memorize option"

functions was time saving. it has dissapered, is it related with upgrade ? Thanks

17.04-2020 thank you very much for great addon .
Comment from author before post was edited
on 1587113979
Works good but is there an Option to add "search in Card Browser" to directly search in my cards for a word ?
on 1587071278
Awesome addon! It's been a big time saver for me. Has anyone been able to use this to search Updtodate? I get an error when using
" https://www.uptodate.com/contents/search?search={} ". Also is there a way to stay logged in? Any help is appreciated!
on 1586525382
Thank you!

There is an issue with my Anki v. 2.1.23:
When I have the add-on enabled it does not automatically select the first text-box when adding cards. I have to press "Tab". This happens both when I start making a new card as well as when doing batch adding (when entering the card via Cmd(Ctrl)+Enter).
Comment from author
Just done! Version 4.0
on 1585737898
on 1583911231
on 1583871458
It works great using the web browser.
But could you please add a function to open a link? If the answer has a link, I hope right click to open it. Thank you.
on 1579945218
Very good!
on 1579426790
Hi, it's a great addon. But is there any way you programme it in a way that it pastes pictures in a specific size?
on 1578676493
I'm using this all the time. Adding images to your cards becomes super easy and it enhances learning sooo much!
on 1578033422

If you could add an drag & drop feature (like as I do drag picture from chrome to my anki fields ) then It lacks nothing

thanks alot keep up the good work
on 1577116840
Add images so quickly
on 1572500415
I want to use this add on for searching and adding images, so it can be very helpful for me in this regard. But I got the same issue here as mentioned before: greyed-out message "no action available on reviewer mode" when I right click on an image.
Comment from author
Hey! Were you adding or editing a card? Could you create an issue on github describing it please?!
on 1570899183
Honestly an amzaing add-on, but messes with my workflow. After adding a card by pressing Ctrl+Enter, I need to press Tab to move my cursor into the correct typing field.
Comment from author
Fixed on new release
on 1570297817
Doesn't appear to currently be working
Comment from author
I believe the problem is on your local installation, since nobody else is complaining.
on 1566130637
It's okay, would be better if you could right-click, copy and paste while in reviewer mode but you can't. Also, it's not compatible with the full screen toggle addon because for some reason your right-click options disappear.
on 1565688577
On Linux, I get a greyed-out message "no action available on reviewer mode" when I right click on an image. Is this a system issue or configuration mistake? The plugin is unusable for now.
Comment from author
Actually it seems neither... Were you either adding or editing a card when you called WebBrowser and got that message?
on 1563505080
I'm changing my review. Just a suggestion, please add a back button.
Comment from author
Done! Version 2.0
on 1560195321
Great addon, but the shortcut is not working..
it crashed my anki many times, tried to change it, no use...
Comment from author
Hi. I registered one issue here: https://github.com/ssricardo/anki-plugins/issues/22. Could you provide more information there, please?!
on 1559163422
on 1556775844
Superb way to quickly add images!
on 1553443428
on 1553291778
Could there be a way to import an image directly into the card if I already know the URL of the image I want?
Comment from author
Anki already does that!
There's just a restriction that the URL suffix needs to be an accepted image extension (png, jpg...)
on 1553239013
Must have plugin. Very easy and helpful.
on 1552424661
Wish I woulda found this sooner. Very awesome!
on 1552327639
So regret to see this so late. I tried a lot by writing code of Javascript, but fell, what a waste of time!
on 1551190010
So convenient!
Just one thing I'd like to ask.
Is Option to use the system web browser only for anki 2.1? I'm using anki 2.0 and I cannot see the option about the system web browser.
I'd like to use anki 2.0 and I want to use my chrome. :(
Always on top function is superb when you search and copy the picture of it to add.
Comment from author
Hi. Unfortunately I can't update the version for Anki 2.0 as I don't have that old version to test it anymore. So, new features will be available only from version 2.1 onwards.
on 1549567432
Good app! but I wish it opens on my chrome browser instead of Anki Web browser add on.
If there a way I can change it ?
Comment from author
Good idea! Done: https://github.com/ssricardo/anki-plugins/issues/9
on 1547544018
Good! Thank you
on 1545255021
Great but doesn't add thumbnails only the full image size
Comment from author
Thanks. About the thumbnails, take a look on https://github.com/ssricardo/anki-plugins/issues/8#issuecomment-466007069
on 1543153236
Works perfectly. I personally use it to add pictures to words which I have an especially hard time remember, funnily enough cheesy and stupid pictures seem to work best in helping me remember :)

It would be nice to have some shortcuts for searching the currently selected word and for instance adding the currently selected image to a predefined field.
Comment from author
Hi. Shortcus added on version 1.2
on 1539428017
Works perfectly, thank you! This is amazing for my workflow!