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Chinese Sentences and audio, spoon fed

129.79MB. 8106 audio & 0 images. Updated 2017-03-17.

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I created this deck as a lazy way for me to study Chinese. I hunted far and wide for sentences with audio, collecting about 10,000. Then I created an algorithm to sort the sentences, taking the average weight of the contained words based on word frequency lists and the HSK lists. The idea is that new sentences should only introduce 1 (or no!) new words, when possible. Study new cards "in order", and the deck will take you from "ni hao" to some pretty crazy stuff. If you are a beginner - before you study this, you should know how to read pinyin, the tones and the sounds. If you are not a beginner - based on your level, you may want to delete a chunk of cards from the beginning.

Sample (from 8142 notes)

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English His attire is very casual.
Pinyin Tā de chuānzhuó hěn suíbiàn.
Hanzi 他的穿着很随便。
English Gunshots are common in Iraq.
Pinyin Yīlākè jīngcháng chūxiàn qiāngjī shìjiàn.
Hanzi 伊拉克经常出现枪击事件。
English I pass by this shop every day.
Pinyin Wǒ měitiān jīngguò zhè jiā diàn.
Hanzi 我每天经过这家店。

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on 1568293485
Hi, I am the original uploader. This is the first version I put together and shared when starting to learn Chinese. Yes, the sentence ordering isn't great and it has plenty of bugs. With the help of my Chinese wife, I have a new version which is regularly maintained, with much better sentence ordering, bug fixes, grammar notes, the original less-compressed audio, and decks for simplified/traditional hanzi.

Available for $2 (or pay-what-you-want if you appreciate my work!): https://gumroad.com/products/IEmpwF

Thanks for the feedback,
- I monitor the comments here, and the bugs mentioned have been fixed in the new version. Please send bugs/feedback to: promagma (AT) gmail.com
- About the silence before audio, that was for testing my Hanzi recognition, but it may be changed according to your preference. In "Tools" menu, "Manage Note Types", click "SpoonFedNote" and click "Cards". In Card 1, front template, you may remove the [sound:_silence.mp3] line to remove the pause. Or, you may duplicate the line 2 or more times, for a longer pause.
- The deck is not appropriate for learning English. The English is often patterned after the Chinese, to give a hint about the way it's said in Chinese (among all the possible ways to say it in Chinese). Native English speakers will understand the English, but it's not the normal way of speaking.
on 1567828721
To the uploader, is it possible to pay you via Alipay rather than paypal? If so what would be the best way of going about that?

Thanks in advance
on 1565161731
Using this deck since a long while and also bought the extended version. But this free version is also extremely useful. Thanks a lot!
on 1562900455
About 70 percent through the deck with 47 percent mature. I went to a HSK Chinese demo lesson and the teacher suggested that I should take her HSK 5 class. She told me there are some gaps in my knowledge, but I’ll just fill them from learning from other resources. I just wanted to give you a testimony of how far this deck can get you as of up to where I am in it now ;). Also, thanks for providing your email so I can personally let you know about any errors. I may email you a lot so I hope you won’t mind! :$
on 1559924853
The best deck ever.
on 1555986225
Thank you so much.
on 1555346646
Good and large compilation of sentences to rehearse.
on 1553227749
I already knew quite a few words, "could pass hsk 3 in theory", but I always lacked fluency when speaking. This really helps me get a better grasp on the language, I finally notice big improvements in my understanding and ability to speak
on 1552649618
Awesome deck but... I am surprised to learn that the person who posted this deck here didn't bother to inform us that the content wasn't originally his/hers, and keeps denying it (see comment on 30/12/2018)...
on 1551356830
Screw the naysayers. I don't care how you got or who created. YOU put it here. Thank YOU!
on 1546184154
Hi, I recently heard of this seemingly popular Chinese deck from a friend, and when I checked it, I was a bit unsettled by the way your present it.

This deck is amazing, that's for sure, and I learned from it myself... a long time ago, long before you published it. But the contents of this deck, for a huge part, are from the original smart.fm/iknow.jp commercial website, which was already around 8 years ago when I started learning Japanese and Chinese. You didn't create these bilingual sentences yourself, and you didn't produce the (obviously professional quality) audio either; you merely used a basic macro to sort it optimally (macros which were already shared in the community a long time ago). This deck has been around for ages, and a highly optimized version of it (that I made) has been sitting on my computer for years.

So while I'm very happy that many people have a free access to this great resource, I think it is very unfair and dishonest that you write "I created this deck", or "I hunted far and wide for sentences with audio, collecting about 10,000". Please be fair and transparent, and give credit where it's due. It takes thousands of hours of work, and thousands of dollars/euros to pay for at least one bilingual person to create the sentences, for the narrators to speak each and every sentence, for someone to edit the data and put it all together. I won't even go into the copyright matter here, but as a creator of such language decks myself, and someone who benefited hugely from the original iknow! Core Chinese deck, I don't like seeing it stolen like this.

Another related thread:
on 1545590015
Awesome deck. Definitely worth $2 IMO, considering I learned more using it from scratch practicing an hour a day in a couple weeks than I ever thought would be possible otherwise hahah. If you also start watching/listening to some Chinese language media it seems like you will have a path to a great level of fluency.
on 1544127813
I bought the improved version. So thumbs up for that!
on 1541154332
This is GRAND, just what I needed to start speaking! Many thanks!!!
on 1540274459
Great deck, with audio for each file. Good to learn basic vocabulary and grammar day by day
on 1539688044
This deck is really great. I bought the updated version for $2 USD. Definitely worth it.
on 1539471568
Full sentences are so much more useful than individual words alone.
on 1537664125
Very good, i've been using this deck for a year, it's not perfect but it's very good. Thanks
on 1535959122
on 1535688169
Really cool approach, I like it.
on 1534990125
I don't konw why this error come but other can work well.
Only Deck have problem.

An error occurred in an add-on.
Please post on the add-on forum:

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on 1532793898
This is a wonderful deck! I really appreciate the hard work that went into this. Learning Mandarin can be fun!
on 1532346546
very helpful
on 1532249960
Thank you for the fine deck.
I have bought the paid-for version as a small "Thank you".
on 1530794826
English sentences have some grammar errors ("She will TO go to Beijin"). I don't know if also chinese part....
on 1529843147
Easy to just set and forget a daily new sentence load of 20-30. After a while learning will just be second nature! Some series of cards are a bit repetitive without too many new sentences but being ~57% done with the deck I have deleted only around 800 cards. One of the best things ever for my Chinese progression.
on 1528897767
on 1528156800
Thank you. I am finding this to be very helpful for improving my listening skills (listening to Mandarin).
on 1527552000
comprehensive and easy to use. love it!
on 1526515200
Just starting to use Anki ...this information is making my life easier at the start of my journey ..
on 1526169600
Awesome dude
on 1525478400
on 1525478400
OK, let me just say that Spoonfed Chinese is a masterpiece - the creator should be made wealthy and given some kind of academic award from China and from pedagogical institutes.
A question for the creator of this incredible work - if I choose to study 100 new words/sentences per day, will I see all of the words/sentences in the deck after 3 months of study?
I taught myself spoken Chinese by listenng to audio and reading pinyin, but this has been the only way that i have been able to learn how to read hanzi.
I am going to buy the deck you mention at the above website, and I encourage everyone else who enjoys this incredible learning tool to do the same. Thank you, sir!
on 1524355200
on 1522627200
As a Chinese, I am using this deck to learn English. But I am not sure if this deck was made by a native because some English grammar errors exist, such as “I am first place”. “Xiaohua left me a good impression.” The correct versions should be “ I am in first place” “Xiaohua left me with a good impression”

And it seems there are many usage which are not common online (I googled them and looked it up in dictionary but did get the same usage, such as “They appointed to climb the mountain”).
“His thoughts are very considerate” —> “He is considerate/ thoughtful”.
“伊人在花丛中笑She is smiling in the flowers.”。I never say 伊人. It’s a word only used in ancient articles. “她在花丛中笑” will definitely be more natural.

I’ll appreciate if someone can feed me back.
on 1521936000
I love the fact that it introduces new words slowly! This is great, thanks!
on 1521849600
Excellent. Good progression. Thank you for sharing.
on 1520985600
Large variety of phrases. Great resource. 感谢
on 1519084800
on 1518048000
Some mistakes here and there but overall an amazing deck for learning Chinese!
on 1517529600
"Great resource but cards aren't ordered right

I tried out this deck, I think it's great to have so many audio examples available. The description says that the cards are ordered by difficulty which I thought would make it a truly wonderful resource. However, the difficulty is very mixed: for example "hello", "I like swimming" and "these are melons" come after "The problem of our aging society is getting increasingly serious."

Actually, there is an option in Anki to order these cards as if they were added, and it seems that's working.
on 1517443200
on 1517097600
Good collection of HSK sentences
on 1516406400
The greatest deck ever made.
on 1514764800
Great help!
on 1514764800
Great deck for brushing up, thanks for the work--purchased the updated one as well. I also made a couple change so I could practice all three modalities: listening, reading, and speaking. I took out the audio on the first card for reading practice, and added a third card with just the audio to practice listening. The English card works well for speaking/translating.
on 1514073600
Good stuff to learn chinese
on 1513296000
on 1513036800
Using deck is the best method for learning Chinese I have found.
on 1512864000
Thank for your help
on 1512864000
Massive effort, thank you.
on 1512259200
I will buy your special new edited edition be it only to thank you for this freely available one!
May I ask you since when this resource is online? :)
Not speaking of the update, but of the first time you posted this deck :)
Best regards,
on 1511913600
Greatest deck ever made to learn chinese.
on 1511913600
Best deck out there
on 1502755200
Awesome Deck

I love this deck!
Thanks for all your work!
on 1501632000
Great resource but cards aren't ordered right

I tried out this deck, I think it's great to have so many audio examples available. The description says that the cards are ordered by difficulty which I thought would make it a truly wonderful resource. However, the difficulty is very mixed: for example "hello", "I like swimming" and "these are melons" come after "The problem of our aging society is getting increasingly serious."
on 1498176000
Silence thing destroys it

Why in every card i hear "silence"? Why is this necessary and how can I turn it of?
on 1498089600
The best way to learn to speak Chinese

I've tried classes, apps, books, and cds for the last 5+ years and this is by far the best way to learn to speak Chinese. I can actually talk to my Chinese neighbors in my community garden now. Granted, the conversation is short, but I can put together phrases! Thank you!!
on 1497398400
Best deck for learning Chinese

After playing around with a heap of different tools this is the method I've come up with:

- Review this deck every day.
- Look up new words in Pleco or Wiktionary.
- Occasionally check out relevant grammar in AllSet Learning Chinese Grammar Wiki.
- Practice talking with Chinese-speaking friends every now and then.

I'm learning pretty fast, I recommend this method to anyone who wants to pick up Chinese without too much effort.
on 1494720000
holy crap awesome

This is the most fantastic thing i have come across since i started looking for ways to practice my mandarin. thank you so much.
on 1491696000
One of the best, actually the best deck I've come across!

Other decks, including my own, are sometimes too random and might have sentences loaded with too many new words to remember on a single card. The extreme ease of just one new word(or less) makes remembering all too easy. Thanks!